50 Organization Tips for Moms & Dads

Being Productive in the New Year and Beyond

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organizeThe key to successfully managing your hectic schedule can often be as simple as getting organized. Make this New Year your most productive yet with these 50 easy tips for better organization.

1. Get in the “zone.” Where to start? You won’t be able to get it all done in one day, so just choose one thing to “zone in” on at a time.
2. Find a starting point. What area of your life feels the most disorganized? Your home? Work? School? Social calendar? Start there.
3. Baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your road to organization won’t be paved overnight either. Take one step at a time and eventually you will see everything come together.
4. Carve out time. Getting organized may seem like a daunting task, but you really only need about 15 minutes a day. Really! 

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5. The bedroom is for sleeping. Nothing is more helpful to productivity than a good night’s sleep. Clear all electronics (yes, even the TV) out of the bedroom and use your bed as a place of rest, not screen time.
6. Make up the bed. Even a room with laundry piles feels more clean and organized when the bed is neat and tidy.
7. A place for everything and everything in its place. That’s an old saying, but it applies to every area of your life. Don’t have a place for it? Make one or get rid of it.
8. Clear the clutter. Look at your piles of stuff. What are those stacks of papers in the dining room? Extra clothes on your floor instead of your closet? Sort and find a home for what stays.
9. Let go. Go through your closet. Yes, all of it. If you have not worn an item of clothing in a year, it’s time to let go.
10. Sentimental storage. If you are keeping an item for sentimental reasons but do not use it frequently, store it in an air tight container in the attic or garage.
11. Think color! Grouping clothes by color will help you pick out outfits and locate items faster. Dishes in the cabinet and books on your shelf also look great in groups of similar colors.
12. Do some night time prep.  Lay out an outfit and all needed items the night before, so your morning routine becomes more “grab and go” than “run around and be late.”

13. Have a “get ready drawer.” Keep all of the items you need to get ready in your own drawer in the bathroom.
14. Shoe basket. Keep a decorative basket by the door for shoes. This is a great way to keep shoes from getting lost and your entry from getting messy.
15. Stair basket. Isn’t it frustrating when those little trinkets and toys make their way down the steps? Round them up in a basket by the stairs to take up in one trip.
16. Homework station. Keep kids organized with a homework or art station in a main area equipped with paper, pencils, crayons, markers, and other supplies.

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