High School Band Raises $70,000 with SignUpGenius

Volunteer scheduling tool leads to fundraising success

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band fundraising SignUpGenius high schoolWhen the Akins High School Band was approached with the largest fundraising partnership in their band’s history, they jumped right in. Then, as the partnership grew, they discovered just how difficult coordinating hundreds of volunteers could be.

Initially, the Akins High School Band Boosters were approached to see if they would be interested in working with the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix held annually in Austin, TX. The venue was looking to find hundreds of workers to man concession booths.

Tate Fincher, Director of Bands at Akins High School, immediately recognized the great opportunity for fundraising. The concept was simple - band parents would work concessions stand shifts, and the money earned would go toward the band activities for the year.

While the concept was simple, managing the volunteer schedule became overwhelming as the opportunity mushroomed into additional work. Beyond the annual Grand Prix volunteering, the Band Boosters started receiving offers for shifts for sporting events, concerts and other special events. After two months of using spreadsheets and emails to coordinate, Fincher searched online for a better scheduling tool and came across SignUpGenius. Fincher found he preferred the tool to others for its “user-friendly” system and “variety of options in creating sign ups.”

high school band fundraising volunteer coordination SignUpGeniusWith SignUpGenius, Fincher also found he could set up a SignUpGenius PRO account allowing multiple administrators to take part in the planning. Band mom Elisa Delph-Barnes, who serves on the Band Booster Board, stepped in to help. “I offered my assistance and Mr. Fincher showed me how [SignUpGenius] worked.  I slowly began to take over organizing volunteers. The site has eliminated the numerous emails that used to drive us all crazy.  With this system, there is no confusion and it gets right to the point,” she says. Now the group has divided up responsibilities across four qualified administrators.

Delph-Barnes is impressed by just how much they are able to plan with SignUpGenius. “We use SignUpGenius to coordinate volunteers for all of our fundraising opportunities,” she says. “We have also used it to sign up for desserts after a performance, TABC certification classes... really, anything where we need a large number of people to help.”high school band fundraising volunteer coordination SignUpGenius

SignUpGenius has made it simple for parents to get involved in the fundraising efforts by allowing Akins High School Band parents to easily view new opportunities as they come in. The Band Boosters have posted a web button on their site that take parents directly to a list of all active sign up opportunities. In fact, the system has been instrumental in helping the group raise $70,000 in just nine months. Some of this money went to fund a band trip to New Orleans in the spring of 2013.

SignUpGenius staff is proud to help in organizing these types of scheduling and fundraising efforts and is happy to help your group get started doing the same! Find out how it works, and be sure to share with us your organizing success stories!

Posted by Kate White


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Posted by Candy Bless on Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:35 PM EST
Pat, I coordinate an Earth Day celebration each year using SignUpGenius. We have multiple volunteer positions with various time slots available for our volunteers. If you'd like to see our sign up I'd be happy to share it with you. ~Candy, Omaha, NE

Posted by Teresa Clark on Mon Sep 2, 2013 1:37 PM EST
Hi Pat,
We are always happy to assist you with suggestions or possible examples with any complicated sign up that you need to create. Feel free to contact the support team at any time with the specific details you need to include for the type of event you are organizing. We are happy to help! Just click on the link to Contact Support and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Posted by Pat Cassell on Sun Sep 1, 2013 1:35 PM EST
It would be helpful to provide a link to the signup so others can see the process, how complicated the signup was as far as #of volunteers, positions, dates, times etc. I have used Sign Up Genius for simple events but I am looking to do a much more complicated event in the future and would like to see a sample of a more complicated structure and if it would work for my future event.

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I can’t tell you how much your website has helped us to organize volunteers at our school. After using SignUpGenius for our Bookfair and Oktoberfest we received lots of positive feedback from parents saying how easy it was to use. Chairpersons for other committees were anxious to use the sign-ups for their events, and now it’s become routine for us.... I’ve tried other list sharing websites, but your excellent customer service and list features convinced me early on that SignUpGenius was the right choice.
Bucks County, PA
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