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To Play or Not to Play: Is Your Child Ready for Organized Sports? With every rushing minivan, loaded snack cooler, and stray soccer ball that passes, the question beckons: “Is my child ready for organized sports?” The answer is more complex than one may think. Some parents eagerly scribble their child’s name on the nearest sign-up sheet while others simply resolve to wait until next fall, but the decision on whether or not to embark on the path of organized sports is full of pros and cons.... [Read More]

Positive Parental Involvement in Youth Sports Youth sports provide a great opportunity for you as a parent to spend time with your child.  Whether you help out by coaching, driving a carpool, being a great sideline cheerleader, or organizing snack schedules, the sports experience can be a blessing for your family instead of another item on your “to do” list.... [Read More]

Coaching Secrets:  Getting Respect From Your Players When kids are 4-6 years old, soccer leagues are mostly about fun and silly games while learning the basics. Coaches run around with the players, get parents involved, and make sure that kids are laughing and having a great time.... [Read More]

30 Healthy Sports Team Snack Ideas Want to encourage parents to bring nutritious snacks for your child's game or practice? Post these healthy ideas for all moms and dads to see as they prepare the team snack.  1. Diced watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew melon 2.... [Read More]

25 Ways to Increase Good Sportsmanship Learning good sportsmanship in youth sports is not automatic. Parents and coaches must be intentional about teaching kids to develop a team player attitude. The following tips will help you instill good sportsmanship in young athletes.... [Read More]

The Many Uses of SignUpGenius for Sports Whether you’re a coach, a team parent, or the director of a sports league, was designed to simplify your life. By making it easy to coordinate sports events and volunteers for free with online sign ups, SignUpGenius makes sports enthusiasts everywhere look like geniuses.... [Read More]



Cru Collects Donations Via SignUpGenius
Over the years, Campus Crusade for Christ has made a huge impact on college campuses, both in the U.S. and internationally. The organization, referred to as simply “Cru” in the United States, is on a mission to reach young people and draw them closer to Jesus Christ.... [Read More]

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