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50 Kid Friendly Volunteering Ideas We all know it’s important to get involved with our communities, and especially to teach children the value of volunteering at a young age. Introduce the concept of giving back to your little ones with one or more of these 50 kid friendly volunteering ideas! [Read More]

Online Scheduling Helps Team In Training Coordinator Save Time The Team In Training programs for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society take the impact of teamwork to the next level. In exchange for training and support, athletes in the program commit to raise money towards finding cures for blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.... [Read More]

20 Creative Ways to Thank Your Volunteers When people volunteer, they do so knowing they are taking on tasks without tangible rewards. However, organizations that take the time to thank volunteers know that the return on that thanks is tenfold. Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas to give those all-important volunteers a little celebrity status.... [Read More]

20 Fundraising Ideas You’ve spotted an issue, set a goal, and are revving up your ambition to create change. Sounds like the recipe for a perfect fundraiser, but one thing seems to be missing: a money raising idea. To catch the public’s attention, creativity and innovativeness are required, right? [Read More]

60 Ways to Better Your Community Whether it’s reconstructing a playground, visiting an elderly home, or clearing trash from a nearby creek, a community service project is an excellent way to bring about change on a small, intimate level. But before grabbing the work gloves, make sure that your project has a specific focus.... [Read More]

10 Tips for a Successful Volunteer Sign-Up If you have ever been responsible for getting people to sign up for a particular job or timeslot, or to bring or donate a specific item, you know how much work that can be. Do you find that e-mail, tons of phone calls, posting a sheet of paper on a bulletin board, flyers, or word of mouth is ineffective and too time consuming? [Read More]



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