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10 Tips for Planning a Stress Free Family Vacation The fast pace of your job, not to mention the rest of life, has you longing for a vacation where you and your family can get away from it all and create wonderful memories together. The only problem is…the last time you retreated on a get-away as a family, you returned more exhausted than ever.... [Read More]

Organizing a Meal Sign Up for a Family in Need Whether a family is celebrating the birth of a baby or recovering from an unexpected surgery, being able to help with meals is a critical way to lend support. When you do offer to coordinate a meal calendar, wouldn’t it be a relief to know that the process is going to be simple for you and the family you are serving? [Read More]

Inexpensive Party Ideas The economy may have drained your entertaining budget, but that doesn't mean you can't host a party with panache. It just takes planning and ingenuity to create a champagne party on a beer budget. The essence of a successful bash lies in the care you devote to the menu, the tableware and the decorations more than what you shell out for them.... [Read More]

50 Organization Tips for Moms & Dads The key to successfully managing your hectic schedule can often be as simple as getting organized. Make this New Year your most productive yet with these 50 easy tips for better organization. 1. Get in the “zone.... [Read More]

100 Fun Activities for Kids Summer is finally here! Now what? Keep your kids busy with some fun activities and save this list as a quick go to if you get stuck. With 100 ideas, we’ve got your covered all summer long! [Read More]

50 Creative Potluck Themes Potlucks are a fun and easy way to bring people together. Enjoying yummy food and wonderful company is delightful on it’s own, but try one of these unique ideas to add some festive flair!  1. It's a Small World - An International Potluck with specialties from around the world creates a bold, engaging atmosphere.... [Read More]



Cru Collects Donations Via SignUpGenius
Over the years, Campus Crusade for Christ has made a huge impact on college campuses, both in the U.S. and internationally. The organization, referred to as simply “Cru” in the United States, is on a mission to reach young people and draw them closer to Jesus Christ.... [Read More]

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