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40 Mission Trip Planning Tips Every mission trip is unique but many of the steps to prepare for a successful journey are similar. At SignUpGenius, we’d like to help your team accomplish its purposes with this list of helpful mission trip planning tips and ideas.... [Read More]

20 Ideas for Recruiting and Keeping Children's Ministry Volunteers There are many hands and hearts that go into a children’s ministry throughout the year. When you consider the great reward of seeing children responding to God’s love, it can be hard to imagine why anyone would walk away from this type of ministry.... [Read More]

Organize Church and Temple Activities Easily It can be overwhelming to organize all of the events and volunteer opportunities at churches and temples, but with it doesn't need to be! Say goodbye to paper sign ups, reply to all emails and volunteers who forget what they signed up to do.... [Read More]

65 Youth Retreat Planning Ideas Youth retreats are wonderful opportunities for young people to learn, bond, and grow in their faith. Here are 65 ways to help you plan an impactful youth retreat.  [Read More]

20 Church Volunteer Management Tips Volunteers are a vital part of any church. Organizing volunteers to serve the countless needs can be an overwhelming task. Smart planning and proper executing of church activities will yield the most productive results.... [Read More]

Safety Tips for Youth Church Ministry VBS, Sunday School, youth group, camps, and festivals are just a handful of activities your church may provide to nurture and grow children in their faith journey.  While all these activities are well intentioned to benefit children and families, there are necessary safeguards that should be in place to protect children and volunteers.... [Read More]



Cru Collects Donations Via SignUpGenius
Over the years, Campus Crusade for Christ has made a huge impact on college campuses, both in the U.S. and internationally. The organization, referred to as simply “Cru” in the United States, is on a mission to reach young people and draw them closer to Jesus Christ.... [Read More]

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