SignUpGenius Payments

The simple, easy way to collect money on your sign ups for gifts, tickets, donations and more!

How will you use it?

Raise money and collect donations
Fundraising & Donations

Raise money and collect donations
Group Gifts

Raise money and collect donations
Event Registration
Raise money and collect donations
Product Sales

Raise money and collect donations
Ticket Sales

Raise money and collect donations
Business Services

How does it work?

collect money

1. Activate Payments Genius

To activate the ability to accept payments, connect your SignUpGenius account to your PayPal account and enter your credit/debit card.

2. Create Sign Ups with Priced Items

Use our step-by-step wizard to build your sign up. Choose which items will involve payments. Payment can be optional or required.

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3. Members Pay You When Signing Up

When members sign up for something, payment through PayPal is integrated into the process. Funds are deposited into your PayPal account.

Why Use SignUpGenius Payments?

Collect Payments


Sell tickets or products. Collect donations. Pay for services.

Event Payments


One site organizes volunteers, events and payments.

Set Prices


Vary prices on items. View and export payment reports.

Donation Goal


Show a donation goal and amount raised, define prices or let users choose what to pay.

Online Payments


Leverage the growing trend of online payment collection.

How Much Does it Cost?

You will pay a total of 5% of the purchase price plus $0.50 per transaction. For each payment, PayPal charges an industry-standard processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. SignUpGenius charges a service fee of 2.1% plus $0.20 per transaction. The combined cost of PayPal's fee and the SignUpGenius fee equals 5% plus $0.50 per transaction.

How Are the Fees Charged?

Let's say that you are selling t-shirts for your organization at $20 per shirt and you sell four shirts during the course of the month. PayPal will deduct its fees at the time of each individual shirt purchase and the remaining balance is directly deposited into your PayPal account each time. SignUpGenius will add up all your sales at the end of your billing month and charge one fee for all sales for the month. The SignUpGenius fee is charged automatically to the credit card you provide during activation of SignUpGenius Payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not have one, you will need a free verified account at, one of the world's largest online processors. A verified account means you have hooked up a bank account to PayPal so that money can be easily transferred to you. You will also need to provide SignUpGenius with a credit card or debit card that will be used for fees.

After your users purchase, the money they've paid (minus the PayPal fee) is deposited directly into your PayPal account. There is typically no delay - although PayPal sometimes does put a short hold on money for new users. Once your money is in your PayPal account, you can: 1) Make a purchase with it on a site that accepts, PayPal 2) Request a check by mail, 3) Transfer the money to your bank account. Electronic transfers typically arrive in your bank within about three days.

The seller can login to his/her PayPal account and fully refund a buyer easily through the PayPal interface. PayPal returns the full amount to the buyer and will only charge the seller the transaction fee (typically $0.30). All SignUpGenius fees associated with the transaction are fully refunded. Partial refunds are also possible and PayPal and SignUpGenius refund a percentage of their respective fees based on the amount refunded. If a seller needs to remove someone from the sign up as well as refund him/her, the seller can use the SignUpGenius admin tools to delete the person from the sign up. This can be done before or after the person is refunded at PayPal.

We provide the seller with powerful admin tools that make it easy to move a user to a different date/slot even after they have paid. The seller has complete control of the sign up.

Buyers will not be able to delete items off the sign up or cancel themselves after they've paid. However, they can request a cancellation and/or refund from the seller and the seller has the ability to delete, move, and/or refund them.

Each SignUpGenius Pro level includes a set number of No-Ads licenses. A No-Ads license allows you to remove the advertisements from a single sign up that you create. Therefore, if you have 5 No-Ads licenses, you have the ability to choose 5 sign ups in your account that will not show advertising. The No-Ads licenses can be moved from one sign up to another at any time during your subscription. For example, you could assign a No-Ads license to a sign up you create for a potluck - and then after the party is over, you simply move that No-Ads license to a new sign up for a new event.

No. Your users will be able to simply pay through credit card or debit card. If your users do happen to have a PayPal account, they will have the option to login for faster checkout.