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organize help for a friend take them a meal moving day illness baby partyIt’s the stuff friendships are made of– you’re catching up with a good pal and find out something significant has occurred in her life. She’s pregnant or moving to a new town or just found out she has to have surgery. You can hear the uncertainty in her voice as she talks about how new and maybe overwhelming the changes are going to be, and in true friendship fashion, you want to walk this road right by her side. If you could, you’d drop everything to help her. You’d make her a thousand meals and buy every gift on the shelf that might make her life simpler. But it’s just not possible. After all, you’re one person whose life is a bit overwhelming already. What’s a good friend to do?

The answer lies in the fact that there is strength in numbers. Ever heard the verse, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor”? Well, if two are better than one, then how great would it be to coordinate a whole group to work together on your friend’s behalf? With SignUpGenius, organizing help for a friend in need is so simple, you’ll wish you’d found this free service years ago!

Moving Day
Whether the move is just down the street or an ocean away, having a team of friends and family on hand to help with all of the details can ensure a girl keeps her sanity.

Ways to Help:
1. Organize a packing party or create a sign up for friends to take packing shifts over a week or two.
2. Coordinate a team of people to help load (and unload) the truck on moving day.
3. Ask pals to sign up to help bring a few meals in the days leading up to and right after the move.
4. Plan a housewarming party once your friend has settled into her new digs. Ask guests to sign up to bring hors d’oeuvres, so your bud can focus on having the house ready, not the food.


Organize a packing party, meal sign up or housewarming party with SignUpGenius!


New Baby
There’s no doubt your friend is going to need lots of support as she welcomes a brand spankin’ new baby into the fold. Allow her to focus all of her energy on her family with these tips.

Ways to Help:
1. Host a baby shower without breaking a sweat. Create a sign up to invite guests, not only to attend the shower, but to help out with it as well. List parts of the party they can sign up to coordinate like decorations, games, or a group gift. While you’re at it, offer food dishes they can sign up to bring. You’ll be the hostess with the mostest…assistance that is!
2. Coordinate meals to be delivered to the expanding family several nights a week for awhile after the baby is born. Make sure to list delivery times and food preferences or aversions.
3. Spread out visits for the expanded family by creating a sign up with designated times for pop ins.


Organize a baby shower, coordinate meals, and plan visits from friends with SignUpGenius!


People often feel helpless having to watch a friend go through serious health issues, but there are several ways you can be of great help.

Ways to Help:
1. Coordinate regular meals to be delivered to your comrade and her family with a sign up. Make sure to include any food restrictions and explain a drop off procedure (maybe a cooler outside the house) that will ensure your friend can still get the rest she needs.
2. Organize rides to doctor appointments, so your pal has moral and physical support when she needs it.
3. Designate specific times of prayer for your friend and her family and ask people to sign up for a few prayer slots.


Organize meals, rides to the doctor, or a prayer chain with SignUpGenius!


Life Events
Most any major life event is better when shared with a group of friends and family. Having a bosom bud like you who can be counted on to corral the troops is a true blessing for any gal.

Ways to Help:

1. Host a bridal shower by creating a sign up with an rsvp invitation and information about a group gift or food to bring.
2. Plan a birthday celebration and invite all your groupies to join in.
3. Coordinate a graduation party where friends and family can congratulate your pal on her accomplishment.


Organize a bridal shower, birthday celebration or graduation party with SignUpGenius!


Whether organizing help for friends involves taking them meals, organizing a party, coordinating rides, or signing up volunteers to help with a move, SignUpGenius can be your go to site for all your volunteer and event sign up needs!


Posted by Angel Rutledge

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Posted by kevin billman on Mon Jun 4, 2012 10:14 PM EST
i find this to be a very useful and helpful section. I am a single father of a 8 month old little girl and can use all the suggestion and help anyone is willing to give me and im willing to offer any advice and knowledge i have also. Thak you

Posted by Gail Busch on Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:59 PM EST
This is great! So often people feel like they should do something to help, but end up doing nothing because they can't figure out the perfect thing to do. This guide should be very useful- thank you!

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Thank you for making my life so much easier! For years, I've been Room Mom, Cheer Mom, Scout Mom, etc. and juggled working and trying to organize and keep up with all the activities associated with having a social little girl. I managed, but it wasn't until finding your site that I was able to organize some rather complicated "going-ons" with virtually no effort at all. Thanks so much for such a great site!
Lisa Schneider - Collierville, TN
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