Sign People Up Before Sending Invites

Need to give someone first "dibs" on a slot before sending it out to everyone else? We can help. First, you will need to make sure the sign up is published. On Step 7: Invite/Publish, there is an option to click on the button to take the sign up live but not send out any invite emails.

Once the sign up is published, go back to your account page and click on the sign up icon. At the top of the sign up you should see the Admin's Toolbar. Click "Add/Edit/Delete People," and then click "Sign Someone Up." You will then be able to choose to add a new person or choose someone from the existing group. Select the item/slot for the person, and submit the entry. You can then either "Save and Continue" or "Save and Add Another Person."

When you have finished adding people to the sign up, go back to the Admin's Toolbar and click "Send a Message." You will then be able to send email invites for your sign up.

Posted by SignUpGenius