Find a Link to Sign Up

What? You want people to actually visit your sign up page after you create it? Ok, if you insist.

You can always use our email invitations to invite people to your sign up. If you would rather not use our site to send the invite email, you are welcome to send out the URL to your sign up by sending it in your own emails, sharing a link to Facebook, tweeting it, texting it or even sending it out by carrier pigeon.

When you publish your sign up, you will see the link to the sign up page on the completion screen. Once you have published the sign up, you can log into our site and find the web address for your sign up at any time. Simply click the "Created" tab on your account page and click on the title of the sign up. When the sign up displays, copy the URL in the web browser address bar. This is the unique link to the sign up.

Just because we like to be super helpful, we also offer a web button builder that will help you build a button that you can embed in your website. After your sign up is published, you can login to our site, click the Tools icon on the left side of your account page, and scroll down to the "Web Button Builder" area. You can see more ways to share your sign up in this blog post.

Finally, with our Gold and Platinum paid plans, you can add a "Back to Website" button. This option is helpful if you wish to link your sign up to your organization's website and want users to go back to your website after signing up.

Posted by SignUpGenius