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Congrats to our contest winners!SignUpGenius is thrilled to announce the winners of our Real Life St. Nick holiday contest! We received many great and inspiring entries, which made selecting a winner a tough choice. Please join SignUpGenius in congratulating the following individuals who make an impact on others with their kindness and generosity.

1st Place Winner:
Jackie Gordon (of Canal Winchester, Ohio) was nominated as a Real Life St. Nick by her friend, Amy Stang. Stang says, “My friend Jackie is my real life St. Nick. When her husband succumbed to cancer, Jackie started a nonprofit foundation for children with life threatening illnesses. Jackie sews custom princess dresses for girls and includes a tiara, wand, and poem written by her middle daughter. For boys, she designed capes to give them "superhero" strength to fight their diseases. She's a wonderful role model for her three daughters and an inspiration to all.”

Gordon is a true example of someone who has turned a tragic life event into a story of love, hope and promise for others. To read more about Gordon’s story and her amazing charity, please visit www.princessdressesoflove.com.

2nd Place Winner:
Patrick Keptner (of Gallup, NM) was nominated by Kim Orr. “My real-life Santa is P.K. His non-profit group, which trains young adults who have dropped out of school in construction trades, recently sent workers to our school building for two weeks to patch walls, powerwash to remove peeling paint, mend cracks, and prime. Our school was graciously given about $25,000 in goods and services by P.K. and his group. He is a real life Santa to all of us at Jefferson Elementary!”

Keptner’s organization, TAOS (Tohatchi Area Opportunity Services), has a variety of programs that provide work, living, and transportation resources to individuals with developmental disabilities. He also has programs that teach trades to high school drop-outs and provide them with GED prep classes.

3rd Place Winner:
Anne Beller (of Dallas, TX) was recognized as a Real Life St. Nick by her friend Catherine Stansberry. Stansberry’s entry tells us about Anne’s generous spirit and how she inspires others: “Anne is it. Amazing mom of four with husband in youth ministry, Anne leads by example. Her family fills bags (food, toiletries) to give when they meet someone in need. Now, my kids see someone in need and they beg to help them because of Anne. EACH WEEK she thanks her husbands volunteer team of 30 adults with dinner. Always the first to help with MY kids when life is crazy. Generous. Joyful. Anne.”

Those who not only do good work themselves, but also inspire others to do the same deserve to be recognized. Stansberry say additionally, “[Anne] exemplifies service – putting others first – and is always on the lookout for how she can help in any situation.”

All of our Real Life St. Nick winners as well as those individuals who have nominated them will be rewarded with Visa gift cards. Thank you to all of our inspiring entries this year. To read more, please visit the Real Life St. Nick Contest Page.

Posted by Dan Rutledge

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Posted by Dan Rutledge on Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:50 AM EST
Hi Becky. Thanks for writing. There is not a way to limit the quantity someone can sign up for currently. The only thing you can do is create individual slots with a "1" quantity instead of one slot with a multiple quantity. That works for some people, but it takes more time to set up since you have to enter the slot multiple times on the slot page. We hope to provide quantity limits in a future upgrade. Thanks for the valuable feedback!

Posted by Becky Burkenpas on Fri Jan 18, 2013 2:43 AM EST
I love Signup Genius. Thank You! Is there a way to take away the Quantity Box when signing up for tickets? It is creating many problems for me with people saying quantity of 2 helpers but they dont give me a second name or add them to a time slot. Thanks.

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