New Year's Planning: Be Brilliant in 2017

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After you’ve tossed confetti and toasted to the New Year, it’s time to put your plans for 2017 into action. We’ve got tips and ideas to help you make it happen.

Be a Genius Organizer

Boost your efficiency this year with these tips:

Unlock Smart Ideas to Help Your Community

Consider how to get involved with causes that matter most to you.

Feel Brilliant

You don’t have to join a gym to prioritize your body this year. Check out these fun ideas to motivate your family to get moving and be healthy.  

  • Balancing career and family is always a challenge, but these tips can help make life more fulfilling in and outside the office.   
  • Working out can help boost your energy and mood along with your health. Try these 10 fitness tips for busy parents.     
  • Encourage kids to get moving and have fun — even if they don’t play sports.
  • Prepare healthy and tasty snacks for your family with these easy ideas.

Unleash the Power of the Geniusnew year special pricing signupgenius 2017

  • Let us help you simplify your life in new ways this year!
  • Check out our tutorials to get the most out of your online sign ups.
  • Browse our FAQs to answer your sign up questions and catch a few laughs.
  • Up your online sign up game with SignUpGenius Pro. Pro offers features such as customized sign up themes, no-ad licenses and cloud storage. Genius!

To help kick off the year, we’re offering a “Be Brilliant” SignUpGenius Pro promotion starting at just $99 per year. With SignUpGenius Pro, “changing the world” will be the easiest item you check off your To Do list in 2017!

Posted by Ashley Kaufman

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