A Tribute to Genius Moms

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Given the many sacrifices mothers make for their families, we think moms deserve to be celebrated every day of the year. That’s why several SignUpGenius team members took time to write tributes to their moms. We hope you enjoy them in honor of ALL moms who make a difference! (Add yours below!)

“I appreciate my mom for inspiring a love for learning in me. From the time I was born, she read to me and took me to the library as often as I needed to go to have a constant stream of books available. Even though she didn’t go to college herself, it was understood from as early as I can remember that I would go and do well. She’s one of those moms who brags on her kids to complete strangers, a practice that mortified me growing up. Now I realize that her confidence in me has been foundational to helping me take risks and not get discouraged by failure.

- Angel, COO/CMO Genius

amy with mom


"My mother has shown me that investing in people brings the greatest return to the giver and the receiver.  This has been a legacy she has passed on to me, and I pray I will leave it with my own children. Happy Mother's Day!"

- Amy, Senior Support Genius


family picture with mom“I'm so thankful for my mom for more reasons than I could ever describe. She's an extremely caring, faithful, praying woman who did all the hard behind-the-scenes work that often doesn't get a lot of glory, but is the real glue that holds families, churches, and communities together. In fact, the older I get with my own family, the more I realize the kind of sacrifices that she put in to give me the kind of loving and stable foundation that a lot of people would dream about. One of the neat things about my mom is that she has a real gift of caring for people and was always serving at church, school, the neighborhood, and everywhere she went. If there was a funeral, wedding, birthday, sick friend, person in need... she'd be there helping out and taking us kids along. I guess you could say that my mom gave me a real-world education in organizing people-care long before there was anything like SignUpGenius! I love my mom and am proud of her. Her dedication to serving others is something I hope I can carry on in my own way through my own family and through SignUpGenius.”      - Dan, CEO Genius 

mom with baby

“My mother uses her gift of writing to encourage, support, and teach me. When I became a mother myself and started worrying about everything under the sun, my mom wrote me a note that said, “worry is part of a mom’s job description, and it’s a life-long undertaking." You see, my mom worried about us A LOT over the years, and with those words I FINALLY understood that a mother’s worry was an expression of true love. My mom inspires me to be thoughtful, kind, and positive, even when it’s not easy. The mother/child bond runs deep, and I continue to love her more every day!

Kate, Marketing Genius 


betsy with mom and daughter

“This picture from my first Mother's Day in 2000 is appropriate because like many others, it was not until I became a mom myself that I probably began to truly appreciate all that my mom did for me. As a stay-at-home mom until I was in middle school, she was able to stretch my dad's salary as a schoolteacher in order to provide music lessons, summer camps, family vacations (including a trip to England) and many other opportunities for my sister and I. She managed to get by with just one family car for most of my childhood years, and I don't remember her ever complaining about the inconvenience. Living close to NYC, she and my dad took the time to expose us to all of the museums and other cultural experiences the city has to offer. But most importantly, she has always been a great cheerleader and source of wisdom, support and unconditional love. She and my dad will celebrate 50 years of marriage this July, and I am so thankful to have been given such a strong, solid foundation for life through my upbringing. I love you, Mom!”      - Betsy, Support Genius  


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the fabulous MOMS out there!

Want to brag about YOUR mom? Join us on social media with the hashtag #BragOnYourMom, or simply comment below! If your post appears in a blog post on Mother's Day, we'll send you some SignUpGenius swag.

Posted by Kate White

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Posted by John Rutkowski on Sun May 10, 2015 7:43 AM EST
#Bragonmymom. She's always been there for me.

Posted by Grace Grillo on Fri May 8, 2015 2:47 PM EST
My mother is the best mom one could ever hope for. She was a stay at home mom until I was about 17 years old. She is an Italian immigrant and when my sister and I were young, mom's English was not too good. Yet, she went to every home and school meeting, every report conference. She volunteered in our schools whenever she could. She supported us in everything that we did, especially in school. We didn't have much, yet she stretched a dollar and made sure we had all that we needed. I love my mom very much! Happy Mother's Day!

Posted by Maryalice Leister on Fri May 8, 2015 7:27 AM EST
My mother has been gone for many years but her legacy lives on in my beautiful, artistic daughter who is an amazing mother of 3 extraordinary children. While it is a mother's job to teach her children, I have learned so much more from my daughter Kate. Her strength and kindness touches all those she meets, none more so than the students where she is a library media aide and paraprofessional. Thank you, my daughter.

Posted by Susan groshong on Wed May 6, 2015 10:24 PM EST
i had the best mom ever!

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