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I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Sometimes I think the only difference between Twitter and a diary... is that someone might actually find your diary and read it! However, I do think Twitter is very beneficial for my wife because now all these funny/strange thoughts that go through my head get tweeted instead of me constantly telling them to her. Anyways, I was browsing through some old tweets the other day and thought it would be fun to list some of my favorites... um... in case you missed them the first time. 


3/27/10 - Finished the P90x today. I'd type more but I'm afraid my bulging forearm muscles would rip my shirt in half...

4/17/10 - Got this cool book last month called "Getting Things Done." Looks real interesting... but haven't gotten around to reading it.

4/19/10 - Did you know the Bible warns against Facebook? Proverbs 18:24 says: "He that maketh many friends doeth it to his own destruction."

5/14/10 - My new wedding ring is turning my finger green. Does this mean I should have spent more than $8.99 on my symbol of eternal love?

5/16/10 - Summer's officially here. It's not the heat that gets you. It's the humidity. And the blazing sun. And also the heat.

6/9/10 - Thought about signing up for the location features of FourSquare... but realized every tweet would just say "Sitting at my desk."

6/16/10 - I'm not going to say that one of my sons is lazy... but he recently complained about carrying a CD up the stairs. He said it was "too heavy"

6/23/10 - Staying in shape takes too much time so I've decided to outsource my workouts to India. My exercise will now be completed in a sweatshop.

6/30/10 - It bugs me that I don't get more recognition for my humility.

7/16/10 - My one daughter will NEVER admit she's wrong. I can only hope that she will grow up and be the CEO of Apple.

7/21/10 - "Inspirational quotes are for losers." - Dan Rutledge

7/22/10 - I just invented a new workout called the P1X. Results aren't as good as #P90X but it's a heck of a lot easier to finish."

7/23/10 - Just wanted to make sure everyone heard me correctly - I said I enjoyed #INCEPTION... not CONCEPTION... although that wasn't bad either.

8/3/10 - How come there's no "Squirrel Week" on Discovery? Sharks get the glory but there's nothing as horrifying as a squirrel mauling.

8/17/10 - I'm so glad Brett Favre is back. Wait... I changed my mind. I'm not glad he's back. Check that... I'm now glad again.

8/23/10 - Have you noticed that Winston Churchill and C.S. Lewis make a LOT of twitter posts? These guys need to get jobs or something. 

9/17/10 - Having dinner at Bob Evans. And I have located everyone in Charlotte over 90 years old.

9/20/10 - Watching the #Panthers play this weekend was kind of like being beat with a blunt club by a large Russian weight-lifter. Fun times. #NFL

9/23/10 - "Next time I think I'll go to the movies instead." - Abraham Lincoln #quotes

10/11/10 - Someone just informed me that Columbus Day is not a celebration of the city in Ohio. Learn something new every day.

10/12/10 - Retweet this post and I will make a derogatory comment about the #iPad in your honor!


Ok, that was fun, but I'll stop there for today. And actually, I am now incredibly inspired to go out and write more meaningless comments that no one will read! Tweet on America!

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