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Happy Monday! To get your week off to a good start, we thought we'd announce a small, but useful upgrade to our site. We have just integrated a change to the sign up creation wizard that makes it easier for you to choose the exact quantity of volunteers you need for your sign up. Instead of being limited to the selections in the drop down box, you now have the ability to enter your own quantity! This works well for large sign ups where you need a hundred or several hundred volunteers for a specific position.

In addition, we have added an "unlimited quantity" selection. You can choose this option if you don't want a specific number listed on your sign up page and you want to leave the sign up slot open to as many people as are interested. If you choose the "unlimited quantity" option, no number will show besides the sign up slot and the sign up button will always be present no matter how many people sign up for a particular option!

Hope that brightens your day. Have a great week!

Posted by Dan Rutledge

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Posted by Teresa Clark on Fri Mar 27, 2015 4:03 PM EST
Hi JoAnne,
We do not have the functionality to allow you to restrict a participant/volunteer from signing up for a quantity greater than one. You can instruct your users in Step 1: General Details to only sign up for a quantity of one. As sign up creator, you can elect to receive email notifications (at Step 5: Settings) when people sign up, so you will know if a user signs up for more than one slot.

At that point you can change their quantity to 1, and send them an email directly from that page letting them know you have removed their additional entries. I hope this clarifies. If I can be of further assistance, please let me know and I'll be happy to help you.

Posted by JoAnne VerMulm on Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:26 AM EST
I am wondering if there is a way to not allow people to sign up for multiple "quantities". We have a bus sign up - only 100 people allowed. When they click "sign up" it allows them to choose a quantity of spots. I can easily see a kid signing up for 73 spots, thus limiting those spots for others. Suggestions would be appreciated!

Posted by Terese Lamm on Thu Mar 8, 2012 2:59 PM EST
Glad to hear that it is on the way! I have been exporting to excel every few months...and then deleting the dates as you suggested.

Posted by Dan Rutledge on Thu Mar 8, 2012 1:45 PM EST
Hi Terese. Thanks for writing. Quite a number of people have written about this and that feature is pretty high on our development list. We can't commit to specific timetables because we have so many projects going on, but I would expect it in the next couple months. In the meantime, you can always export your sign up data to an Excel spreadsheet so that you have a back-up of your sign ups on your local machine and then delete the dates. The export feature is found in the "Custom Reports" link in your My Account area. Hope that helps!

Posted by Terese Lamm on Thu Mar 8, 2012 12:34 PM EST signupgenius. Wondering if there is a way (setting?) that as dates pass, have them no longer appear on the live sign-up. I don't really want to delete the slots because I like to look back to see who signed up for what in case I need to ask them to fill in another time. Thanks! (I work at a church and use sign-up genius for our members to sign up to serve as greeters, lay readers, etc. I would love to keep that record of who has signed up...but not have it show up on the live signup because having all of those old dates at the top of the sign-up can be annoying and confusing. Thanks!

Posted by Dan Rutledge on Mon Mar 5, 2012 8:17 AM EST
Hi Kristy. Thanks for writing. We may do seamless integration with Gmail contacts in the future, although we have quite a few upgrades we're working on before we'd be able to look at that. However, in the meantime, you can definitely get your contacts from Gmail without having to type. Use the "EXPORT" function in Gmail to export your contact list to an Excel spreadsheet. Then copy/paste the email column from Excel into our input box and you'll get all your emails into our system quickly without typing. Hope that helps!

Posted by Kristy Jonas on Sun Mar 4, 2012 8:16 PM EST
Hi Dan, love this tool for sign ups!! I was wondering if you will ever have a way to link with email accounts like gmail. I have created specific lists for my musical cast members and I have just manually entered their names. Personally, I would like to be able to select people or a group from various lists, copy, and insert or import. Whichever is best. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Dan Rutledge on Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:57 AM EST
Thanks for the comments, everyone. Melissa - you can edit your sign up at any time. Simply login to your account and you can edit your sign up from the My Account page. Jerri - thanks for the kind words and the great suggestion. One thing that I would say is that for right now, you could do this: when someone replies "no" - you can simply go to the "My Groups" area and take their email out of your group. Then they won't get any further emails for that sign up. If you don't want to lose their email completely, then just make a back-up copy of your group first by using the "duplicate a group" feature at the bottom of the My Groups page. Hope that helps!

Posted by Del Mar Eventing on Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:27 AM EST
I love this website & the fact that you are continually updating. I do have a request for an upgrade and haven't seen any other way to submit it, so am sending through this blog. I have a large e-mail list that I send repeated requests asking for sign-ups. Some people reply to me with a "No", but I can't go into Signup Genius and denote that anywhere ... so, the next time I send out an e-mail, they get the same request (over and over). If you could add a feature that allowed me to denote that a person had politely rejected the request and no repeated emails were sent to those, that would be wonderful. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Posted by Melissa Butts on Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:44 PM EST
Can I go back and change once I've set it up? For our tennis matches I need to know who all is available. Right now it only allows for 8 to sign up. Thanks,

Posted by Nicole Yakatan on Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:17 AM EST
GREAT feature! I was looking for this last month and was happy to see it appear when I created a new sign-up yesterday. Thanks!

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