New Themes in Full Bloom!

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While we are aware that there is still snow on the ground in some parts of the country, let us remind you that it is officially Spring! The promise of warmer temperatures often stirs excitement for springtime events and festivities. Here at SignUpGenius, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the addition of new themes for your spring sign ups!

Whether you are planning Easter festivities, a family reunion or a spring consignment sale, we’ve got new theme designs that will inspire the planning genius in you.

Click on the thumbnails below for a preview. To view our full selection of themes, click here.

40th Birthday sign up sheet
40th Birthday - See Family Category
Food Drive sign up sheet
Food Drive - See Clubs & Groups Category
Gardening sign up sheet
Gardening - See NEW THEMES Category
Vines sign up sheet
Vines - See General Category
Easter 2 sign up sheet
Easter 2 - See NEW THEMES Category
Sale sign up sheet
Sale - See Fundraising Category
Webinar sign up sheet
Webinar - See Business Category
Business Meeting sign up sheet
Business Meeting - See General Category
Fondue sign up sheet
Fondue - See Food Category
Mowing sign up sheet
Mowing - See Business Category
Sewing & Quilting sign up sheet
Sewing & Quilting - See Clubs & Groups Category
Cross Country Skiing sign up sheet
Cross Country Skiing - See Sports Category
Spelling Bee sign up sheet
Spelling Bee - See Education Category
Alphabet sign up sheet
Alphabet - See Education Category
Muslim sign up sheet
Muslim - See NEW THEMES Category
Carnival Fundraiser sign up sheet
Carnival Fundraiser - See Arts & Media Category
16th Birthday sign up sheet
16th Birthday - See Family Category
Consignment Sale sign up sheet
Consignment Sale - See Clubs & Groups Category
Easter sign up sheet
Easter - See NEW THEMES Category
Father's Day sign up sheet
Father's Day - See Family Category
Mother's Day sign up sheet
Mother's Day - See Family Category
Graduation sign up sheet
Graduation - See Education Category
Business Agreement sign up sheet
Business Agreement - See General Category
Crossfit sign up sheet
Crossfit - See NEW THEMES Category
Training Classes sign up sheet
Training Classes - See Business Category
Soup sign up sheet
Soup - See Food Category
Zumba sign up sheet
Zumba - See NEW THEMES Category
Writing & Blogging sign up sheet
Writing & Blogging - See Business Category
Season Banquet sign up sheet
Season Banquet - See Fundraising Category
School Reunion sign up sheet
School Reunion - See Education Category
Camo sign up sheet
Camo - See NEW THEMES Category
50th Birthday sign up sheet
50th Birthday - See Family Category
Family Reunion sign up sheet
Family Reunion - See Family Category
Field Day sign up sheet
Field Day - See Education Category
Garage Sale sign up sheet
Garage Sale - See Clubs & Groups Category

Posted by Kate White

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Posted by Christiana Drapkin on Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:49 PM EST
GREAT to see your Garden Group signup sheet! I've been using Signupgenius for the past 4 years to organize our communal garden chores and social get-togethers. Seasonal nature pix are always fun. I had uploaded some of my own harvest pictures, which you always approved within 24 hours. That was fun and easy, too.

Posted by Amy Tidwell on Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:24 AM EST
Thank you for your suggestions. These are great ideas and we appreciate input from users like you that help us prioritize ways to make our service even more user friendly!

Posted by Fredrica Fester on Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:46 PM EST
Love the multitude of new themes! Thanks!

One - or two - ideas for the future: could you enable a search feature for themes and tag them (I volunteer to tag!)? Also, a way to choose a plain color background/text color separate from the picture? I have one group of older users with limited vision that find a lot of these themes hard to make out. (OK, I'm one of them...)

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