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SignUpGenius President Dan RutledgeOur staff recently kissed our computers goodbye for a few hours and headed out into our community to serve at our local Crisis Assistance Ministry. This awesome non-profit provides assistance for people in financial crisis, whether they've lost a job, struggled with an illness or faced some other type of traumatic situation. It was a great opportunity for our group to learn about the various ways that Crisis Assistance Ministry helps out, whether through short term assistance with bills or by providing a store where folks can pick up necessities and save their limited resources for other high priority needs. 

SignUpGenius Staff serve Crisis Assistance Ministry









SignUpGenius staff serve at the Crisis Assistance MinistryIt didn't seem like much to spend a couple of hours sorting, inspecting and hanging clothes, so we were surprised to find out that for each hour we donated, a family could be clothed for one year. What a great reminder that making a positive impact in our communities is doable! It also made us even more thankful for all the ways that our users are changing the sign up at a time.

We'd love to hear from you about what you're doing to serve in your community. Leave us a comment below, and we may even contact you to spotlight how you are using SignUpGenius to make the world you live in a better place!

Posted by Angel Rutledge

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Posted by Dan Rutledge on Sun Mar 3, 2013 8:23 PM EST
Thanks Terry for writing in. What a neat ministry God has given you! I'm so glad our service will be able to assist with it!

Posted by Terry Beatty on Fri Mar 1, 2013 5:59 PM EST
I have had a women's outreach ministry in my home for over 10yrs now. We do a different compassion activity each month. Our group has expanded over the years ( God expanded our territory ) in many ways. reaching out to other countries, more participation, networking out of state, more resources , and God has even more, we have only just begun . We are not a 501c3. Thirteen different churches are represented.I have been thinking about how I create a signup sheet for monthly needed items.I tried Evite but it wasn't helpful for what I needed. Thank you for sharing this site . It is a tremendous help! Over the years with a smaller group we could expect to get only the items needed but now I send out over 40 emails and I needed a way to monitor the resource list. I am also working on a book so that these ideas can be created all over the world in small group settings.

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