Announcing Our Christmas Contest Winners!

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Santa CartoonWe hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, that all your traveling has been safe, and that all your holiday events went off without a glitch! It's been a fantastic year of growth here at SignUpGenius where our member base grew by over 700%! We're very excited about 2011 and providing fun new features and continuing to expand our presence on the web. Please tell your friends at school, church, and on the sports field about our site!

Our Christmas Tree Contest is now over and the results of the judges are in. This was our hardest contest to judge yet... with many creative entries! We're so thankful for everyone that shared their Christmas with us by submitting a photo of their tree. After tallying the votes of our judges, the winners are:


Both winners will receive a $100 Visa gift card. In addition, the first 20 entries will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card. Thanks again to everyone that submitted!

Have a fantastic New Year! Enjoy one last cartoon for 2010 that I drew in honor of one of my sons!

Posted by Dan Rutledge

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Posted by Dan Rutledge on Thu Jan 6, 2011 8:01 AM EST
Hi Maggie,

Thanks so much for the comment and taking the time to write your suggestions. These are some great ideas, some of which are in our development plan and some of which we will definitely look at adding. I'll send you an email to follow up on all the specifics!

Dan Rutledge

Posted by Maggie Chao on Thu Jan 6, 2011 4:18 AM EST
SignUpGenius has so much promise to help groups simplify organization! I have some recommendations for improvements:
1) Give more lines for details concerning Location (IE: Space for address, phone # and TOPIC)
2) Create an option to create a contact list that will make it easy for everyone goto SignUpGenius to check for other members' phone#'s
3) On "People Needed" tab, allow sign up slots to be moved up and down manually. Right now, you can enter a title and select its organization as "alphabetical" or "As entered"... but when you edit, maybe your members want things moved around a bit. It would eliminate having to retype titles/sign up slots.
4) Perhaps create types of "Title/sign-up" slots. One thing that we want to know, is who will attend. It would be nice to be similar to Evite where members can simply click, "Yes, No, Maybe".
5) Allow Comments to be posted Anonomously or with abbreviated names.

Keep up the good work developing this site. It has a lot of potential. I have already recommended it to organizers at other schools.

Keep up the great work

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