Reopening Parish Volunteers

In an effort to reopen our churches of Divine Mercy Parish and maintain a high standard of safety for our parish family, we will require volunteers for various positions at each church at each Mass including some duties between Masses at St. Joseph (Recorded Mass and regular weekend Mass), St. Michael, and St. Peter.

We realize that many of our current faithful volunteers who we are very blessed to have are at the age or have health concerns putting them at a high risk if they contract the virus.  We don't expect or want those volunteers or any current volunteer who is uncomfortable returning to Mass to feel obligated in any way.  Because of this, we are asking any member of our parish to step forward and volunteer to help our parish with the required safe procedures needed at all 7 Masses for a safe reopening.

Please review the volunteer positions listed for your home church and specific Mass time and click on the button next to the volunteer position you wish to sign up. At this point, if signing up for an Usher position, please only sign up for one position.  Please also review and understand the following training requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE;  All volunteers will be required to complete Virtus Training (Standing church requirement for all volunteers even previous to the pandemic).  You can login to: https://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/.  Click on "First Time Registrant," create a profile, and complete the training for "non-substantial contact" with children.  You must be sure to list our home parish of Divine Mercy and NOT the name of your home church.  It is a simple and short online training  The training must be completed to be a volunteer.

Detailed instructions for each volunteer position will be provided as well as a required training session prior to the first reopening Mass.  More information will be provided.

Your offer to volunteer will help us successfully reopen our churches while keeping all parishioners safe as well as yourself.  Your time, work, and effort will be very much appreciated.  It will take this very dedicated team of volunteers to work together for a successful reopening.  Thank you!  May God bless all of our parish family and lead us through this unique situation safely.



Created by:   Alison Lyons
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