Mass Greeters

Mass Greeters


Thank you for extending a warm, invitational greeting to members and visitors coming to our Masses!

Please sign up with your FAMILY NAME.  All family members can greet.  Sign up is for greeting in either the North or the South narthexes, BEFORE mass only. 

Details, details, details...

Ø  Come to church 30 minutes before mass.

Ø  Start Greeting 30 minutes before mass time.  All big and small families are welcome to say hello, open doors, and assist passing out orders of worship.  With a smile:


§  "Hi",

§  "Good to see you"

§  “Welcome home”

§  “Let me get the door for you”

§  “Do you need help getting to your seat?”


Ø  Doing What Jesus Does!  Look for the “lost sheep”. 

Ø  Kindness has no judgment.  This is inviting, easy, and fun.

Ø  Place Orders of Worship back in the basket and take your seats in church before Father processes down the aisle.

Hospitality Ministers, aka ushers, have additional responsibilities.  Greeting will help our entire Hospitality ministry!  Please introduce yourselves to our Hospitality Ministers.

Please commit to your sign up.  Hospitality Ministers and other parishioners will fill in as needed as best as possible.  There is no one to call for a substitute.

St. Dominic is home to all of us!  This is easy. this is fun. This is an inviting gesture to the house of God.

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Rusnak at [email protected] 

Thank you in advance!

Created by:  St. Dominic Catholic Parish

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