St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish

Food Drive to Detroit

Food Drive to Detroit June 20th, 2021, for 
Corpus Christi Parish - Summer Camp and Emergency Food Pantry.

During the month of June until Sunday, June 20th, 2021,
please pick-up an empty grocery bag available at the church doors, a shopping list is attached to it with the needed non-perishable grocery and food items, also listed here Please bring non-perishable grocery and food items to Mass with you on the weekend of June 19th & 20th, 2021.

(We have limited storage space, so it is best if you bring the groceries June 19th or 20th, 2021, BUT, If you need an alternate drop-off time then you may place them in, or near the wooden box in church near the drinking fountain at the main entrance. Drop them off any time the church is open.)

Help deliver the groceries by signing-up below here!   [We encourage observing the Covid-19 precautions, wearing masks when closer than 6 feet from other people.]

Thank you for helping to provide food for the economically disadvantaged in the area of our sister parish Corpus Christi Parish, Detroit! 

You are also invited and welcome to DONATE HERE directly to Corpus Christi Outreach! 
Or, DONATE HERE if you prefer to support our St. Francis Parish St. Vincent dePaul fund that also helps Corpus Christi Outreach efforts.

Questions?  Contact: Scott Wright (734-480-8422) (734-821-2121) [email protected] . (more info)


Created by:   St. Francis of Assisi Parish Office
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Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Location Time (EDT) Available Slot
2021-06-19 (Sat.) St. Francis Church   

Before Sunday, June 20th I plan to participate, pray for, ... (100) and drop off my donated groceries in the church.

12 of 100 slots filled
Mary Hayden
Linda Wiseman
Tom Powell
Marianne Powell
Scott Wright
Brian O'Neil
Catherine Bettcher
Teresa Welsh
Happy to help sort and load if needed. Let me know. Thanks
Alicia Southam
Hilde Preston
Marilyn Fitzpatrick
Donna Krukowski
Buy groceries. Help presort & box groceries if needed.

load groceries in the truck-trailer (10)

St. Francis in front of the PAC  5:45pm - 6:15pm  

load groceries in the truck trailer

4 slots filled - more available
Mary Hayden
Liz Batteh (2)
1 adult, 1 teen
Brian ONeil
2021-06-20 (Sun.) St. Francis Parish in front of the PAC  9:30am - 10:30am  

load groceries in the truck-trailer

3 slots filled - more available
Hilde Preston
Teresa Welsh
Zachary Damon
May the day go as well as possible :)
Depart from St. Francis PAC, Ann Arbor, and arrive before the 11:00am Mass at Corpus Christi Church, 19800 Pembroke Detroit 48219.  9:45am - 4:30pm  

Ride to Detroit

Enjoy Mass there, a free lunch with them and assist with sorting the groceries. [We encourage observing the Covid-19 precautions, staying socially distanced and safe.]

1 slot filled - more available
Matt Schnaidt

Drive my own car to Detroit.

Can you take passengers in your car? NOTE: After the Mass & lunch at Corpus Christi on Pembroke Ave, we will STAY to unload our truck of groceries.

6 slots filled - more available
Scott Wright
& I welcome 3 passengers.
Mark Spieles
1-2 Passengers
Elaine Quinn
I can take 2 people.
Brian ONeil (2)
I can take two passengers
Donna Krukowski
My passengers are Sharon & Ed Wright.
St. Francis Parish in front of the PAC  11:30am - 12:30pm  

load groceries in the truck-trailer (10)

1 of 10 slots filled
Catherine Bass
Depart from St. Francis, Ann Arbor, and drive to Corpus Christi Church, 19800 Pembroke Detroit 48219.  12:40pm - 4:30pm  

Truck & Trailer Driver Delivers Groceries (2)

After the 11am Mass at Corpus Christi on Pembroke Ave, our volunteers will STAY to have lunch and unload our truck of groceries.

All slots filled
Linda Wiseman
James Wiseman
Parish Office  4:30pm  

Main Overall Volunteer Coordinator for this drive (2)

About six weeks prior to this date get us started. Contact organizations to learn needs. Get grocery bags, prepare & attach shopping lists. Assist with distribution and delivery.

All slots filled
Mary Hayden
Linda Wiseman
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