Bluewater Crafts

Campfire Reservation

Rules For Fire Pit Use

  1. Fire pit must be reserved in advance and Use Policy and Agreement must be signed.
  2. Only locally sourced wood and vegetation may be used for campfire.
  3. A Firewood Kit is available for purchase at the Recreation Cabana for $6.00. It includes: 1 fire starter pack, firewood, and a lighter.(Please return the kit bin and lighter the next morning after use.)
  4. Removal of any timber or plant material from Bluewater property area to burn in the fire pit is prohibited.
  6. Do not use any accelerants to light or maintain the fire.
  7. Whomever reserves the fire pit must attend the area at all times. They may not transfer responsibility for the fire to anyone else. The fire must be extinguished when they leave the area, even if it is before end time for burning.
  8. The fire must be fully extinguished using the provide hose by 10:00 pm. (No glowing or burning embers and any residual smoke is white.)
  9. Please do not remove Adirondack chairs from fire pit area. Any furniture moved to the fire pit area, must be returned to its original locations before leaving.
  10. All trash and personal items must be removed from the fire pit area with trash placed in the proper receptacles.
  11. No sitting, standing on or climbing on the bricks of the fire pit at any time.
  12.  Children attending the campfire are to be attended at all times.
  13. Please be respectful of our guests by keeping disturbing sound to a minimum. No loud music, shouting or disorderly behavior.
  14. Extinguish the fire and seek shelter if lightning, high winds or other inclement weather approaches the area.
  15. Any damage to the fire pit or furnishings must be immediately reported to the front desk. If unreported damages are found, or if damage is found to have occurred due to malicious or improper use, the party reserving the fire pit may incur charges for repair or replacement of damaged items or area.
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