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Assumption Chicago

Liturgical Reservations

We are thrilled to welcome you back to worship with us at our beautiful Assumption Greek Orthodox Church.

Below are the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church of Chicago Parishioner Guidelines for the Covid-19 Pandemic:  Please review



  • No one will be allowed church entry unless he/she has made an online reservation in advance.
  • No substitutions are allowed. 
  • Doors to the church will remain locked prior to, and throughout the service.  
  • Reservations for church services can be made on the church website, www.assumptionchicago.org  
  • Only those receiving a confirmation can attend a particular service.  
  • Parishioners in the high-risk category are encouraged to continue to participate in our online streaming.  
  • Although other churches in Illinois may have larger numbers than 50, the City of Chicago at the time of this letter restricts attendance to a total of 50 people in the church.


  • Each person who attends will need to check in with a COVID Safety Team Member at the lower level entrance into St. Catherine Chapel (down the North exterior staircase). This is the only entry into the church. If you need to use the elevator, a Team Member will be directed to open the door for you.

  • Each person must knock on the door when you arrive, as it is locked.

  • An Usher will open the door for you. 

  • Each person will not be allowed to enter without a face covering both your mouth and nose. 

  • A team member will check your name from the list of registered attendees. 

  • Each person will have their temperature taken by a non-contact infrared thermometer.  Anyone with a temperature of 99.5 Degrees or higher will not be admitted. 

  • In order to complete your entry into the church, you must answer No to the following questions:

    Have you traveled to another state in the last 7 days?
    Have you been with anyone who tested positive in the last 7 days?
    Are you awaiting on COVID test results, currently?

  • Each person will sanitize your hands at the sanitizing station at the entrance and proceed to follow the signs to the Narthex.

  • After 10:30, no further entries will be allowed.


  • Everyone attending services is expected to wear a mask to cover the mouth and the entire nose.  Gloves are optional.

  • The mask must be kept on fully for your entire time at church. 

  • The mask may only be removed when you receive Holy Communion. 

  • After receiving Holy Communion, you shall replace your mask before walking off of the Solea, and it shall stay on for the remainder of your time in church. 

DISTANCING: "Social Distancing"

  • Always maintain a six-foot separation between non-family members in all areas of the church.

  • Pews are marked off as to where you can sit and are distanced from each other.

  • The Ushers will direct parishioners to the open pews to accomplish social distancing. 

  • Parishioners will also maintain a six-foot separation when approaching to receive or Holy Communion and at all times in the church facility.

  • Do not kiss the priest’s hand and refrain from shaking the hands of other parishioners.


  • Online donations are strongly preferred.  

  • You can make your online donation by clicking the green "GIVE" button on our church website. www.assumptionchicago.org. 

  • We will accept cash donations at the candle stand, but no giving back of change or breaking large bills will be done by Ushers at the Pangari/Candle Stand.

  • The usher will be wearing a face-covering/mask and will be wearing gloves to hand you your candle.

  • You will be guided to the candle stands to light your candle and honor the icons by reverently bowing.

  • Memorial candles can be purchased but the ushers will handle the lighting of those candles.

  • Kissing of the icons or any other items anywhere in the church is not permitted at any time.

  • Each person will sanitize your hands again at the sanitizing station in the doorway of the Nave of the church. 


  • The usher will guide you to your seat through the main doors.

  • You will sanitize your hands again at the sanitizing station in the doorway of the Nave of the church.

  • Immediate family members may sit together.

  • Individual parishioners and non-family members will sit 6 feet apart. 

  • You are not permitted to change seats at any time during the service, or after Holy Communion.

  • After the Divine Liturgy, you will need to wait to be dismissed by an usher.

  • The priest will offer a blessing from a distance.

  • There is andithoron provided at the end of Church, but not after Holy Communion

  • The distribution of Kolyva for a memorial is not allowed at this time.

  • Parishioners exit the church through the exit doors on the West/North side of the Narthex.

  • There are no post-liturgy gatherings or coffee hours permitted at this time.


  • Your mask must be kept on fully for the duration of the service. 

  • The usher will lead you forward if you are intending to receive Holy Communion. 

  • Your mask will remain on at this point.

  • As you reach the Solea, use the sanitizer to clean your hand thoroughly at the visible sanitizing station at the base of the Solea before approaching to receive Holy Communion.

  • Observe social distancing at all times by standing on the marked floor signs indicating where to stand. 

  • Only ONE person at a time will be allowed on the Solea.  You are asked to wait on the carpet floor markers until it is your turn to come on to the Solea. Please wait until the person in front of you is completely off the Solea before you come forward on to the Solea to receive Holy Communion.

  • When you come forward to receive Communion, please say your name first, and then lower your mask.

  • Your mask may only be removed when you are about to receive Holy Communion.  

  • Keep your hands to your side and the altar boys will hold the cloth. 

  • Receive communion as usual.

  • Do not blot or wipe your mouth on the cloth after receiving Holy Communion.

  • After receiving Communion, you shall put on your mask, after about 5 seconds and then you will be directed by ushers back to your seat.

  • No andithoron will be offered at this time after Communion only at the end of the service

  • The priests have been directed to wear face coverings when administering Holy Communion.


  • Ushers will direct you on exiting.

  • Please remain in your seats until an usher comes to get you and direct you on how to exit

  • The priest will offer the blessing.

  • Do not kiss Father’s hand at this time.

  • Parishioners exit the church through the exit doors on the West/North side of the Narthex while maintaining social distancing.

  • Face masks will remain on until parishioners exit the church facility.

  • There are no post-liturgy gatherings or coffee hours permitted at this time at any church.


  • Only one person at a time is allowed in a Restroom.

  • Upon arrival at a Restroom, please call out to ask if someone is inside.

  • If someone is inside, please wait until they are finished.

  • Upon their exit from the Restroom, you are permitted to enter.

  • Please make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

  • Upon re-entry into the Narthex, you will be required to sanitize your hands again at the sanitizing station in the doorway to the Nave.


  • If you desire to follow along, please bring your liturgy book and/or bible. There are no books allowed in the church pews. Liturgical readings can be found on https://www.goarch.org/chapel/ calendar

  • If you need water for medical reasons, please bring your container of water.  The drinking fountains are not in service. 


COVID-19 is invisible, unpredictable, and often undetectable. If you are not feeling well, you need to stay at home.  If you have had a recent fever, please watch the service on the internet. While wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and thorough cleaning helps prevent the spread of the disease, it is not a foolproof measure. Most people who contract COVID-19 recover.  However, those who are elderly may have Diabetes, COPD/Lung Disease, Heart Disease, etc, in addition to those who may be battling other diseases, such as cancer, are at high risk for serious illness, complications, and/or death if they contract COVID-19.  For this reason, we ask that anyone in the high-risk category, refrain from attending services until the Virus is no longer a threat.  Anyone attending services does so at their own risk.  By registering online to attend the services or church, you agree to release and not sue (litigate against) Assumption Greek Orthodox Church (the Parish) if you or someone in your family get sick due to attending church; even if an usher or other church employee or volunteer does something wrong by mistake, and you will not seek to hold the Parish legally responsible in court, arbitration or other places if anyone in your family gets sick. Please know that the Church will continue to live stream every service over the internet at www.assumptionchicago.org.

On behalf of our COVID Safety Team and Parish Council, we express our gratitude for your love for our Church

Created by:  Tom Demos
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