Neighborhood House

2021 Farmer's Market Food Pick-Ups

Come join us by being one of our friendly volunteers that collect food from the St. Paul's Farmer's Market!  This is a family-friendly volunteer opportunity where volunteers help in the following ways-

  • Produce Collectors: Walk down aisles with rolling bins and collect unsold produce from vendors. When the bin is full, bring it back to the vehicle.
  • Pit Stop Crew: Have a supply of empty bins and be responsible for unloading carts as soon as they come in from the vendors, attaching the new empty bins with bungee cords, and sending them out again. (Think Indy 500!)
  •  Produce Quality InspectorsWhen produce collectors bring full bins back to the van, sort through it to see if any is not edible/rotten.
  • Van Loaders: When produce quality is assured, load produce into the vehicle.

Once we have collected all the produce, we drive separately to Neighborhood House (less than 2 miles away) to help unload our collection at the Wellstone Food Market.  All food needs to be weighed and put away.

Location: St. Paul Farmer's Market/Wellstone Center

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Created by:   Rah Bridwell

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