Quail Creek Pickleball Club

Organized Play Mixed Round Robin 3.5 (Friday Mornings)

Organized Play (OP) is Club-sponsored round robin play available to Club members.  OP provides weekly playing opportunities for Club members of approximately the same skill level (self-evaluated). Review the IPTA Skill-level descriptions  (https://iptpa.com/iptpa-rating-skills-assessment/) to determine if this is the right skill-level for you.  

Do not be confused by the time shown (9:01 PM) under the date on the left side of the sign-up list.  That is the time of day on the seventh day before the event when sign-ups start. 

Sign-ups are required.  Please log-in to your SignUp Genius account and and sign up here using the appropriate category:

1. PLAYERS - Members who sign-up on the Players list have a reserved space in the OP round robin.  If you sign-up but have a change of plans, delete your sign-up so that someone else can sign-up.  Do not sign up on this Players list if you are on a Players list for any other OP round robin in the same week.

When the Players list is full: A cancellation may create a vacancy at any time.  Any Club member not already playing in an OP round robin that week may sign up on the Players list until the event, and he/she will have priority over people on the Alternates list.  It’s a good idea to check this sign-up regularly.

2. ALTERNATES - Alternates play on a space-available basis. Play is not guaranteed for Alternates.  

How the Alternates list works:

a.  Alternates play on a space-available basis.  For example, space may be available if one of the Players cancels at the last minute or is a "no show."  Alternates may also play if there is an unreserved third court available to use.  However, play is not guaranteed for Alternates. 

b. Members on a Players list for another weekly OP round robin may sign up as an Alternate for a second OP round robin in the same week. 

Questions?  Contact Dave Mungo, OP Coordinator; [email protected]

Representative: Steve Bratlie

Created by:   Quail Creek Pickleball Club
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