SWHS Culinary Garden Volunteers

Master Gardener and Student Garden Hours

Students (and SWHS Parents): To volunteer in the garden, please find a shift already staffed by a Master Gardener volunteer. It's the student's responsibility to document any requirement for community service hours, and MGs will happily provide signatures when needed. Please scroll down and re-read any instructions about current garden requirements before signing up. These may be updated according to the season/garden needs. Thanks!!

**Up to three students/parents per shift unless otherwise arranged** 


Master Gardeners: Please select a shift. After an MG commits to an available time, then students (or parents) may sign up for corresponding shift times. Please also scroll down and re-read any instructions about current garden needs. These may be updated according to the season. Thanks!!



Instructions + Current Garden Needs - Read this!! - 

Thank you so much for your time!! 



  • Weeding
  • Add soil and/or mulch to bins with low soil levels 
  • Aerate active compost corral by turning; incorporate fresh material
  • Chop or crush plant material to be added to compost
  • Segregate and/or screen finished compost
  • Plant seeds and starts (as available)

Watering Instructions:   The hose is on a cart located next to the classroom door by the water connection. The water control key and spray wand are in the right hand locker  When rewinding the hose, first make sure the water is drained out of it and then align the hose neatly as you rewind it onto the cart. 

Special instructions:

Please ask a Master Gardener before adding to the compost bin! 

Created by:   Maxine Smith
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