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Recess Rock Stars- Schumann Elementary

Volunteer to be an invaluable part of character education at Orono schools! How? Easy! Sign up to recognize students who demonstrate great character at recess!     

Class recess and lunch times are included below so you can join your child for lunch before, after or during your volunteer shift if you choose. Shift times are flexible – decide on a time range that works for you, click sign up and then type your chosen time in the “notes” box of your sign up. Ideally you will spend 30 (or more) minutes of your time at school at recess.

Questions? Contact Alyssa Kanive at [email protected] or 646-373-3601

Kindergarten Lunch (L) and Recess (R)

Koester, Jensen: L 11:10-11:35, R 11:45-12:00

Baumann, Papenfuss, Stolhammer: L 11:20-11:45, R 11:55-12:10

Drake, Fjosne: L 11:30-11:55, R 12:05-12:20 

Kim Johnson, Larson: L 11:40-12:05,  R 12:15-12:30

First Grade Lunch (L) and Recess (R)

Kesanen, Rabideau: L 11:55-12:15, R 12:20-12:35

Owens, Savat/Froiland: L 12:05-12:25, R 12:30-12:45

Bavier, Schultz: L 12:15-12:35, R 12:40-12:55

MAC Recess Lunch (L) and Recess (R)

Althoff, Finley: L 12:25-12:45, R 12:50-1:05

Stephanie Johnson, Young: L 12:35-12:55, R 1:00-1:15

Second Grade Lunch (L) and Recess (R)  

Just, Purnell: L 12:45-1:05, R 1:10-1:25

Taylor, Verville:  L 12:55-1:15, R 1:20-1:35 

Nielsen, Kyle Johnson, Sadler:  L 1:05-1:25, R 1:30-1:45


Date: 06/07/2018 (Thu.)

Created by:   Recess Rock Stars

Choose a time range sometime between 11:05 - 1:20 that works for you to volunteer.

Schumann Recess Volunteer (6)

In the notes section of your sign up you will input the approximate start/end time to your volunteer shift and the name of your student's teacher. You may eat lunch with your child before, during or after your volunteer shift if you would like!


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