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Food for Family Promise During Social Distancing

In response to the COVI-19 virus, our families will be at a hotel or a rental. During this time the day center will be closed to visitors and household donations.

FEED FAMILIES Safely: The safest way to feed families is by cooking meals at home or ordering take out for them.  Please note none of our families eat pork, and one is allergic to shellfish. Please sign up for meals for four families and drop them off at the Day Center. In the comment section, please let us know when you will be dropping off food at the Day Center. Meals can be delivered between 4 and 5 pm on the day of your chosen meal date.

If ordering takeout, please sign up with the name of the restaurant and pickup time of 5 pm. Ordering from a restaurant can be delivered to the day center at 5 pm or we can pick it up as a to-go order. Just list which you have arranged on the sign-up. 

Our address is 229 SW 5th Street Gainesville, FL  32601. GPS does not give clear directions there so, please reach out if you are not familiar with our location. Most deliver drivers find the Day Center with no problem. You can give 352-246-0063 as the phone number in case deliver persons have difficulty finding the Day Center. 

Family Promise staff will distribute the food to the families. Please note we are looking for meals that arrive at the Day Center either divided into separate containers for 15 or four individual meals for four families. Like five smalls trays of lasagna or 15 individual subs. (See below for more on this.)

We will be following this model until at least August 31.  Things are changing fast and we will update you all when we plan on resuming our rotational shelter. If a day is not on the calendar, we do not need it covered. If you would like to sign up for a day that your congregation is not hosting, go for it.

If ordering or making food does not feel like something you can provide other ways to help include:

  • Donations of Publix, Walmart, or gas gift cards in $25 increments- We do weekly grocery store runs for the families.
  • Monetary Donations for food can go along way at our partners like Bread of the Mighty (We just paid $50 for 240 pounds of food there.)


Here are the family demographics. We are trying to keep this as simple as possible. Here are some guidelines and examples for feeding each family.

Family #1- Family of 2: One meal such as 1 Large Pizza or 2 Individual meals such as 2 TV dinners

Family #2- Family of 4: One meal such as 1 Large Pizza or 4 individual meals such as 4 TV dinners

Family #3- Family of 6: Two meals such as 2 Large Pizzas or 6 individual meals such as 6 TV dinners

Family #4- Family of 2: One meal such as 1 Large Pizza to 2 individual meals such as 2 TV dinners

The families are all encouraged and grateful for leftovers and we want to make sure they are well fed.

Please email Vicki at [email protected] with any questions. Vicki can also be reached during business hours at 352-246-0063.


Created by:   Jayne Moraski, Vicki Knox
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