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NEW - READ!!!:  Only registered email addresses in the consignment database will be allowed to sign up for an appointment.  Other email addresses will be rejected.

IMPORTANT!:  THERE IS A (1) APPOINTMENT LIMIT FOR NOVEMBER:  due to consignment being closed Thanksgiving week.

CONSIGNMENT IS CLOSED THANKSGIVING WEEK: WE REOPEN NOVEMBER 30th.  Keep reading if your pickup date is 11/20 thru 11/29.

PICKUP DATES listed as 11/20 thru 11/29 MUST be picked up the week prior!. Last day to pickup before closing is: Saturday, 11/19.

NO NEW ACCOUNTS THIS MONTH:  We will not open any new accounts in November or December due to limited appointment availability.

Want to start a new account?  Next opportunity is January as we do not open new accounts in November & December due to less appointment availibility.  In January, you may email us at: [email protected] to schedule a time to open an account and pay the annual $8 fee.  Once your account is setup and you have paid your $8 annual fee, you will be allowed to make an appointment.  


  • Christmas items will be accepted starting November 8th.  
  • Thanksgiving item RECLAIMS: Must be picked up on or before November 19th REGARDLESS of the date they are consigned. 
  • Winter is coming!  Time for snow items.  Bring em' in! 
  • December signup will be available on November 15TH
  • RECLAIM/PICKUP unsold items BEFORE your pickup date.  CONSIGMENT PERSONEL must be on duty (see signup) and TAGS GIVEN TO THE CONSIGNMENT PERSON ON DUTY. The Front desk will NOT allow you to reclaim.
  • CONSIGNMENT EMAIL: [email protected]


Due to an increasing number of NO-SHOWS and SAME DAY CANCELLATIONS, the following policies on appointments has been implemented: 


ONE OCCURANCE:  You will not be able to sign up for another appointment that month AND if you have second appointment scheduled in the same month - it will be cancelled.  
TWO OCCURANCES:  all appointments you have signed up for in the future will be cancelled and you will not be able to sign up for an appointment the following month.  

Available slots for Consignment are below.  Please read all rules monthly - they can change!


  • CONSIGNMENT HOURS:  On any given day they may be 10am-Noon, Noon-2pm OR 2pm-4pm depending on availability of volunteers - see schedule below.
    • 15 is the total number of ALL items a client may consign each week (10 is the limit when clothes are not accepted - see policies).
    • A maximum of ten (10) household items will be accepted per week (leaving room for 5 clothing items). 
    • A maximum of eight (8) clothing items will be accepted each week (leaving room for 7 household items). 
  • All tops and bottoms are consigned separately, including suits, tank/sweater sets, dresses w/jackets, etc.  Each piece will have a clothing tag (they may be hung together though).  This allows us to track separate items easier. 
  • No more than three items of same type (examples: 3 blouses, 3 sweaters, 3 men's shirts, 3 knit tops, 3 dresses, 3 women's pants, 3 men's pants, etc).  When in doubt look at the racks - we cannot accept more than 3 items per rack in the shop.
    • Limit 1 reserved appointment per month before the 1st day of the month: You may reserve two timeslots a month - IN DIFFERENT WEEKS after the 1st of the month if openings are availableIn November and December only ONE appointment can be reserved.  
    • Day Before Vacancies: If an empty slot exist the day before AND you have no appointments scheduled for that week, you may reserve that slot by e-mailing the shop at [email protected] If you get the slot, you will receive a confirmation by email reply.  DO NOT CALL THE SHOP AND LEAVE A MESSSAGE.  We will not receive messages in time.
    • Once a week Maximum: You may still only come in once a week.
  • If you have not consigned all your items by the time your time slot is up (30 minutes) no more items will be taken even if you haven't reached the maximum number of items.
  • Only one account will be handled per timeslot (30 minutes)
  • If you are late for your appointment - your time will be reduced by the amount of time you are late.
  • PICKUPS/RECLAIMS:  If you need to pick up unsold items, you may come ONLY when consignment personnel are on duty - but you must not ask the workers to print new contracts on demand - they will be busy.  Bring your contract with you (or e-mail ahead of time to get an update) and use it to pick up your items.  Gather all items you are picking up, clip the tags or peel them off, and put them just inside the door in the small container on the shelf (you will see the label on it).  Consignment workers cannot help you find items.

Click on the buttons below to sign up. Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

FOR QUESTIONS: Email us at [email protected]

We wish all of our customers a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Created by:   Pennywise Thrift Shop Consignment
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(Tue. 11:00am - 1:00pm)
Week 1 (DEC): Consignment Room w/Elizabeth 

11:30pm Appointment

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12 Noon Appointment

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12:30pm Appointment

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(Wed. 12:00pm - 2:00pm)
Week 1 (DEC): Consignment Room w/Linda 

12 Noon Appointment

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1:00pm Appointment

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1:30pm Appointment

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