Stony Lane Swim Club

Daily Signup - Monday 7/27/2020 through Sunday 8/2/2020

REMINDER - As a courtesy to the other members, please make sure to cancel your timeslot should you decide not to use it. We have received reports of several no-shows.

MORNING LAP SWIM - Sign ups have been re-instituted.  Timeslots have been added on Tuesday/Thursday from 5:30PM-6:15PM. Timeslots will continue on Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6AM-7:30AM. Up to 12 swimmers in the pool at once - 2 per lane.

FACE COVERS - Per Governor Wolf's updated Mask Order, face covers should be worn at all times except when swimming or sitting with immediate family/guests ONLY. Children under 2 years of age are not required to wear face covers.

BOOKING POLICY -- 1/day and 3/week still apply, HOWEVER, should seating areas be open 1/2 hour before the time slot (or during the time slot) you may book them regardless of how many times you have booked that week (or day). 

GUESTS - Up to two guests are allowed Monday-Thursday ONLY. Please bring extra chairs as needed (maximum of 4 are provided in the Household areas). There will also be NO GUEST FEES for the remainder of the summer. Nannies are always allowed (not considered guests).

EXTENDED WEEKEND HOURS - Hours on Friday and Saturday have been extended until 10PM. This is possible now with the fantastic new lighting system that was installed during the off-season. Time slots have been extended accordingly.

GRILLS - The grills are OPEN! However, no grill utensils will be provided. Please bring your own.  Grills are first come, first serve.  Please use only one at a time and clean the handles and knobs when you are finished.  Thank you.

CLEANING - Change over time between time slots has been reduced to 15 minutes. However, we still have reports of members not cleaning their seating area after use.  Please bring your own supply of equipment or use what is provided.  We will continue tracking this closely.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Seating Area Pods - Please review the available time slots below and click on the button to sign up for a designated seating area. Areas have been designated to encourage social distancing and are detailed on the following Stony Lane Swim Club Seating Area Map

  • Seating Areas A-O = Households - 4 chairs per seating area and you may bring an additional 2 if needed.
  • Seating Areas 1a-1e = Singles - Chairs provided
  • Seating Areas 2a-2b = Pairs - Chairs provided
  • Individual Swimming Only = Singles - No chair (not counted against the 3/week rule)

Review and Agree - Please review Stony Lane Swim Club Release and Waiver of Liability and Stony Lane Swim Club Policies and Procedures, and acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree during signup.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with these new procedures during this challenging time.

Created by:   Stony Lane Swim Club Board

This sign up has no slots that are currently available. Please contact the sign up creator for more info.
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