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General Race Information:

Thank you for volunteering with the Africa Hope Run, Saturday, October 20, 2018.  The event would not be possible without volunteers like you.  Children, ages 15 and under, are welcome to help as long as they are accompanied by a parent.  We ask that you only create a registration for those who are age 16 or over.  For children 15 and under, please make notations of children with your name when you sign up (ie.  John Doe and son).

We are offering the AHR 2018 long-sleeve event T-shirt to all volunteers at the below-cost price of $5. If you are interested in a shirt, please:

  1. Bring $5 per shirt to the On-site Registration Table in the High School Atrium the morning of the race.  Shirts are available on a first come basis at that table starting at 6am.

The races begin at 8:00am. 

After you signup,  your area's coordinator will be in touch with you concerning the specifics of your job.  Thank you again for your invaluable help!


Course Marshals will:

  • Provide a safe course for the runners/walkers which may include controlling traffic.
  • Encourage runners/walkers with cowbells, clapping, signs and words of encouragement such as "Good job, Thanks for coming out today, Looking strong," etc. Sign making materials and cowbells will be available that morning at check-in.
  • Check in with with Sarah Nelson or Peter Johnson at 7:00 am on the right side of the High School Atrium (indoors) to pick up your volunteer safety shirt. 

When picking your location, please note that some locations MUST be manned by adults 18 and older.  These are high traffic areas and safety for children is a concern.  Other locations MUST have at least one person 16 years of age present at all times.  SEE MAP PDF BELOW FOR CLARIFICATION.

Date: 10/20/2018 (Sat.)

Related files:

Created by:   Sarah Nelson

Location Time (CDT) Volunteer Positions
At least one person 16 or older at these locations.  7:00am - 10:00am  

04 Merrill and Michigan, then move to finish line to assist mTT and keep finish area clear of spectators.

Notes: Safety and Directional- Move runners to the left side of the road as soon as possible.


06 Superior and Bomier

Notes: Safety and Directional- keep runners to the left; traffic control


07 Bomier and Erie

Notes: Safety and Directional


09 Bruss and Mount Olivet

Notes: Directional


10 Mayfair and Robin

Notes: Directional


12 Robin Street and Mission Heights- 5K 2-mile mark around the corner, 10K 2-mile mark just before last driveway on Robin

Notes: This is the split of the 5K and 10K, Directional- Need signage that states 5K to the left and 10K straight


15 Silver and Mayfair

Notes: Directional: Get runners across Mayfair to run on left side before crossing Jordan.


17 Mayfair and Knoll Terrace

Note: Directional


18 Knoll Terrace and Highview

Note: Safety and Directional


19 O'Keefe and Silverstone - With Brown County Sheriff

Notes: Directional


20 Silverstone and Weatherstone

Notes: Safety- WATCH TRAFFIC CAREFULLY, Directional


22 Heritage Elementary-3 mile mark

Notes: Safety and Directional: Runners turn left onto sidewalk in front of school.


24 Swanstone and Swan Ridge

Notes: Directional


25 Swan and Painted Horse

Notes: Directional- Get runners to head to the left of street ASAP


27 Saddlebrook and Thoroughbred

Notes: Directional


29 Ledgeview and Swan Rd (5 mile marker)

Notes: Safety and Directional - Get runners onto sidewalk


30 Hickory Valley and Hickory Creek

Notes: Directional: Runners should stay on right until turning left onto Hickory Creek

Must be 18 or older to work these locations.  7:00am - 10:00am  

01 Merrill and Jordan with DePere Police, then move to Merrill and Knoll Terrace

Notes: Safety and 5-way corner stop


02 Merrill and Erie, then move to Knoll Terr and Grace

Notes: Safety - Traffic control


03 Merrill and Superior; then move to finish line to assist mTT and keep finish line clear.

Notes: Safety and Directional - traffic control;


05 Michigan & Bomier (2)

Notes: Safety and Directional: Traffic Control - Keep runners on left side of road


08 Erie and Bruss with De Pere Police

Notes: Safety and Directional- Get runners across the road right away and keep them to the east side to make quick turn to Bruss


11 Robin and Hockers

Notes: Safety and Directional


13 Silver and Hockers

Notes: Safety and Directional


14 Silver and Cook

Notes: Directional and Safety


16 Mayfair and Jordan (2)

Notes: Safety- WATCH TRAFFIC CONTROL CAREFULLY, Directional: Keep runners on left.


21 Weatherstone and Jordan (2)

Notes: Safety and Directional: Runners must cross Jordan here to prepare for right turn into parkway.


23 Swan and Swanstone - Runners cross Swan with Brown County Sheriff (2)

Notes: Safety and Directional: Runners should stay on right of Swanstone Circle; and on left when returning to turn right onto Swan.


26 Horseshoe and Swan Rd - DePere Police will arrive from another location to assist (2)

Notes: Directional and Safety- WATCH TRAFFIC CONTROL CAREFULY


28 Thoroughbred and Ledgeview - traffic control (2)

Notes: Directional and safety - Runners must cross right away at corner


31 Lone Oak and Highview (2)

Notes: Safety and Directional. Get runners across Lone Oak and onto right side of Highview

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