Primeras Comuniones y Bautizos
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St. Mary of the Valley

Primeras Comuniones

Everyone must self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving at the location. Temperature of 100.4°F will not be permitted.

In order to successfully pass screening, a person must be able to answer “No” to each of these 6 questions. A “Yes” to even one question is a failed screening. In the last 14 days, have you:

1. Traveled internationally?

2. Been exposed to a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 without the correct PPE?

3. Had a temperature at least 100.0°F?

4. Had new or increased shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?

5. Had a new cough?

6. Had at least two of the following symptoms together: o Chills o Muscle pain o Headache o Sore throat o New loss of taste or smell

There are going to be a number of requirements for those who attend:

  1. Everyone is required to wear a universal face mask inside or outdoors while on St. Mary of the Valley grounds. Exceptions to this rule include very young children (under 2 years of age are excluded).
  2. For outdoor Masses, to save time and energy disinfecting, everyone who attends will need to bring their own chairs/ seating (and umbrellas for rain)
  3. 6' Social distancing will be required among households.
  4. No congregational singing.

The bishops have instructed us not to distribute communion during Mass, but rather after Mass.

While receiving communion:

  • Communion must be received on the hand. Please hold your hand out flat, rather than "cupped" to avoid touching the minister.
  • Remove any face coverings before presenting yourselves for Holy Communion.
  • You may not wear gloves to receive Holy Communion.

We WILL be continuing our livestream of Masses. Remember that the dispensation for attending Mass remains in place, and so we ask anyone who is:
- worried about their health
- exhibiting signs of sickness
- immunocompromised
to please stay home at this time.

  1. Every member of your family must be signed up, we will be checking in every person at the door.
  2. Parishioners are only allowed to sign up to ONE Mass per week.
Date: 08/16/2020 (Sun.)

Location: Afuera en el Campo

Created by:   St. Mary of the Valley
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Participantes (200)

133 of 200 slots filled
Aide Cruz (5)
Aide cruz
Ruben Cayetano (6)
Ruben Cayetano
Narcizo Alvarez (7)
Hugo y Venecia Alvarez
Patricia M Padilla (5)
Jose Padilla Norma Padilla Rene Padilla Maria de Jesus Padilla Jairo Padilla
Marisol Lopes Robles (5)
Joselyn flores rosa Martínez Marisol lopes marciano flores brianna flores
Benita Martinez (5)
Mario Rojas
azucena alonso (5)
azucena alonso faustino carmona alyson carmona veronica barrera antonio carmona
Jacob Ruiz Rendon (5)
Jacob P. Ruiz Rendon, Angelica Rendon, Pablo Ruiz, Rosa Patricia Castellanos, Sergio Vargas
Beatriz Mendez (5)
Maria Mata, Adrian Mendez, Rebecca Gaspar, Rufino Gaspar, Beatriz Mendez
Mario Garcia (3)
Mario Garcia, Nayeli Garcia, Itzareli Garcia
Miguel Chavez (5)
Frida kevin Miguel Idalia ray
Reynaldo Garcia (5)
Reynaldo Garcia, Leticia Guzman, Shashley Garcia, Mauricio Gaspar, Laura Reyes
Gloria Mata (5)
Samuel Ordaz Gloria Mata Rey Díaz María Isabel solano y Harry Ordaz mata
Ana Delgado
Ignacio Garcia (5)
Jonathan Garcia Santiago, Angelica Santiago, Ignacio Garcia, Dominga Santiago, Gumercindo Javier
Rosalba Olvera De Rojas (5)
José y Juana Larios, Esteban y Rosalba Rojas, Giovanni Rojas
Herlinda Vallejo (5)
Paloma ,Delgadina ,Herlinda , Gerardo ,Emanuel
Cesar Santos (5)
Carlos Daniel santos mendez y Eduardo David santos mendez cesar santos zita mendez fransico alonzo maricela alonzo
Enrique Sandoval (4)
Azul sandoval ,Enrique sandoval,Ma juana de sandoval ,ma fabiana Jauregui
Rebecca Hernandez (5)
Rebecca Hernandez, Javier Cerna, Guillermina cerna, miguel pulido, Elisa cerna
Leonarda Hernandez (4)
Vicente cruz y jenny cruz- leonarda hernandez. Y juvenal cruz
Maura Martinez (4)
Jose Luis, Iker, Joscelyn, Maura
Lucia Pulido (5)
Sherlyn Madrigal, Bianca Pulido, Lucia Pulido, Adrian Madrigal y Bryanna Madrigal
Pedro Flores (4)
1ra Communion Justin Flores, Pedro Flores, Sandra Ruiz y Fernando Delgadillo
Ariana Buenrostro (4)
Baldemar Buenrostro Ariana Buenrostro Alejandro Buenrostro Baldemar Buenrostro-Perez
Omar y Irma Valera (4)
Jose Perez, Jose Valera-Gonzalez
Jose y Silvina Perez (3)
Jesus Valera-Gonzalez
Nereyda Chavez (2)
Hector ramirez & Nereyda chavez
Sandra Jiménez (4)
Sandra sandraluz Alex Cynthia
Sandra Ruiz (3)
María Ruelas. Ayana Flores. Leonardo Flores

Participantes (200)

119 of 200 slots filled
Mario Pacheco (4)
Estrella Mendez (5)
Patricio Pacheco (5)
Patricio Pacheco Lucia Ortiz. Karla Pacheco. Fatima Pacheco. Gabriela pacheco
Alejandra Diaz Cayetano (5)
Alejandra diaz,luis alonso,pablo diaz,balbina ojeda y sherlin diaz cayetno
Alberto Sierra (5)
Alberto Sierra Celestina Soriano Miguel Sierra Diego Sierra Emily Sierra
Maria Sierra
Beatriz Rivera (5)
Beatriz Rivera
Gabriela Barajas
Antonia Mendez Gaspar (5)
Gisel Rojas, Domingo Rojas , Antonia Mendez, Esther Gaspar, Adrian Mendez Gaspar , Lisa Mendez
Lucirelia Gaspar (4)
Lucirelia Gaspar
Leticia Pacheco (5)
Yamile,Leticia, Fernando, Maria, Eulogio, fernando Jr
Angel Cruz (5)
Angel Cruz, Celia Hernandez, Ruby Cruz, Angela Cruz, Juana Cruz
Leticia Aviles (5)
Marcelino Perez, Leticia Aviles, Priscila Perez, Jessica Perez, Sergio Perez
Mary Sanchez- Godinez (5)
Mary Godinez, Ismael, Fatima, Isaac, Axel
Ana Perez (2)
Cristobal Pacheco, Ana Perez
Adriana Rodriguez (5)
Adriana, Wendy, Omar, Olivia, Moises
Edgar Vargas (5)
Edgar, Fernando, Maria, Gisel, Alvaro
Claudia Garcia (4)
Domingo, Claudia, Jozel, Itzel Garcia
Bertha Sánchez (5)
Valeria Ofelia Francisco bertha Cristian
Blanca Romo (4)
Blanca Romo, Blanca P. Carillo, Valeria Barraza, Jimena Barraza
Rosa Mendoza (4)
Victor, Rosa, Breyzi, y Fernanda
Dulce Santos (5)
Dulce Santos Kimberly Alonso Jose Luis Alonso Edgar Santos Litzy Pacheco
Delgadina García (2)
Delgadina García , Julio César García
Zoila Flor Rojas Gaspar (5)
Zoila Rojas Gaspar,Pablo Alonso,Heidy Pacheco , Azul Pacheco, Carlos Alonso , Celedonia Mendez, Marcelino Venegas
Elidia Benavidez (5)
Karen Benavidez Rodolfo Benavidez, Elidia Benavidez, María Benavidez y Pedro Garcia
Imelda Gonzalez (4)
Jorge Garcia, Jason Garcia y Ander Garcia
Alejandra Cardenas (4)
Alejandra Cardenas, Damian Garcia, Maribel Navarro, Rene Velazquez
Adriana Ramos (5)
Ivan, Daniel, Adriana, Jesus, Jose, Josefina
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