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St. Mary of the Valley



I am excited that we are able to celebrate Mass. In doing so, as your spiritual father, I am concerned about your physical as well as spiritual wellbeing. For that reason we must follow directives and adhere to strict guidelines in order to maintain this privilege and keep everyone safe.

Please read the following guidelines and instructions before signing up. 


Everyone must self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving at the location.

Temperature of 100.4°F will not be permitted.

In order to successfully pass screening, a person must be able to answer “No” to each of these 6 questions. A “Yes” to even one question is a failed screening.

In the last 14 days, have you:

1.Been exposed to a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 without the correct PPE?

2. Had a temperature at least 100.4°F?

3. Had new or increased shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?

4. Had a new cough?

5. Had at least two of the following symptoms together:

 Chills, Muscle pain, Headache, Sore throat, New loss of taste or smell, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Runny nose/congestion, Fatigue

There will be only one Entrance. Enter through the South Entrance (Chapel Side)

There are going to be a number of requirements for those who attend:

  • Anyone attending Mass does so at his or her own risk. Vulnerable, at-risk and otherwise concerned persons should remain home. If you sign up and cannot attend, please let us know right away so we can assign your seat to someone else.

  • Anyone who has even the slightest symptoms or feelings of sickness must remain home. It is required that each person conduct a voluntary self-assessment of their health as a pre-condition for attending Mass. You must pass the assessment before signing up.

  • Mass attendance will be limited to 330 people. 

  • Physical distancing must be observed from the time people drive onto parish grounds to the time they get into their cars when Mass is over - minimum of six feet apart (except members of the same household).

  • universal face covering is required for all individuals (whether indoor or outdoor). Exceptions to this rule include very young children (under 2 years of age).

  • No congregational singing.

  • Every member of your family must be signed up, we will be checking in every person at the door. Make sure to edit the Quantity box to let us know exactly how many members of your family will attend (including children).


While receiving communion:

  • Communion must be received on the hand. Please hold your hand out flat, rather than "cupped" to avoid touching the minister.

  • Remove any face coverings before presenting yourselves for Holy Communion.

  • You may not wear gloves to receive Holy Communion.

We WILL be continuing our livestream of Sunday Masses. Remember that the dispensation for attending Mass remains in place, and so we ask anyone who is:
- worried about their health
- exhibiting signs of sickness
- immunocompromised to please stay home at this time.

Created by:   St. Mary of the Valley
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (PDT) Availability
04/24/2021 (Sat.) Fourth Sunday of Easter  5:00pm  

Attendees (320)

13 of 320 slots filled
Harriet Fugier
Fr. Phillip Bloom
Sr. Carmen Trejo (2)
Ed Lucero
Elizabeth Mates
Debbie Hilbert
Debbie Hilbert
Sandra and Richard Sullivan (2)
Tomas Carbajal
Tomas Carbajal
Wendy Strong
Wendy Strong
Glenn, Rose
04/25/2021 (Sun.) Fourth Sunday of Easter  9:30am  

Attendees (320)

38 of 320 slots filled
Fr. Phillip Bloom
Sr. Carmen Trejo (2)
Elizabeth Mates
Herlinda Vallejo (8)
Gerardo,Fatima,Emanuel,Silvestre,Moises,Paloma,Gabriel Vallejo
Janina Meeks (3)
Janina, TJ & Liam
Martinez Rosa (5)
Emily Bryan Dominic Leo Rosa
Debbie Hilbert
Debbie Hilbert
Marisol Lopez Robles (4)
Tomas Carbajal (4)
Tomas, Martha, Christian y Mary Carbajal
Emily Gismervig (2)
Emily and Elsie
Rose Resuello (2)
Rose, Carmen
Amy Gepner (5)
Tony, Amy, Jacob, Maura, Brady
IV Domingo de Pascua  11:15am  

Attendees (320)

197 of 320 slots filled
Rufina Martinez
Rufina Martinez
Fr. Bloom
Fr. Bloom
Sister Carmen Trejo (2)
Sister Carmen Trejo and Sister Liz Hernandez
Livestream Valley
Pablo y Petra Angel (3)
Javier Gutierrez (2)
Maria de Jesus Martinez (5)
Ministerio de Hospitalidad (2)
Maria Guadalupe Botello Castaneda
Martha Gonzalez (2)
Martha Gonzalez & Jose Jaramillo
Mayra Meraz (5)
Mayra, Jose, Silvia, Jose & Alan
Leticia Saldana (8)
Leticia, Fernando Yamile Fernando jr, Eulogio María Ana Cristobal
Elisa Cruz (2)
Elisa Cruz, Samantha
. .
Juana Garcia
Sheila Garcia (4)
Uriel Favela (8)
Uriel, Virginia, Horacio, Ariana, Brisbani, Celeste, Leonardo, Alexa
Omar Y Irma Valera (10)
Beatriz, Sandra, Maria, Jesus, Jose, Mateo, Y Alicia Valera Y Juan Carlos
Olivia Serna (5)
Y Familia
Alberto Montiel-Rivera (6)
Raquel Cortes (2)
Raquel & Arturo Resendiz
Tomas Carbajal (4)
Tomas, Martha, Christian y Mary Carbajal
Jose Perez (2)
Jose y Silvina Perez
Baldemar Buenrostro (6)
Baldemar Ariana Christian Nayeli Abraham Bryan
Benito Montiel (6)
Enrique Hernandez (3)
Enrique Martha Hannah
Maria Huerta (6)
Juan María Andrea Michelle alysson jaylin arnold
Juan Gonzalez (5)
Veronica Rojas (5)
Delgadina Garcia (4)
Hugo,Daysi,Damian Garcia
Leticia Espinoza (8)
Leticia Rodriguez (3)
Miguel Leticia y German
Monica Sandoval (8)
Monica, Carlos, Mimi, Emily, Carlos jr, Isabella, Rosa, Jose
Alba Cordova (4)
Jesus,Alba&Yareli Cordova Ofelia Ramirez
Veronica Rojas Jarquin (5)
Veronica Rojas, Yaritza, Yoav, Yaretzi, Angel Mendez Rojas
Edwin Pacheco (3)
Edwin Pacheco, Romulo Pacheco, Isabel Gaspar
Rosa Mendoza (3)
Rosa breyzi Fernanda
Patricia Rivera (10)
Patricia. Jesus, Patricia, Maria , Coro
Carlos Araiza
Mariana Medina (5)
Juan & Mariana ( Juan, Jacob, Josue)
Claudia Garcia (8)
Stefanie Alvarez (6)
Brayan,Stefany nathan Jacob Emma noah
Lupita Castro-Munoz (3)
Santos, Adelina, Lupita
Bertha Castro (2)
Bertha, Marcos
Venesia Nava (7)
Isidro venesia alex Daniel josue isabela Martin
Monica Juarez (3)
Sophia y Camila
Martin Juarez (2)
Martin y Marta Juarez
Elena Alonso (4)
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