4Star Tennis @SKYLINE

SK: 4Star Live Ball

All Levels & Tiger  (CAT DESCRIPTIONS)

High energy continuous-play tennis games for 1.5 hours. Fun & competitive point play that will improve fitness, footwork, reaction time & net game. No down time between points with continuous movement between offense & defense.

PAYMENT:  Players pay for their clinic at the Skyline front desk.

Single Clinic:  $30 (member)   $35 (non-member)   
5-card Pass:  $125 (member)   $140 (non-member)

POLICIES:  A minimum of 4 players must be signed up to hold clinic. Live Ball is not for beginner tennis players/Bobcats - see cat descriptions.

Make deletes as early as possible and at least 24 hours prior to clinic.  3-STRIKE POLICY: The third time a player is a no-show or deletes less than 24 hours prior to the clinic, they will need to pay for 1 missed clinic and their strike count will reset.  If they fail to pay within 48 hours of being notified of their third strike, their future sign ups will be removed.

WISH LISTS:  Periodically we will manually move players on the Wish List if a spot opens, player will be emailed.  Delete all Wish List requests as soon as no longer desired.

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Created by:   Carol

This sign up has no slots that are currently available. Please contact the sign up creator for more info.
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