Aldridge (6th) 2019 CIFC

Ms. Aldridge's 2019 Christmas is for Children Collection

EIS is once again partnering with the Christmas is for Children (CIFC) program by sponsoring children in need.  Each homeroom class is assigned Angels and EIS families can sign up to donate toys, clothing and educational items.  Please sign up to donate gifts!  Our goal is to fill every slot by Thanksgiving break!

GIFTS:  Unwrapped, labeled and due by Wednesday, December 4th.

Each gift needs a sticky note on it with the Angel name and Angel number.  The sticky note is very important so our volunteers can correctly match up each item with its intended Angel.  PLEASE DO NOT WRAP GIFTS.  Gift wrap and tape will be donated to families so they can wrap the gifts.

Gift Receipts:  If you have a gift receipt (especially for clothing), please provide in a separate envelope marked with the Angel's number on the top of the recipt.  If several Angels are on one receipt, please list all numbers.  They are given to the agencies and provided upon valid parent request.  

Thanks so much for your generosity!  You are helping to ensure that each receives his or her Christmas wishes!  You are such a blessing to these kiddos.  

If you have a question about this sign up, please reach out to me at [email protected].  Our class Angels are:

Angel 1513A- Mia- Girl- 6 yrs

Angel 1513B- Melani- Girl- 9 yrs- Likes soccer

Angel 1513C- Allyson- Girl- 10 yrs- Likes the color purple

Angel 1513D- Yulith- Girl- 12 yrs


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Created by:   Kristen McCarrick
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Available Slot

#1513A- Mia- Panties (size 5)/Socks (size 6) / Pajamas (size 6)

Flo Davis
Sofia Davis. Will get all 3 items

#1513A- Mia- Jeans/Pants (size 6)

Susan Revell

#1513A- Mia- Tennis shoes (size 10)

Jackie Killion
Holden Killion

#1513A- Mia- Dress (size 6)

Pallavi Reddy
Anya Reddy

#1513A- Mia- Baby Alive doll (hispanic)

Laurie Lipp

#1531A- Mia- Backpack

Missy Scarborough

#1513A- Mia- Coloring pencils & coloring book

Missy Scarborough

#1513A- Mia- Magic Treehouse books

Kelly Molinaro

#1513B- Melani- Panties/Bra (size M-10yrs) & Socks (size 13-14)

Kimberly Marshall

#1513B- Melani- Pajamas or Jeans/Pants or Dress (size 10)

Susan Revell
Will get pjs, jeans and a dress

#1513B- Melani- Sneakers (size 13) or Sweater (size 10)

Lisa DeBoever
Will get both

#1513B- Melani- Uno Attack Game

Sonia Naidu

#1513B- Melani- Volleyball or Soccer ball

Beatriz Villalobos

#1513B- Melani- Jewlery Craft Kit

Rachelle Mittelstet

#1513B- Melani- The Last Kids on Earth books

Amanda Gray
Cooper loves these too

#1513C- Allyson- Panties (M/10) or Bra (M) or Socks (size 1-2)

Diane Melugin Landrum
Will get all 3 items

#1513C- Allyson- Pajamas (size 10) or Jeans/Pants (10) or Dress (10)

Elizabeth Janning

#1513C- Allyson- Sneakers (size 1) or Coat (size 10)

Susan Revell
Will get coat and sneakers

#1513C- Allyson- Our Gen Doll

Brandy Strange

#1513B- Allyson- Monopoly Game

Stephanie Pascal

#1513C- Allyson- Purse Maker Craft Kit

Sonia Warrier

#1513C- Allyson- Matilda book

Kristine Starr
Nathan Starr

#1513D- Yulith- Panties (size 14-16) or Socks (size 6)

Kelly Mickan
Samantha Mickan (both socks and panties)

#1513D- Yulith- Pajamas (size 14-16) or Jeans/Pants (Junior size 3) or Dress (Junior size 3)

Heather Williams

#1513D- Yulith- Sneakers (size 4)

Susan Revell

#1513D- Yulith- Uno Flip or Connect Four game

Sonia Naidu

#1513D- Yulith- Scooter


#1513D- Yulith- Helmet

Nina Dharkar

#1513D- Yulith- Backpack

Alyce Ohser

#1513D- Yulith- Elements of Genius book(s)

Alyce Ohser
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