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Sunday Mass/ Misa de Domingo

With regard to the public celebration of Sunday Mass the following protocols will be observed:

  1. It is strongly recommended that all parishioners who qualify as vulnerable individuals should continue to shelter in place and not make in-person visits to churches. Vulnerable persons are understood to be those over the age of 65 or vulnerable due to a health condition.  Those living with vulnerable persons are also encouraged to stay home out of concern for bringing the virus back to their homes.
  2. We will reserve the 4 p.m. Saturday liturgy for those healthy vulnerable adults over 65 who wish to attend Sunday Mass and those in the same household or caretakers.
  3. Those who are feeling ill in any way are urged to remain at home and not enter the parish church.
  4. Our masses will be limited to no more than one-third (1/3) seating capacity of the church building to ensure proper social distancing.
    1. You are asked to sign up online ( Tool for Occupancy Control) to ensure properly the amount of parishioners registered for each mass; links to sign up will be sent to Parishioners via Flocknote and other forms of Social Media.
    2. Please respect any sign posted at the Church entrance indicating that the Church is full.
    3. The doors of the church will remain open and the AC will remain on to provide ongoing ventilation of the church building.
    4. The use of face masks is encouraged to protect those gathered at Mass, especially as a strong support of our priests and ministers.
  5. The use of missalettes and hymnals is suspended. You may obtain a missalette for a small donation.
  6. We will not take up the Sunday offering by the passing of a basket.  Your offering may be placed in the receptacles placed by the exit as you enter or depart the parish church.
  7. Holy Communion will be distributed only in the hand.  Holy Communion will be distributed after the final blessing and dismissal.  Holy Communion will be distributed at the west exits of the church.  The ushers, with taped markers placed on the floor, will assist in maintaining proper social distancing.
  8. It is prohibited to hold hands during the Our Father or to exchange the Sign of Peace by physical contact.
  9. We will provide automatic hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrances of the church.  The church, especially high contact areas, will be sanitized between masses, including the use of Lysol spray on our pews.
  10. Our parish church will remain closed Monday through Wednesday afternoon.
  11. Parish office will reopen with reduced hours.  Parishioners are required to wear face masks in the front office and observe proper social distancing of six feet.  On Sunday all parish business will be conducted through the window of front office.
Date: 05/31/2020 (Sun.)

Created by:   San Martin de Porres
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Time (MST) Available Slot
8:00am - 9:00am  

Parishioners (80)

76 of 80 slots filled
M Alvarez (2)
Arlene Padilla (4)
Julie Allen
Matt Federoff (8)
Federoff Family
MaryAnn Bescript
Luz Reed (2)
intenciones santo padre papa familia garcía redondo
Patricia Sheyka (2)
Rosa Maria Mendez
Kathia Sanchez
Ken and Shelly Cruz (3)
Lector. EHMC and Usher if needed
Jeff and Soraya Day (2)
Amelia Baliling
Rose Spousta
Melissa Davis (6)
Walter Vankerckhoven (2)
Lynn Theder
Margaret Cantu
Eric Cantu
Tristan van Hoorebeke (7)
Matt Federoff (2)
Federoff Family - Additional
Trisha Leger (6)
Brenda Gil (2)
Alejandro Contrer (6)
Mariaelena Martinez
Would like to sign up for rhe 12 pm mass not 8am
Kyle Day (2)
Irene Gonzales (2)
Elvia Trujillo (6)
Rosa Maria Mendez
10:00am - 11:00am  

Parishioners (80)

79 of 80 slots filled
Lourdes Jerez (3)
Jeff Parra (4)
John Underdahl
Aaron Eames (4)
Rudy Dinkel
Alicia Karschnik (2)
Lisa Zedaker (2)
Jacinta Gosbeth (4)
2 children 2 adults
James Troutwine (2)
Frank Camera
Nancy Clay
Matty Alvarez (2)
Leslie Elias (5)
Irene Peoble
Dolores Acedo
Soledad Gonzales
Bryan/ Letty Martinez/ Allen (2)
Frances Ortega
John Ortega
Lisa Locke (5)
Irina Bostick (4)
Deborah Morales (3)
Paul Murray (2)
Dori Kopcsik will be attending with me. Please remove our name from the 8:00 mass.
Frank & Sherrie Sosa (2)
Maria Torres (5)
Monica Blair (2)
Scott Nistler (3)
Victor Hudenko (2)
Harry Meyer
Josie Meyer
Erika Monreal
Maria O’Gara (2)
Maria Lara
Dios los bendiga
Marsha Moreno (2)
Pedro Nunez
Emma Raue
San Martin de Porres (2)
Tom & Conny Valencia
12:00pm - 1:00pm  

Parishioners (80)

All slots filled
Rose Rivera (2)
Luis Gonzalez (2)
Miguel Arestegui (2)
Selene Encinas (4)
Gracias Dios, Bendiciones
Maria O’Gara (2)
Alejandra Marquez
Carlos Marquez (4)
Gustavo Miraval (6)
Ines Aguila (2)
Gisell Espinoza (3)
Sandra Canez (3)
Berta Acuña (2)
Ana Gonzalez (5)
Bendito sea Dios!
Juan Rodriguez (4)
Jorge Martinez (4)
Del Marinello-Witzlib
Nora Nicolas (2)
America Dupont (2)
Blanca De La Rosa
Yara Suarez (4)
Rosy Suarez
Debbie Mejia (3)
Carlos Marquez (4)
Daisey Reyes (3)
Gloria Arrebollo
Rosalva Acevedo (2)
Maria Ceja (4)
Mirely Collazo (3)
Teresita Barajas
Michelle Whittaker (2)
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