Mercy Morning

Mercy Morning on the Road--Eatonville Memorial Gardens

We gather at Eatonville Memorial Gardens for a morning of prayerful yardwork to honor the dead, building relationship with local community, connect with each other, and beautify the resting space of those who have gone to the LORD!

Please review job descriptions and your responsibilities before signing up. 

What every participant needs to know before signing up:

  • All participants will need to sign a liablity form upon arrival at the Cemetery
  • All participants will need to bring your mask, gloves, tools specified for the jobs you signed up for
  • All participants will need to dress comfortably and safely for yardwork, i.e, closed toe shoes, long-sleeves, long pants/jeans

Thank you for serving.  Please bring your family and friends who can do outdoor chores such as weeding, picking up trash/debris, leveling gravel.

Date: 11/07/2020 (Sat.)

Time: 9:00am - 11:30am EDT

Location: Eatonville Cemetery
600 N Wymore Rd, Maitland, FL 32751

Created by:   Mary Huynh
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Team Captain (10) - Ensure Covid safety practices for a group of 10 volunteers. Captains will meet with Core Team at the Cemetery on Friday Nov 6 at 5pm for Safety Training and prep for the next day..
  3 of 10 slots filled
Tommy Awalt
Vicky S Awalt
Clarese Hopkins
Roy Danenberg
Level Gravel Path (20) - help level crushed concrete onto a driving path--bring a bow rake and/or a shovel/spade
  9 of 20 slots filled
Janeth Bejarano (3)
Filomena Sweet (2)
Natalia Becerra (2)
Frank Ferrell
Duke Alexander
Clear the Divider Fence (20) - pick up debris/trash along the fence--bring working gloves, trash grabbers, and/or loppers
  17 of 20 slots filled
Joan McCain
Jenn Froehlich (2)
Christy Loerzel
Jenna Tomaselli
victoria yurso (2)
Jean Alexander
Shelly McKinney
CW Harmon
Anthony Laws (2)
Anthony and Angella Suckie
Anthony Laws
Lee Rambeau
Kitty Woodley
Missy Carvin
Tim Puterbaugh
Clean/Clear the Cemetery Ground (50) - Weeding & picking up trash/debris on the cemetery ground--bring gardening gloves, trowel/weeder, garden kneeler/seat
  38 of 50 slots filled
Tom Przybyla
Carroll- Anne Ward (2)
Federuco Hinestrosa
Olivia Tracey
Natalia Becerra (2)
Jan Meyer (2)
Tommy Awalt
Tommy Lee Awalt
Von Nguyen (2)
Kristina Regala (2)
Aniko David
Luis Moctezuma (2)
Julissa DeGusipe (2)
Stacy Baughman Baughman (2)
Stacy Baughman
Michael Schefsatd (2)
Roy Danenberg
Mary Aten (2)
Racine Nguyen
Kimberly LaRoche (8)
Available to support any of the projects.
Jose Nunez
Cecile Bertot
Rose Kinane
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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 85     Maybe: 0

YES (43) -  

Rose Kinane (1 guest)

Tim Puterbaugh (3 guests)

Robert Davidson (1 guest)

Missy Carvin (3 guests)

Cecile Bertot (1 guest)

Kitty Woodley (1 guest)

Lee Rambeau (1 guest)

Anthony Laws (2 guests)

Jose Nunez (4 guests)

CW Harmon (1 guest)

Kimberly LaRoche (8 guests)
Looking forward to joining in with support.

Charlie Mitchell (1 guest)

Racine Nguyen (3 guests)
Javien and Jace Nguyen. Elizabeth Segui.

Mary Aten (1 guest)

Shelly McKinney (1 guest)

Roy Danenberg (1 guest)

Clarese Hopkins (2 guests)

Michael Schefsatd (2 guests)

Duke Alexander (1 guest)

Jean Alexander (1 guest)

Stacy Baughman Baughman (2 guests)

Jackie Costello (2 guests)

Julissa DeGusipe (2 guests)

Luis Moctezuma (2 guests)

Aniko David (2 guests)

victoria yurso (2 guests)

Kristina Regala (2 guests)

Von Nguyen (2 guests)

Jenna Tomaselli (1 guest)

Caroline Walter (4 guests)

Tommy Awalt (1 guest)

Christy Loerzel (5 guests)

Jenn Froehlich (2 guests)

Jan Meyer (2 guests)

Olivia Tracey (1 guest)

Natalia Becerra (2 guests)

Filomena Sweet (2 guests)

Federuco Hinestrosa (2 guests)

Carroll- Anne Ward (2 guests)

Janeth Bejarano (3 guests)
(Caleb Bejarano, Jacob Bejarano )

Tom Przybyla (1 guest)

Joan McCain (1 guest)

Frank Ferrell (1 guest)

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