Hot Yoga Helena

Spring - June 25th!



All are welcome Saturday June 11th to our open house and prize giveaway from 5:30 - 6:30pm! 

*Please note, Summer rennovations are in process!

Schedule will be limited through June.

Classes are LIVE,  IN studio, on Zoom (not all)  and in

The Annex is available for Class times only.
Please arrive to the studio for the key at LEAST 15 min early, 

Reservations are not REQUIRED for most classes, but highly reccommended.
If a class is FULL on SignUpGenius we still have room for Drop In students - arrive 15 minutes early! 

PLEASE Create a profile in SignUpGenius - to better manage your OWN account.
(ie, we cannot make OR delete reservations for you)

Please, respectfully Arrive to IN person classes 10min early 
or jeapordize losing your spot.

- Drop In -
ONE In Studio ($17.50 or $15 for *Non Prime) class at a time. 

PLEASE pay at the time of reservation, or bring EXACT change or check to the studio

 - Intro Students - $40
unlimited classes for 7 consecutive days only
Reserve for your whole week at the time of first payment. 

Zoom reservations are UNLIMITED for all and $7 each for all non members. 

Thank you for understanding and being comitted to your practice and your reserved classes! 


If you wake up ill... we do NOT want you to come in, so please, cancel, no fee (please delete your spot on the sign up and any spots you have reserved for the following week) AND Call 406-422-4997 to alert your last minute cancelation. You MAY move your reservation to the Annex if you still feel well enough to practice but don't want to risk exposing others to illness. 


Zoom students must sign up at least 30 minutes before the class and log in 10 minutes before.  Click on the zoom button right here in the sign up (above or beside) for that class and it will take you to the meeting and ask you for the password! 

Thank you so much for your continued support, we love you and we love Yoga and we can't wait to practice with you! 

Created by:   Nicky & Nancy

This sign up has no slots that are currently available. Please contact the sign up creator for more info.
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