Great Pumpkin Party and Harvest Hoedown 2021
Great Pumpkin Party Volunteers

GPP Monday, Oct 25

Each night of the GPP is tabbed separately.  On mobile phones, use the toggle feature at the top of the page to see each night--don't forget to hit "GO" after choosing a date.

We are back!!  The GPP will be held at Valley Church and the Valley Community Center on Monday, October 25th, Tuesday, October 26th and Wednesday, October 27th from 6-8pm.

Locate the night and area you would like to serve. We need approximately 250 volunteers for each night so we ask that you sign up to volunteer for more than one night, if possible.  Please note the age requirements for each volunteer spot.

A light meal will be provided for all volunteers beginning at 5:00 on the lower level of Valley Church in Northpoint. If you are signed up to serve in an area at the Community Center, you will need to come to the church side between 5 and 5:30 if you want something to eat. (Monday: Walking Tacos, Tuesday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Wednesday: Hotdogs. Salad available every night)

When you arrive to serve, please park in the LOWER football stadium lot, at Jordan Creek Elementary School or across Mills Civic at WDM Christian Church. You may enter through the doors on the North side by the dumpster or the WEST doors. 

All volunteers need to sign in by 5:45pm to receive the instructions for your area and be ready for the doors to open at 6pm. If you are serving at Valley Church, sign in will be outside North Point each night and supper will be served beginning at 5pm each day in Northpoint. If you are serving at the Valley Community Center, you may sign in at the VCC OR at Valley Church outside Northpoint. The event will close at 8pm, but there will be a few things to do in your area so it is ready for the next night.

Each night we will need a clean-up crew to come in at 8pm to vacuum, take out garbage, etc. We will need lots of help Wednesday night to reset all ministry areas so they are ready to go on Sunday.

If you are a student, you may sign up to help with game stations by signing up on the tab labeled:  Student Ministries Game Stations

There is also a tab located above for the Harvest Hoedown, Night for families with Special Needs and pre-event set up needs.


Date: 10/25/2021 (Mon.)

Created by:   Amy Natzke
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Location Time (CDT) Available Volunteer Slot
Valley Church  2:00pm - 4:00pm  

Set up help (4)

We need help each day getting the volunteer dinner ready, preparing popcorn bags and lemonade/water and other last minute details

All slots filled
Dee Wolf
J J Lukacs
Krissie Donahue
Nancy Den Hartog
5:00pm - 7:00pm  

Meal prep and serving help (3)

Set up meal, serve and help clean up

All slots filled
Karen Braud
Alice Kim
Teresa Lane

Parking (6)

Assist with parking: 3 on the Valley Church side and 3 on the Community Center side. Check in on Church side

4 of 6 slots filled
Jeremy Cooper
Heidi Neubauer (2)
My husband Dean and I will be able to help Mon night, 10/25.
Marlin Keller
5:00pm - 8:15pm  

Shuttle driver (3)

Please indicate if you need a split time: 5-6:30 OR 6:30-8:15 or if you can do both. One person can drive the church van. Please indicate if you have a vehicle you can drive. Shuttle volunteers & guests from lower stadium lot or city hall lot. 18+

2 of 3 slots filled
Grant Mead
I dont have a van but enjoy driving an good with big vehicles
David Weidner
Community Center: Valley Community Center--located across the street from the church. Check in at the church by 5:30 OR at the Community Center by 5:45  5:45pm - 8:15pm  

Inflatables (16)

Adults 18+ only. Kids may help but only sign up adults 18+. Monitor the line, assist and ensure the safety of children. Valley Community Center location

11 of 16 slots filled
Maggie Miller (2)
Brad and Maggie Miller
Greg Gear (2)
Megan Christensen
Vernon Shelton
Brandi Reed
Peter Haugh
Jane Tham
Laura Erickson (2)
Warren and Laura Erickson

Wagon Rides (3)

One rider, Two to assist people on and off. 18+

2 of 3 slots filled
Dave & Wendy Highsmith (2)

Barrel Train (5)

One driver, one rider, two to assist kids on and off, one line monitor. 18+

4 of 5 slots filled
Chuck & Kathy Van Dike (2)
Jake Ferrell

Play Area monitor (2)

Monitor children in the VCC play area. 16+


Photobooth line helper (2)

One person at each photo booth. 16+

All slots filled
Tammy Claiborne (2)
Cary & I will cover these spots!

Security (2)

Monitor doors at Valley Community Center. Must be 18+

All slots filled
Drew Kistner
Joe Crenshaw

Cookie Walk (3)

Play music and award the winner of each round with a cookie. Kids can help parent volunteer

All slots filled
Rachel Hoffman (3)
Rachel & Kids

Superhero line helper (2)

Volunteers 18+

1 of 2 slots filled
Kristie Lundeen

Balloon Helper (3)

At Community Center

All slots filled
Laura Phillips
JR Phillips
Renee Hahn

Root Beer Floats (12)

All slots filled
Jean Ann Watts (2)
Rose & Jean Ann
Kathy Turnball (10)
Frontier life group

Gym greeters (2)

Monitor the doors of the gym to remind guests not to bring food or drinks into the gym

All slots filled
Karen Dolan (2)
Under the Big Tent at the VCC  5:45pm - 8:15pm  

Rocket Launcher (3)

Help kids launch rockets using an air compressor. Under the Big Tent. Dress for the weather. 3 adults need, but kids can help too

All slots filled
Joyce Piazza-Lawrence (2)
Signing up for Rich Lawrence too.
Melanie Dayton
GS Troop 816

Mini Golf (3)

3 adults, but kids can help. Under the big tent. Dress for the weather

All slots filled
Tom Throckmorton
Joleen Mahaffey
Melanie Dayton
GS Troop 816

Carnival Games (3)

Outside under the Big Tent. Dress for the weather. Good for families

All slots filled
Eva Yelle (2)
Nathan & Eva Yelle
Skyler Capelle

Street Hockey (2)

Outside under the Big Tent. Dress for the weather. Great for families

All slots filled
Melanie Dayton (2)
GS Troop 816
Valley Church--check in on lower level outside Northpoint  5:45pm - 8:15pm  

Preschool Inflatables (9)

Monitor lines and assist kids in and out of inflatables. Need 3 people 18+, rest can be 14+

3 of 9 slots filled
Diane Devick (3)

Inflatables (14)

Adults 18+ only. Kids may help but only sign up adults 18+. Monitor the line, assist and ensure the safety of children. Valley Church location

All slots filled
MerriJo Lineberry (2)
Part of our Small group
Mark Johnston (2)
Also Deb Johnston
David Drescher (2)
plus Sandy Drescher
Benjamin Willcockson
Rick Riley
Don and Saundra Hensley
Megan Bailey
Steve Deace (2)
Amy will join me
Tom Budler
Zach Carnahan

Door Security (5)

Monitor doors at Valley Church. Can sit or stand. 18+

1 of 5 slots filled
Dori Reno
Front Doors please

Hands on Science (12)

Assist children with exploring/examining various hands on science items. 16+ or younger children accompanied by an adult

All slots filled
Nancy Samson (4)
Will be there by 6 with a kid age 11, 18 n 10.
Amy Powell
Karen & Ron Powell (2)
Julie Lors (2)
With Ethan
Nancy Samson
Adding jayden
DJ Volquartsen (2)
Dj and Jennifer Volquartsen

Balloon Helpers (2)

Assist the Balloon artist and monitor the line. 18+

All slots filled
Dee Dee Throckmorton
Kaitlin Colwell

Photobooth line helper (2)

One person at each photo booth. 16+

All slots filled
Michelle Coburn
Michelle Coburn
Eric Song

Grand Prix Lego racetrack (4)

Assist children in racing cars they make from legos. Great family serving opportunity--any ages

All slots filled
Tasha Yepsen (2)
Michelle Coburn
Clynt Coburn
Serenity Davidson
Serenity Davidson, 6th grade

Nerf Target game (4)

Great family serving opportunity--all ages with an adult

All slots filled
Sadie Lee (4)
Mike and Sadie Lee Family

Face Painting (10)

Easy step by step instructions provided--must be 13 years old or older

All slots filled
tiba alsaad
Samantha King
Marylynn Pribyl
Ava Hein (2)
Sara Matute
Angeline (Angel) Carver
tina gross (3)
Tommy, Charlie and i would like to work together

Face painting line monitor (4)

Monitor line for face painting

All slots filled
Lucy Stevenson
Lucy Stevenson
Jan-Marie Crenshaw
Erika Stevenson (2)
Darin and Erika

Craft (2)

Assist children with a scratch art fall craft. Great family serving opportunity. Children with a parent

All slots filled
Beth Harrington Harrington
Julia Dieleman

Temporary Tattoos (4)

Apply temporary tattoos. Great Family serving opportunity. Children with an adult

All slots filled
Haya Alsaadi
Rachael Brown (2)
Caleb and Rachael (possibly our kids to help)
Kellie Benge
Kellie Benge and Daughter Hadley Benge (9)

Water station (2)

Monitor water station on lower level and replenish water and cups as needed. 18+

All slots filled
Betsy McCarty
Maurine McDugle

Water distributor (2)

Take water around to volunteers throughout the night. Children with adult help or adults

All slots filled
Sanae Vaniman
Aleena Korell

Pedal Cars (3)

Assist kids and adults as they race giant pedal cars. This activity is located outside so dress for the weather. 3 adults but kids can help parents

All slots filled
Matthew Lepke
Shannon Johnson (2)
Shannon and Tim Johnson

Popcorn/Lemonade/Water (12)

Bag and distribute popcorn for guests. Serve lemonade and water. Best for 18+, but younger kids can assist parents. Need 12 adults

All slots filled
Caleb Sherman (2)
My wife and I would love to be of service.
Megan Ruda
Lindy Van Dike
Adam Van Dike
Katie Weidner
Holly DeHamer
My 8 yr old daughter will be helping
Tonya Throckmorton
Jill Curry
Diane Doidge
Myself and my husband. Two signed up doe Monday night
Stephanie Clutts
Tara Shontz

Popcorn clean-up (6)

Walk around building using Bissell sweepers to keep popcorn cleaned up throughout the night. Great job for younger kids with parent supervision. Ages 6+

All slots filled
Deb Lawrence
Emily Johnson (3)
Me, Roran and Violet
Megan Vogt (2)
Brandon & Megan (Brighton will help)
Community Center--check in at the Community Center  8:00pm - 9:30pm  

Clean-Up/Tear-Down (10)

Help with post-event cleanup and teardown

4 of 10 slots filled
Raneen Schulte
Debra Freed
Tiffany Peterson
Katie Molloy
Valley Church--check in at the bottom of the main stairs. Children's Welcome desk  8:00pm - 10:00pm  

Clean-Up/Tear-Down (12)

Help with post-event cleanup and teardown

2 of 12 slots filled
Mike Mullins
Chelsea Rose
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