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COVID-19 Vaccination Request


COVID-19 vaccinations are available at Froedtert South for community members who meet the following criteria:

  • Healthcare personnel, including
    • Anesthesia related team members
    • Behavior health providers, including psychologists, therapists, counselors
    • Certified nursing assistant, nursing assistant, nurse aide, medical assistant
    • Chiropractors
    • Clinical ethicist
    • Dental services, including dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistants
    • Direct care personnel, for example, people who provide direct care to patients, including in their homes (for example, personal care assistant, home health worker)
    • Emergency medical responders (EMR), including emergency medical technician/paramedic including all levels of EMRs
    • Environmental services, food & nutrition, buildings & grounds in patient care setting
    • Health care trainees
    • Hospice workers
    • Nurse, including community settings
    • Long-term care facilities staff
    • Pharmacist/pharmacist assistant
    • Phlebotomist and laboratory personnel
    • Physician assistant/nurse practitioners
    • Physicians (MD/DO – all settings)
    • Public health workers providing vaccines and testing for COVID-19
    • Radiation therapy technologists (RTTs)/radiologic technologists (RTs)
    • Respiratory therapists
    • Security personnel
    • Spiritual care provider
    • Social work, case management, Child Life staff
    • Therapy services, for example, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy
    • Transportation services to and from health care settings, for example, testing sites, dialysis centers, ambulatory care
    • Other health care personnel who have CDC defined exposure
    • Other professionals and lay people who provide services as defined above
  • Residents of long term care facilities (Federal Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program)
  • Firefighters, police officers, corrections officers
  • Adults aged 65+ (starting 1/25/21)
  • Parents and caregivers of participants of the Birth to 3 and Children’s Long Term Support programs
  • Educators and Child Care

    • All staff in regulated child care, public and private school programs, out-of-school time programs, virtual learning support, and community learning center programs.
    • All staff in Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCAs.
    • All staff in preschool and Head Start through K-12 education settings.
    • Faculty and staff in higher education settings who have direct student contact.
  • Individuals Enrolled in Medicaid Long-Term Care Programs

  • Members of Family Care and Family Care Partnership and participants in IRIS. Family care members and IRIS participants often have underlying conditions that make them more vulnerable to COVID-19.
  • Participants in Wisconsin’s Children’s Long-Term Support Waiver and Katie Beckett programs are likewise eligible if they meet age requirements for the vaccine.
  • Public-Facing Essential Workers

    • 911 operators.
    • Utility and Communications Infrastructure: Workers who cannot socially distance and are responsible for the fundamental processes and facilities that ensure electric, natural gas, steam, water, wastewater, internet, and telecommunications services are built, maintained, generated, distributed, and delivered to customers.
    • Public Transit: Drivers who have frequent close contact with members of the public, limited to:
      • Public and commercial intercity bus transportation services.
      • Municipal public transit services.
      • Those employed by specialized transit services for seniors, disabled persons, and low-income persons.
    • Food Supply Chain:
      • Agriculture production workers, such as farm owners and other farm employees.
      • Critical workers who provide on-site support to multiple agricultural operations, such as livestock breeding and insemination providers, farm labor contractors, crop support providers, and livestock veterinarians.
      • Food production workers, such as dairy plant employees, fruit and vegetable processing plant employees, and animal slaughtering and processing employees. 
      • Retail food workers, such as employees at grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations that also sell groceries. 
      • Hunger relief personnel, including people involved in charitable food distribution, community food and housing providers, social services employees who are involved in food distribution, and emergency relief workers.
  • Non-Frontline Essential Health Care Personnel

    Personnel who are not involved in direct patient care but are essential for health system infrastructure.  These staff are often affiliated with hospitals. Non-hospital employee and non-frontline employees employed by health systems are also included.

    Categories of non-frontline essential health care personnel include:

    • Public health
    • Emergency management
    • Cyber security
    • Health care critical supply chain functions, including the production, manufacturing, and distribution of vaccine.
    • Support roles, such as cleaning, HVAC, and refrigeration, critical to health system function.
  • Congregate Living Facility Staff and Residents

Staff and residents of congregate living facilities. Some settings in this group may be non-voluntary or provide services to marginalized populations – meaning residents do not have the resources or choice to mitigate exposure. According to SDMAC’s guidance, congregate living facility staff and residents include those living or working in:

  • Employer-based housing: Housing provided by an employer for three or more unrelated individuals who share bedrooms.

  • Housing serving the elderly or people with disabilities: Adult family home, independent living apartment, community-based residential facility, residential care complex, state center for the disabled, mental health institute, and county-based center for the disabled.

  • Shelters: Shelter provided to those who are homeless and/or in need of protection (e.g. domestic violence shelters).

  • Transitional housing: A project that is designed to provide housing and appropriate supportive services to homeless persons to facilitate movement to independent living when such facilities include shared bedrooms.

  • Incarcerated individuals: Individuals in jails, prisons, and mental health institutes.

Patients who do not meet the above-mentioned criteria will not receive a vaccination.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Please review the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination Emergency Use Authorization document before scheduling your appointment (see below).
  • All patients are encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns with regard to receiving the COVID-19 vaccination with their primary care provider prior to scheduling an appointment. If you do not have a primary care provider, please call (262) 656-3627 (DOCS) to schedule an appointment. 
  • To view your appointment and receive reminders, please ensure you have signed up for MyChart by visiting If you need assistance, please call (262) 656-3344 or e-mail [email protected]. Please allow 72 hours from the time you schedule your appointment to when you sign up for MyChart.
  • When your appointment is scheduled, your second vaccination appointment will automatically be scheduled 21 days following your first vaccination and also will populate in MyChart.
  • Please note you will be asked to wait for 15 to 30 minutes following your vaccination to ensure that you have no rare but serious reactions to the vaccination. 
  • There will be no charge for the vaccine itself, however, there will be a charge for the administration of the vaccine.  It is our understanding that Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies will cover the administrative charge associated with the COVID-19 vaccine, however, we suggest that you call your insurance company to verify coverage. 

COVID-19 vaccines will be administered at Froedtert Pleasant Prairie Hospital (9555 76th Street, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158).  Please enter through the Main Entrance and inform the information desk that you are scheduled to receive a COVID-19 Vaccination. 

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