Installation of the Pastor - Rev. Paul Flammia

Installation of the Pastor - Fr. Paul Flammia

The Installation Mass will begin at 7:00 pm. Following the Mass, there will be a reception for Fr. Paul at Sacred Heart Parish Hall. At this time, the Town of Manchester by the Sea has a Mask Mandate and we ask that you please keep your mask on during the Installation. Please register and tell us how many will be joining with you. We are really excited to have Fr. Paul installed as Pastor of Visitation Parish!

Date: 10/20/2021 (Wed.)

Time: 7:00pm - 9:30pm EDT

Location: Sacred Heart-Manchester
62 School St, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944

Created by:   Sacred Heart St. John's
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YES (56) -  

Andrea Tracey (1 adult)

Lee and Ann Nadeau (2 adults)

Paige Donohoe (1 adult)

Anthony Parco (2 adults)

Connie Kirby (1 adult)

Pat and Charlie Turner (2 adults)

Michele Mynsberge (1 adult)

Alana Carpenter (1 adult)

Greg and Sondra Bialy (2 adults)

Doug Greenfield (3 adults)

Patricia Martines (2 adults)

Joe Aiello (2 adults)

Judy Keith (3 adults)

Nancy Mertens (2 adults)

Raymond Shaw (2 adults)

Jeanne Westcott (1 adult)

Ray McNulty (2 adults)
Ray and Connie McNulty to attend this historic event.

Jim & Karen Cunningham (2 adults)

Hughes and Francoise De Laforcade (2 adults)

Bethany Woods (1 adult)

Gillian Palumbo (1 adult)

Wendy Spittle (1 adult)

Phyllis Pascucci (1 adult)

Anne Chouinard (1 adult)

Gerrie Kippen (1 adult)

ROBIN and JOE FALZONE (2 adults)

Joe & Beth D’Arcangelo (2 adults)

Joey Gustafson (1 adult)

Dan Carlin (1 adult)

Stefanie Serafini (2 adults)
Looking forward to it!

Louis &Janice Geoffrion (2 adults)
Congratulations-Well deserved. An honor to be there

patricia veator (1 adult)

Sheila McCarthy (2 adults)

Dawn Burnham (1 adult)

Eileen Hardy (1 adult)

Leo And Valerie McCaffrey (2 adults)

Bob Sanford (2 adults)

Margaret McDermott (2 adults)

Gloria and Davio Galley (2 adults)

Peg McDermott (1 adult)

Ann and Chet Fucillo (2 adults)

Veronica Matthews (1 adult)

Fred Johnson (2 adults)

Eric Anderson (1 adult)

Tony Bullock (2 adults)

Lynne Umstead (1 adult)

Jan Anderson (1 adult)

Maureen Vallis (1 adult)

Madonna Daffron (2 adults)

Jerry & Dotty Jodice (2 adults)

Nancy Smith (1 adult)

Gretchen Wod (1 adult)

Congratulations Father Paul !!

O'Dea Is Coughlin (1 adult)

Colleen Arabian (2 adults)

Darice McIntire (2 adults)
Congratulations Fr. Paul!

NO (3) +  

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