Food 4 The People - Round 4

A "Food Box/Bags Team Captain" is responsible for filling a box with the items listed on the "grocery list." Substitutions may be required based on what is available at the store. It is encouraged that you recruit a team to help with purchases needed to fill your bags or box.

Once the bags or box is filled, the Team Captain or designated person can drop them off to First Baptist Church of Kettering.

NOTE ON PACKING: Due to the weight of boxes, it is encouraged to pack each box into two to three large double-bagged grocery bags or two to three reusable grocery bags if possible. Please label them as 1 of 2 & 2 of 2 or 1 of 3, 2 of 3, & 3 of 3 so that they are not mixed up during receiving and distribution! The food list remains the same as Round 4.

Mon. June 8th


3939 Swigart Rd

Shopping List Attached in "Related Files" Below


Related files:

Created by:  Shoes 4 the Shoeless
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Available Slot

Food Box Captain (600)

Select the number of "boxes" you will fill and recruit a team to help you purchase the items on the Grocery List.

568 of 600 slots filled
  Katelyn Nels
Katelyn Nels
  Carrie Breitwieser
  Kelly Britt
  Grace Jones
  Grace Jones
  Lesley Reed
  Caryle Mattie (2)
Caryle Mattie. 2 maybe more
  Heather Ivy (5)
  Katie Kirk
  Tiffany Keane
Happy to deliver too if you need help.
  Kendra Davis (4)
4 boxes
  Deb DeRussy
  Connie Flagg
  Jacqueline Borchers
  Lori Cain
  Mekia Micklem
  Karen Stott (2)
  Molly Webb
  Nancy Walters
  Melissa Soin (2)
  Vicki Kugel
  Rhonda Walker (2)
  Susan Herrmann
  Kelly Dougan
  Julie Thompson (2)
  Tamie Bertke
  Jennifer Hursey (5)
  Patricia Graves (3)
  Stacey Rake
  Lauren Cridge
  Julia DiCicco
  Cristi McClellan (10)
  Marilouise Beeman
  Patty Billett
Patty Billett
  Jennifer DeVilbiss (2)
  Betsy Krise-Campbell
  Becky McDowell
  Shannon Schwartz
  Molly King (2)
MVH/ Mat 1 - 2 boxes for sure hoping for 3
  Aimee Richardson
  Dawn & Steve Hardy
We will fulfill the list, enough for 1 family
  Julie Anderson
Allen & Julie Anderson
  Trusha Aggarwal (2)
  Liz Huelsman (2)
  Kristi Gatlin (3)
  Nancy Coppock (3)
  Barbara Courtice (6)
  Cherie Hawk
  Tiffany Slouffman
we will do one box/list
  Carey Carr (2)
  Cindy Howley
  Mary Nauyoks (2)
can help with delivery
  Amanda Bell (2)
  Heather Steineman (2)
  Tisha Huth
  Nichole Thomas
  Michelle Maddox (3)
  Jamie Blake
  Gary Blake
  Nancy Neff (2)
  Kathy Sonek
  Joy Kemp (2)
  Becky Koop (2)
Becky Koop
  Leah Hawthorn
  Cheryl haerer
  Katy Lucas
  Lisa Henry
  Greg Mahle (2)
  Tracy Spitler
  Beth Frederick
In Memory of Ginny Frederick
  Stephanie Johnson
  Amy Stebelton
  Amy Stephens (2)
  Crista Dodson
  Bonnie VandenBos
  Becky Grinstead (2)
  Kelly Edwards
  Joyce Overholser
  Christy Burkhart
  Lacey Wooten
  Jerica Pickett
  Lisa McCoy-Ford (2)
The Lisa’s
  Jane Henning
  Carla Becker
  Laura Sperry
  Angela Marshall
  Melissa Wirrig (2)
  Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith
  Kim Bautz
  Lisa Schilling (2)
  Tara Brodbeck (2)
  Jenny Page (4)
  Julie Love
  Laura Dudley
Fairmont girls volleyball team
  Dana Rollins (3)
  Kristina Cushman
  Alicia Dunlap
Alicia D
  Alicia Dunlap
We can also help drive/deliver boxes if needed.
  Karen Kaibas
  Kyle Frysinger
  Karen Natale
  Keren Chowdhury
  Karen Gump (2)
2 boxes
  Kelly Linder (3)
Ohio’s Hospice Kindness Crew
  Cathy Schivley
  Jennifer Osborne (4)
Jennifer Osborne (Uplifted Community Church) - 4
  Sally Mcintyre
  Sally Mcintyre
  Jeanette Livesay
  Ryan Taylor
  Elisha Shelley
  Erin Smith
  Amanda Reed
  Kate Fleitz
  Yvonne Keller
  Mary Martin (5)
Jane’s Bunco Babes
  Ann Kruschke
  Dorothy Rittenhouse Rittenhouse
  Vera Ross
Vera Ross
  Meagan Rushe (4)
  Tiffany Page
  Melissa Parsley
  Kim Stevens
  Sharon Jones
  Vicki Hand
  Rachel Parrill
  Jackie Glawe
  Dawn Mader (3)
3 boxes
  Christina Ferguson
  Melody Hadsall (2)
  Lauren Bizzarro
  Christina Mix (4)
  Collette Hauge (2)
  Elise Houdeshell
Elise Houdeshell
  Jenifer Coldiron (2)
  Holly Coles
  Kelly Cappoen (2)
  Jade Myers (2)
  Robin Chew
  Nicole Culbertson (9)
  Megan Bettelon (2)
  Courtney Durflinger (2)
  Carol Walker
  Beth Schultz
  Joanie Wolfe
  Hannah Wolfe
  Nancy McPeak
  Natalie Barnett
  Nancy Viramontes (2)
Nancy Viramontes
  Marygrace Miller
Marygrace Miller
  Rebekah Donahue
  Casey Steckling (3)
  Jennifer Harshbarger
  Melissa Wilcutt
2 boxes
  Jennifer Bayer
  Janelle Smith
  Jamie Wingeier
  Anna Beckmeyer
  Carmen Walters
  Jennifer Campbell
The Unit
  Carrie Taylor
  Ian Callon
can deliver too if needed
  Kristy Dill
  Sarah Mark
  Karen Schmitt
  Damian and Rachel Baggett (2)
2 boxes
  Kim Brohas
2 boxes
  Leah Seibert
  Mindi Ficca
  Beth Hadden (2)
  Greg Carr (10)
  Haley Urschel (20)
  Pamela Ellis
  Melissa Pfahl
  Centerville Community Church (20)
  Centerville Community Church
  Centerville Community Church (10)
  Christina Elliott
Stonehill group
  Jill Koorndyk
  Stephanie Welter (2)
  Jessica Wolgemuth
I can help deliver if needed. Thanks for all you do.
  Whitney Giallombardo
I can also deliver if needed
  Rachel Ennis
  Cindy DeVelvis
  Melinda Schall (3)
  Julie Desorcy
  Jana Hall
  Christina T
  Tim Wirrig (8)
  Kathy Essman
2 boxes
  Cody Johnson
1 box
  Anne Toohey
  Amber Pickens (2)
  Barbara Carpenter
  Sarah Hollen
  Kathy Rosenberg
  Cheryl Dunaway (2)
  Cindy Wildermuth
This is my first time - I assume I will be given directions!
  Julie Winch (4)
  Christie Swem (2)
  Jeannie Mooe
  Kathy Sonek
  Rebekah Collins
  Erin Ruef
  Katy Lucas
  MaryAnn Gerbic
  Laurie Griffin
Laurie Griffin
  Lisa Glinski
Lisa Glinski (2) - 2 Boxes
  Gretchen Capogna (3)
  Sharon Kerestes (3)
  Lisa Carlin
  Girl Scout Troop #30393
  Sarah Radil
  Mindy Hoffer
  Jeri Layer
  Lisa Miller
  Heather Howell
  Jessica Brown
  Amy Rice
  Amy Rice
  Jane Bohman
  Nikkia Whitaker (2)
  Sharon Freeze
  Elizabeth Brads
1 Box
  Dena Inempolidis
  Jane Nesbit
  Lauren Robbins
  Christine Toscani
  Chelsea Campbell
  Donna Campbell
  Linda Weed (4)
  Bryan Suddith
  Brian Schafer
  Betsy Hartsler (3)
Science Squad comes through!
  Lisa Batten
  Jenna Missler
  Lindsey Fulton
  Emma Tetlak
  Henry Tetlak
  Alisa Livesay
  Rebecca Schinaman
  Kristi Williams (2)
  Christy Riel (4)
  Susan Graham
  Melanie Stupak
Melanie Stupak (2)
  Jo Anne Vincent
  Cynthia Turner
  Stephanie Fonte
  Eve&Pete D (5)
  Barbara Driehaus (2)
  Mike Kinsey (2)
Fearless Church
  Scott Nagy
  Suzanne Howard
  Matt Porter
  Sarah VanNest
  Karen Harrington (3)
  Megan Crouse
  angela vantress
  Kristy Lane
  Rob Forino
  Elizabeth Chandler (2)
  Carol Riggle
  Kary Steele
  Diana Gorman
  Karen Cron
Karen Cron
  Karen Cron
House On The Rock Fellowship
  Karen Cron
House On The Rock Fellowship
  Courtney Pianki
  Courtney Pianki
  Dave White (8)
  Karen Cron
  Sheila Gagnon
  Jean Egan
I may have extra donations to help fill other boxes (neighbors are contributing)
  Jaime Treadwell (2)
  Justin Gibbs (3)
Judd Gibbs
  Lindsey Patrick
  Erin Koerner
  David Hunt
  Barbara Pike
FBC Kettering
  Tracy Roberts
  Tracy Roberts
  Tracy Roberts
  Eileen Johnson
  Brian Kershaw
  Amber Lasso (2)
  Dianna Honaker
  Michaele Flesburg
  Jenny Cox
  John Moore
John Moore
  Tiffany Todd (2)
  Dawn Dyer
  renetta hendricks
  Sally Green
  Amy Kidd
5 boxes
  Rebecca Langdon (3)
  Julie Keefer (2)
  Jessica Anderson (13)
  Sandi Slaton
I’m not signing up to be a captain, just bringing a box of food
  Abby Webber
  Holly Shields
1 box
  Amy Rettig
  Tim Harrington
  Greg Earley - 2 boxes
  Christine Schaefer (4)
  Dan Balster (2)
  Susan Haverland
  Chris Meyer
Crystal, Chris & Olivia. (Two Boxes)
  Wendy Secrest (2)
  Renetta Hendricks
  Jessie Wallace
  Leslie Stryker
  Taylor Free
  Mary Liddic
  Maggie King
2 boxes
  Kris Whitmire
  Jackie Price
  Pat & Jen O’Brien (2)
  Jynn Schlise
  Jynn Schlise
  Patty Foster
  Ann May
  Brandon Mangrum
  Katie Cook Cook
  Kara Hartke
Kara Hartke
  Tyler Sparks
  James Sayer
  Hannah Dearth
  Tim Straka
  Bev Anspach
  Alessandro Rengan Rengan
  Heather Kirkland (47)
47 boxes
  Toni Guthrie
  Matt Garrett
  DDC Management LLC Shafer (5)
  Lori Rick
  Courtney Pianki
  Courtney Pianki
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