Belmont Heights Make a Difference Day

Join us for the 5th annual Belmont Heights Make a Difference Day on Sunday, March 31, 2019. BHMADD gives everyone a chance to Make a Difference for a day, connect with neighbors and community members all while having lots of fun at the same time. This year's event offers more than 20 projects in and around Long Beach. All ages and skill levels are invited to participate. Please note, if you sign up after March 14th, and you are not guaranteed a volunteer t-shirt. BHMADD sign ups close March 26th at 5 PM.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up. Check the "Sign Up" box next to your project. Next, click the large button at the bottom of the page that says "Submit and Sign Up."

11:15 AM - Check-in at Temple Israel (269 Loma Ave) 
11:30 AM - Pizza served and live music
12:15 PM - Opening ceremony
12:30 PM - Depart for service projects
  3:30 PM - Wrap-up service projects

3rd District Councilwoman Suzie Price
Belmont Heights Community Association
Belmont Heights United Methodist Church
Emmanuel Presbyterian Church
Temple Israel Long Beach

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Date: 03/31/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 11:15am - 3:30pm PDT

Location: 269 Loma Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803

Created by:   Eric Shatzkin
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Available Slot

‘All aboard’ the Historic Red Car (30)

You won’t want to miss this stop! Let’s keep our neighborhood’s newest park clean by picking up debris, removing non-native plants, and adding new mulch while learning about the historic Red Cars, trains in the 1950s that took LB residents to LA!

All slots filled
Lori Monnier (5)
Susie Tailanian (3)
Kathleen Brady
Robin Rosin
Nash Darla (2)
Kelly da Silva (2)
Renee Perches
Darren Rosenberg (4)
Antonella Schaub (4)
Jeffrey Rabin
Jaimee Drew (3)
Joey Singman (3)

Baby, it's Cold Outside! (11)

Cut fringe and tie knots on these cuddly, warm fleece blankets. We’ll provide the fleece materials. Blankets go to sick patients and the homeless. Great for kids!

All slots filled
Tara Barnhart (2)
Melanie Basich (2)
Judith Gardner
Claire Guillen (4)
Laurie Gerstman (2)

Bingo or Bust! (7)

Head over to the Spinal Cord Injury ward at the VA hospital (Bellflower/PCH). We’ll supply the pizza, prizes, and games. Watch out! Vets are wicked bingo players! Age 13+.

All slots filled
Nancy Preston
Dean Bosman
Freddie Ganz
Roni Love
Emily Kinder (2)
Jim Worthen

Calling all Vampires (40)

We’ve partnered with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive. Sign up to donate at; Enter Zip Code: 90814; Choose: Belmont Heights United Methodist Church.

6 of 40 slots filled
David Ross
Teresa Stubsten
Renee Vosburgh
Kathleen Rockmore
Cynthia Azarcon

Cats are Purrrrific (9)

Come make toys for the homeless kitties at the SPCA. We’ll make cat toys out of pipe cleaners and help with the laundry. These cats will be purrty-grateful! Great for small children! Donate your used towels/blankets. Cats want to feel comfy too!

All slots filled
meka crawford (4)
Christina Botwright (2)
Joel Jelinowicz (3)

Feed'em First! (15)

First Congregational Church (3rd/Cedar) prepares & serves 350 meals every Sunday to homeless, seniors or anyone in need. Pick a shift. Shift #1: 12:30 - 2:30 Greet, serve, & socialize. Shift #2: 2:30 - 4:30 Prepare food for next week & help clean up.

All slots filled
Renee Florsheim
Miranda Mirsec (3)
Nancy Epstein
Marilyn Valt (2)
Lance Valt
Lisa Raufman (2)
Frances Roberts
Jill A Unze (2)
Barbara Walker
Julie Folcik

Firefighters Love Cookies (47)

Let’s thank our local heroes with a treat! We’ll decorate cookies and “Thank You” cards before delivering our treats to a local fire station. Your selected fire station will welcome you inside for a guided tour of the firehouse! Great for kids!

All slots filled
Jay Alhadeff
Wendy McKenzie (4)
Vicki Scherwin (4)
Melissa Newman (4)
Isabella Gallic (2)
Judith Gardner
David Jacobson (5)
brittaney kimmel (4)
Valerie Jaffe (3)
Erin Lira (5)
Chloe Olson (3)
Susan Sheby (2)
Maysy Kemppainen (2)
Edwin Rodriguez (4)
Asher Edwards (3)

Flutterbies! (11)

Oops, we mean butterflies! This preschool for homeless children ages 18 months – 5 years old needs help planting a lovely butterfly garden. We’ll plant seeds for the kids to watch grow and learn a little about nature.

All slots filled
Christina McGovern (4)
Jenae Carratello (2)
Lenore Brown
Kelly Costello
Jasmine Nguyen (3)

Food in a Flash (30)

Join volunteers at a local grocery store and hand out a list of items food pantries need. Shoppers will buy items from the list and hand them to our group on their way out. Great for kids and teens. Last year we collected 62 grocery bags in 2 hours!

15 of 30 slots filled
Corrin Hickey (3)
Stuart Friedman (4)
Deborah Fabricant
Evan Barela
Shelly Stratton
Kelly Thomas (2)
Adela Kunasz
Cheryl Kelly
Barbara Lemle

Hold a Calm Chicken (26)

Come work at the organic Learning Garden where we’ll create pathways and plant vegetables. Hold calm chickens and observe a beehive. Ages 4+ and must be with an adult.

All slots filled
Gwen Shaffer (3)
Bri Rubin (3)
Melissa Rosenthal (4)
Heidee Stoica (2)
Gina Rosenthal (2)
Michelle Terry (4)
Stacey Levine (3)
Molly McLaren Craig (5)

Home Sweet Home (14)

Bring a little sunshine to those who can’t get out. We’ll make cookies and cards and then break up into small groups for short visits to some of our local congregational shut-ins. Cheer them up with cookies, cards and a little conversation!

All slots filled
Lenore Roth
Sharon Brown (5)
Jean Potter
Barry Potter
Aarti Harper (4)
Hunter Holtman
David Sacks

Lagoon Monster (50)

No monsters at the Colorado Lagoon, just debris that needs to get cleaned up before the fish and animals eat it. The goal is wildlife preservation, and this project will start with a short educational session geared for elementary kids.

All slots filled
Dominique Hohman (5)
Erla Mudry
Barbara Crane
Sydney Simon
Gwen Schwimmer (2)
Diane Paull
Karen Ben-Shmuel (5)
Girl Scout Troop 3617
Carissa Pruett (5)
Girl Scout Troop 3617
Kate Wilson (2)
Girl Scout Troop 3617
Anna Salusky Mahoney (3)
Stephanie Leshney (5)
Leah Ohrberg (5)
Meredith Gradishar (3)
Megan Tagliaferri (4)
Julia Coye (4)
Lloyd Hastings (2)
Nancy Valencia

Off the Shelf! (12)

Bring your screwdriver and put together wooden shelving for a local organization that serves the needy of downtown LB, located on 4th and Cherry. The shelving will help organize donated items for their thrift store. No kids & 2x4 wood lifting is required.

9 of 12 slots filled
Yasmine Vargas (2)
William Davis
Megan Lasswell (2)
Amanda Ruiz (4)

PB&J all the Way (42)

Be part of our fun production line and see what 1,500 sandwiches look like! Make and package PB&J sandwiches that will feed lots of hungry people in our area. Great for kids 5+.

All slots filled
LaToya Baker-Mathews (5)
Girl Scout Troop 1533
LaToya Baker-Mathews (5)
Girl Scout Troop 1533
LaToya Baker-Mathews (5)
Girl Scout Troop 1533
Jill Fisher Granek (2)
Lisa Glick
Mikayla Gonzalez
Irene Marquez
Karen Korduner
Judith Gardner
Jessica Irving
Ron Gregg
Lenore Rozne (2)
Charlene Jalandoni (3)
Darcey Mcgrew (2)
Sara Nisenholtz (5)
Girl Scout Troop 83 #1
Sara Nisenholtz #2 (5)
Girl Scout Troop 83

Race’Em! (6)

Grab a paint roller and ‘stay between the lines’ as we paint a racetrack on the sidewalk for this preschool for shelter kids. No experience necessary, simply roll the paint on where the tape is! 8+ years.

All slots filled
Glenn Newman (3)
Susie O’Connor (3)

Read Me a Story (48)

Come help homeless doggies at the SPCA. Bring a book and read to a dog. They’re lonely and great listeners! Your voice helps socialize the dogs for adoption. It’ll be barktastic fun! Donate your used towels/blankets. Dogs want to feel comfy too!

All slots filled
Jilaa Niren (4)
Lynne Lockwald
Jill McGougan (2)
Ivy Smith (2)
Amy Axel (5)
April Economides (2)
Amerige Gouger (2)
Camille Gouger
Becky Dolhinow (2)
Judith Gardner
Morgan East (2)
Teresa Stubsten
Chloe Olson (3)
Marcy Polhemus
Alana Weinberg (3)
Cassandra BRADFORD (2)
Michelle Ngai (4)
MIchelle Baker
Kerry Larick (2)
Lisa Hill (2)
Danielle Zwillinger Zwillinger (4)

Roll and Restore (5)

Grab a paint roller and help us restore this historic old building where they serve the homeless community, seniors and those in recovery. Get ready to get a little paint on your new BHMADD shirt!

All slots filled
Alyssa Mitchell (2)
Pamela Keiles
Steven Keiles (2)

School is Cool (7)

Help homeless and low-income kids stay in school. We’ll fill backpacks with school supplies for organizations that tutor homeless or low-income kids. All materials are provided, just show up and we’ll assemble them together.

All slots filled
Judy Graff (5)
Anne Ryder
William Teweles

Stitch in Time (10)

Join us for a knit-a-square session. The 6” squares will be made into blankets for needy children. Knit or crochet (if you already know how, or come & learn), there will be supplies. So far, 84,000 blankets have been shipped around the world!

5 of 10 slots filled
Deborah Straiter (2)
Cynthia Azarcon
Geetanjali Deo (2)

The Wall (8)

This preschool for shelter children needs help building an interactive wall on their playground. It will provide fun engagement and much needed privacy for the kids. All materials provided, just show up and help. No skills necessary! Kids 5 and up.

All slots filled
Marianne Groat (4)
Chuck Liddiard (3)
Kathleen ODaniels

Tree People (28)

Help our city beautify our neighborhoods by planting new trees. The city brings the trees and we’ll provide hands-on assistance to help plant them. Watch your trees grow year-round and give a shout out when you drive by.

All slots filled
Mike Aquino (3)
Thao Vo (4)
Diana Muska (2)
Tasha Thrift Johnson (3)
Alex Saldana (4)
Martha Cervantes (2)
Gary McIntyre (2)
Maria Lebel (3)
Margie Hill (2)
Melissa Jones (3)

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