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Buy & Deliver Birthday Presents for MCHS Foster Boys by Monday, September 14.

WHAT IS IT AND WHY IT'S IMPORTANT Royal Oak First is one of the sponsors with the Methodist Children’s Home Society (MCHS) Birthday Club.  4 times a year (pre-pandemic) we put on a monthly birthday party for all the boys who celebrate their birthday during that specific month. This is a way to demonstrate God’s love and to celebrate these boys in foster care – many of whom have never had a birthday party or received birthday gifts.

WHAT WE DO DURING PANDEMIC: There are 7 foster boys from the Methodist Childrens Home Society (MCHS) who have birthdays in September.  We celebrate these birthdays altogether in mid September at MCHS.  Due to COVID Pandemic we do not organize and put on the birthday party but what we DO is buy and wrap the presents for each boy.  MCHS staff puts on the party for the boys using the gifts we buy.

GIFTS WISHLIST FOR EACH BOY: Below are 7 sign-up slots for this month, i.e., one person will purchase all the gifts listed on that boys wishlist which we will provide to you when you signup. You can shop for the gifts in local stores or online.  If online, please have all the gifts shipped directly to you and wrap them if you can before delivering them to Gigi Harris by Monday September 14. (see below). 

COSTS TO PURCHASE GIFTS: The total "budget" of gifts for each boy is $100-$125.  If buying all the gifts on the wishlist for one boy would exceed $125, the volunteer gift buyer may decide which ones to purchase and which to eliminate to keep it under $125. 

OPTIONAL REIMBURSEMENT: If the volunteer does not want to cover the cost of the gifts, they may do the shopping and then be reimbursed from the church. Most people cover the cost of the presents but some volunteers may need/want to be reimbursed.  If you need/want reimbursement then take a picture of all the gift receipt(s) and attach them to an email with the subject line "Requesting Reimbursement for Birthday Club Missions" and send to Jennifer Tripoli at the church office - [email protected]

WRAP GIFTS: Most volunteers also wrap the gifts they purchase.  If you don't have the time or wrapping paper to wrap gifts then the separate wrapping paper donations will help offset the time spent by the team leaders Gigi Harris and Liz Sheridan to pull everything together.

NUMBER OF GIFTS PER BOY: The number of gifts for each boy isn't as important as the amount of money spent. We keep the budget for each boy as even as possible ($100-$125) so no one feels like they got less than someone else. Some kids ask for 4-5 lesser priced items and some ask for bigger ticket ones. Therefore, it's simpler to have one volunteer shopper for each boy. 

SEPT 14 DEADLINE AND ADDRESS TO DELIVER PURCHASED GIFTS AND WRAPPING PAPER: All the gifts you have purchased and wrapped for your assigned boy or wrapping paper you have purchased or donated should be delivered to Gigi Harris, team leader, no later than Monday, September 14.  Gigi Harris' address is: 16190 Wetherby, Beverly Hills, MI 48025.  This gives the two team leaders, Gigi Harris and Liz Sheridan, 2 days before the birthday party (which is Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at MCHS) to assemble all the gifts from all the volunteers, wrap any gifts that need it, and deliver them all to the Methodist Children's Home in time for the birthday party on Wednesday, September 16.

QUESTIONS FOR TEAM LEADERS If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of the two Birthday Club team leaders Gigi Harris or Liz Sheridan at their email or phone below.  

Gigi Harris at [email protected] or 248-508-7135 - OR - Liz Sheridan at [email protected] or 248-376-3061

ALERT - Remember to click the green "Sign Up and Submit" Button at the bottom of this page to notify team leaders you are volunteering to help with this mission project.

AS A REMINDER OF YOUR COMMITMENT please print this flyer OR copy and paste it into your calendar or to-do list OR save it on your device for future reference. 


Created by:   Joyce Hollingsworth with the input of Gigi Harris and Liz Sheridan
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7 People Needed to Buy & Deliver Birthday Gifts on Wishlist by September 14 (7)

Once you sign up you will be contacted by Gigi Harris or Liz Sheridan who will assign you a boy and give you the wish list of of birthday gifts he wants

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Nan Wilberding
Erica Plesco (2)
Ginny Panone
I would like to buy, wrap and deliver gifts for one boy, are any of them 4 years old?
Sara Youngquist
Stacey Brown
Charlie Grose

5 People Needed to Purchase/Donate Birthday Wrapping Paper and Deliver by September 14 (5)

Once you have signed up to donate wrapping paper either Gigi Harris or Liz Sheridan will contact you

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Ginny Panone
Sara Youngquist
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