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Fairview Haven

2023 Benefit Supper Food Donations


Thank you for providing food for the benefit supper.

Date: 11/03/2023 (Fri.)

Location: FVH Maintenance Shed

Created by:   Lori Ifft
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Available Slot Time (CST)

Pies - In the quantity section select how many pies you will bring. For Example: If you mark 4 in the quantity - you are bringing 4 pies

With a Sharpie write pie flavor on top of plastic triangle,cut each pie in 7 slices, put slices in disposable pie triangles, pie triangles available at church. Cream Pies are a favorite.

12:00pm - 3:00pm (280)

140 of 280 slots filled
Lynn Dotterer (2)
Marcy Kaeb (2)
Carol Edelman (2)
LaRae Walter
Shelly Steidinger
Heidi Bachman
Heidi Bachman
Shirley Ifft (4)
2 coconut cream pies, 2 undecided
Karla Kaeb (4)
Trudy Rudin
Kathy Banwart
Micki Zimmerman
Lavonne Teubel
Janelle Stoller
Lynette Stoller
Erinn Steidinger
Rosie Edelman
Joann Zehr
Trish Steidinger
vicki mueller
Sandy Stoller
Kay Steffen (2)
Marie Koehl
Kristin Zehr
Beverly Eisenmann
Dianne Steidinger (2)
Carol Bazzell
Natalie Schneider (2)
Denise Walder
Lanae Hartman (2)
shirley fehr
Sara Moser (2)
Loretta Zimmerman (2)
Shara Leman
Kathy Fehr
Peanut Butter
Marylyn Young (2)
Tessa Herr
Connie Bahler (2)
Ronda Stoller
Gladys Slagel
Lucille Sohn
Bethany Edelman (3)
Lucy Slagel
Lilly Moser (3)
Sharon Rassi
Jill Wenger (15)
Fairbury Faith
Abby Aberle
Nancy Dotterer (2)
Barb Mashburn
Sharon Kelson
Kathy Slagel
Donna Kaisner
Jenna Stork
Karen Stoller
Martha Fehr
Plan to make two chocolate cream pies
Dorothy Walder
Will provide two pies
Karen Steffen
Cinda Fehr
Valerie Stoller (10)
Rachael Knapp (2)
Lou Ann Kaeb
Suzanne Bahler (2)
Debbie Steffen
Julie Steidinger
Judith Knapp
Cheryl Eisenmann (2)
Janie Waldbeser (2)
2 pear pies
Myrna Zehr
Dinah Wilkening (2)
Sara Steidinger
Shea Hartman (2)
Shay Stork
Erica Moser
Erica Moser
Heidi Bachman
Krystle Leman
janice steffen
will make 2 custard pies
Kristen Mueller
2 pies
Kathy Banwart
Myra Mueller
sign up changed to 1 slot which is 2 pies
Amber Plattner
Lucy Slagel
Kaylee Kilgus
Shelly Steidinger
Amy Hartman (2)
Rosemary H; Sherri S
Krystle Leman
Jenna Hartman
Kara Zehr

Provide 1 batch Fruit Salad

1-29 oz sliced peaches(drained), 1-20 oz peach pie filling, 2-20 oz pineapple chunks(drained), 1.5# green or red grapes, 2-11 oz mandarin oranges(drained), 1# bag frozen whole(not sweetened) or 1 qt sliced fresh strawberries. Bring in gallon bag

12:00pm - 2:00pm (60)

55 of 60 slots filled
Wanda Kupferschmid
Roberta Broquard
Jan Bachtold
Rosemary Koehl
Lou Ida Steffen
Betsi Rudin
Jenny Wenger
Jodi Slagel
Jane Meiss (2)
Beth Steffen (2)
Kristin Zehr
Dawn Meiss (2)
Larissa Rinkenberger
Mary Plattner
Pam Walder
Janet Schmidgall
LaNae Rudin (2)
Kristin Slagel
Beth Steidinger (2)
Beth Kaeb
May God bless this meal and evening! Thanks for all!
Marsha Lanz
Larae Zimmerman (3)
Renae Waldbeser
Tessa Herr
Velma Rinkenberger
Ashton Knapp
Sandy Rudin
I’m not sure if my sign up went through for 1 fruit salad
Kara Stoller (2)
Melanie Teubel
Carol Fehr
Judy Maul
Teresa Bachtold (2)
Wilma Walder
Tami Aberle
Jeannette Bahler
Lisa Aberle (2)
Shannon Brown
Sandy Rudin
I’m adding another fruit salad (2 total)
Jenny Wenger
Julia Eisenmann
Susan Mueller
Sylvia Laubscher
Sandra Schneider (2)
Wanda Kupferschmid

Provide Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes

4lbs. cubed or shredded frozen hash browns, 2c. sour cream, 2c. shredded cheddar, 1/2c. diced onions, 3/4 c. melted butter, 2 cans cream of chicken soup, 3 teaspoons salt, 1 teaspoon pepper, Mix all ingredients together and put in gallon sized ziplock bag

10:00am - 12:00pm (80)

All slots filled
Wendi Kaeb
Myra Edelman
Bethany Edelman
Paulette Zimmerman (2)
Shirley Ifft
Shara Leman
Denise Kilgus
Jodi Slagel
LeAnne Steidinger
LeAnne Steidinger
Lavonne Teubel
Kay Davis
Donna Banwart
Lollie Young
June Slagel
Linda Walter
Rebecca Steffen (2)
Amy Zehr
Crystal Miller
Bev Young (2)
Dianne Steidinger
Ronda Stoller
Lana Brown (2)
Kay Kaisner (2)
Robin Kupferschmid (2)
Cherie Kaisner
Carrie Edelman (2)
Jan Nussbaum (4)
Nancy Bachtold
Teresa Bachtold
Sharon Rassi
Phyllis Welborn (2)
Sandy Stoller
Vicki Mueller
Jenna Stork
Carol Leman
Dolores Zehr
Karen Steffen
LeAnn Kaeb (2)
Kim Walder (2)
Valerie Stoller (5)
Faith Mueller (2)
Lori Hartman (2)
Kati Meiss (2)
Carmen Kilgus
Trudy Rudin
Jennifer Teubel (2)
Abby Aberle (3)
Janelle Rassi
Shay Stork
Jodi Kaisner (2)
Carol Edelman
Erika Mueller
Kendra Edelman (2)
Alexandrea Brown (2)
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