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Risen Savior Lutheran Church

Pastor Koch Welcome Potluck

We will be having a church potluck to welcome Pastor and Carolyn Koch following his installation on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 4:00 pm.  Please sign up to provide a dish (or 2!) for the potluck. 

Date: 10/02/2022 (Sun.)

Time: 4:00pm MDT

Location: Risen Savior Lutheran Church

Created by:   Michelle Martin

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Main Dish (20)
  19 of 20 slots filled
Nancy Timm
Hope Martin
Constance Eskam
Glenna Fernandez
Karen Pring
Don and Pat Stoehr
Linda Wiegand
Kay Moeller
Nancy Altpeter
Katherine Lenkan
Bobbi Walter
Ann Ipsen
Martin Haas
Rosemary Lind
Jan & Brad Delcamp
Cindy Martin
Duane Dohrer
James Walker
Steve Wagner Wagner
Salad or Side Dish (20)
  All slots filled
Lynda Kluth
Constance Eskam
Angela Wenzlick
Liz Cassidy
Connie Steinbrenner
Don & Judy Harris
Cindy Martin
Becky Warren
Linda Harsh
Sydney Duensing
Deanna Tibbetts
Michelle Martin
Brenda O'Connor (2)
Finger foods
Nancy Lester (6)
Dessert (20)
  16 of 20 slots filled
Sarah O'Connor
Betty Friedrich Friedrich
Gluten Free
Sharon Haan
Ed Doolos
Key lime pie
Glenna Fernandez
Janice Critchlow
Donna Spaziani
I will be bringing a cake
Wendy & John Hargraves
Marie Mares
Nancy Altpeter
Jan & Brad Delcamp
Cleary Family
Annette Wagonknecht
Lily Sands
Alan Jones
Duane Dohrer
Responses:     Yes: 46     No: 0     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 90     Maybe: 0

YES (46) -  

Steve Wagner Wagner (2 guests)

Nancy Lester (2 guests)

James Walker (1 guest)

Chris Johnson (2 guests)

Duane Dohrer (2 guests)

Brenda O'Connor (2 guests)

Michelle Martin (1 guest)

Rosemary Lind (1 guest)

Martin Haas (2 guests)

Ann Ipsen (2 guests)

Bobbi Walter (2 guests)

Katherine Lenkan (3 guests)

Kay Moeller (1 guest)

Linda Wiegand (2 guests)

Deanna Tibbetts (8 guests)

Sydney Duensing (2 guests)

Linda Harsh (2 guests)

Becky Warren (1 guest)

Cindy Martin (1 guest)

Don & Judy Harris (2 guests)

Alan Jones (1 guest)

Lily Sands (1 guest)

Annette Wagonknecht (1 guest)

Cleary Family (4 guests)

Jan & Brad Delcamp (2 guests)

Nancy Altpeter (2 guests)

Marie Mares (1 guest)

Wendy & John Hargraves (2 guests)

Connie Steinbrenner (2 guests)

Nancy Greer (3 guests)

Donna Spaziani (2 guests)

Janice Critchlow (2 guests)

Don and Pat Stoehr (2 guests)

Joan McCracken (1 guest)

Karen Pring (1 guest)

Liz Cassidy (1 guest)

Angela Wenzlick (2 guests)

Glenna Fernandez (2 guests)

Constance Eskam (2 guests)

Lynda Kluth (2 guests)

Hope Martin (2 guests)

Ed Doolos (1 guest)

Sharon Haan (2 guests)

Betty Friedrich Friedrich (2 guests)

Nancy Timm (2 guests)

Sarah O'Connor (4 guests)

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