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Adopt a Family 2022

Thank you for your generosity! By volunteering to help adopt a family, you are providing an opportunity for our neighbors in need to to have a wonderful Christmas.  We appreciate your participation. We will be working very hard to match families with our donors based on your requests and we work on a first come first served basis on both sides.  We ask that you do not call to inquire about your family before 3 weeks from your submittal date.  If we have not assigned a family to you, it is likely because we do not have a match.  The more flexible you can be, the sooner you will have a family.  Thank YOU!

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. If you would like more than one family, please indicate that in the "quantiy" column.  Also please indicate what size family you are willing to adopt and in which town(s) you are willing  to deliver your gifts.  Thank you!

Created by:   Anne Barnett
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Available Slot

Adopt a Family (300)

Purchasing and delivering gifts/toys for your adopted family.

191 of 300 slots filled
Stacy Carter
Red Cliff, Minturn, Avon or Edwards
Helen Freemyer
Bettina Bosma
Edwards, Avon, Minturn, Wolcott
Ashlie Elliott
Anywhere dotsero to avon
Lisa Reeder
Avon to Minturn
Sarah Zurbay
Flexible. Prefer Edwards or Avon.
Carrie Cossette
Jacobs Interiors
Abbey Evans
Eagle to Vail/ Minturn
Barbara Dobrot
Available to deliver from Gypsum to Vail, prefer Edwards if possible
Kristin Censullo
Edwards, Avon, Eagle, Gypsum
Barbara Dobrot
Gypsum to Vail, prefer Edwards if possible; this donation will be from our tennis Team
Stephanie Russell
Edwards to Gypsum
Patrycja Deux (2)
Eagle, Avon, Edwards, Minturn
Gail Nash (2)
Gypsum. Eagle
Sharrie Bindle
Vail to Edwards preferred
Melissa Elkins
Eagle or Gypsum
Sophie Silver
1-2 kids, Prefer Vail/ Minturn/ Avon/ Edwards nothing beyond Edwards if possible please (prefer a girl/ girls if possible both our families had boys last year!!)
Gretta Kuebert (4)
Can deliver anywhere. Coordinating a group of friends to split up buying for 4 medium size families.
Heather Lawdermilk
Edwards (for Trinity Church)
Elizabeth Rountree
Avon but flexible if there are greater needs elsewhere
susan christensen
eagle, gypsum
Johnny Weddle
Edwards to vail
Pam Pennington (2)
No preference
Dakotah Stoneking
No preference
Erin Hasemann
Prefer Gypsum, Eagle or Edwards but can be flexible if needed elsewhere!
Carly Kleiman
Edwards to Vail
Erica Nagy (4)
GOAT gym to support: families located in Avon, Edwards area, 2-4 kids per family, 3 to 4 families
Christina Gosselin
No preference
Alicia Kelly (2)
Elizabeth Holland
Vail, Minturn, Avon, Edwards, Eagle And Gypsum
Cindy Liu
No preference
Rachel Paez
Vail, Minturn, Avon, or Edwards a family with 1 or 2 kids
Terry Armistead
Traci Knoll
Eagle, Gypsum, Edwards
Maria Negrete
Marcella Lipson
Edwards or Avon location
Vista Bahn Ski Rentals
Up valley please.
Krista Kedrowski (2)
Red Canyon High School (One Up Valley and One Down Valley)
Liz Bankert
No Preference
Tori Elliott
Mid valley, Avon-to Edwards if possible
Arrow Insurance KRIEDEMAN
We can take anywhere from Avon to Gypsum or Avon to Minturn or Redcliff. We can take a family 5-6 members including parents
Maren Cerimele
Kim Baugh
Eagle through Vail (3 Families)
Martha Miller
Kyle Denton
Vail to Eagle
Brooke Skjonsby
Edwards to Vail - single parent w/ two kids if possible!
Shana Devins
Edwards - Gypsum.
Peyton Schlichting
Avon, Edwards
Lizabeth de la Cruz
Eagle Orthodontics- prefer Gypsum to Edwards
GE Johnson Const. Debi L.
No Preference
Carol Deckard
Edwards or Avon
Sage Nelson
Between Vail and Gypsum
Courtney DePriest
no preference, no preference on number of kids
Robin Santoro
Eagle, Gypsum, or Dotsero
Cynthia Haggen (2)
Berry Creek Middle School Family: Edwards
Tanya Kessenich (2)
Edwards, Avon, Eagle Vail
Susan Breeden
will deliver anywhere in the Valley
Rachel Hickman
Eagle, Avon, vail, edwards
FirstBank Avon
Ashley Albrecht
Eagle-Gypsum. 2 elementary aged kids.
Hanna Waugh (3)
Vail-Summit Orthopaedics - 2-3 families 3-6 people each across county
Sheryl Engleby
Edwards or Avon
Rebecca Burns (3)
One each for Basalt, Vail and Frisco
Sue OConnor
LARGE family for CMC faculty/staff. Avon preferred but anyplace ok
Emily Hagedorn
Family of 2-4 in Vail, Avon, or Edwards
Leslie Roubos
Katie Milne
Avon or Edwards
Jen Prusse
Edwards to Vail
Kristie Long
No preference
Jess Beauchamp (2)
No Preference
Eagle Vineyard Church (3)
Ingrid McGinley
Eagle to gypsum… kids please any ages
Kapala Family
Prefer Vail to Edwards drop location
Amy Marsh
No preference
Nicholas Brummer
Kim Hanson
Vail to Edwards
Shelly Jarnot
Shelly Jarnot
Edwards (HIHO Bookclub)
ECO TRANSIT Rachael Walker (4)
Eagle or Gypsum
Anne Pasquale
Eagle or Gypsum - we can go anywhere that is needed, though!
Sarah McCracken
Good Seed Gardens; Gypsum and/orDotsero
Castle Peak HOA AmyTonazzi (9)
Eagle and Gypsum
Kim Strauch
Suzanne Johnson
Vail to Gypsum
Cynthia Medina
eagle or gypsum
Janifer McDougall
no preference
Heidi Schoenbein
Eagle to Vail/Minturn
Amber Newberry
Red Cliff, Minturn , Avon Edwards
Monica Everett
Gypsum to Vail
Eagle County Paramedics Sarah Braucht (2)
No Preference, Valley-wide is ok
Donna Jacobs
No preference
Kathy Boyes
Edwards preferred but not necessary, anywhere fine.
Jill Sinding
Edwards to Vail
Nori Zastrow
No Preference
Suzanne Filla
Eagle or gypsum
Kelly Holton
Avon, Edwards
Beth Hostetler
Sarah Vaughan
No preference
Kit Schaefer
Live in Avon, but happy to deliver anywhere
Anna Englehart
Dotsero, Gypsum or Eagle
Michael Faeder (10)
Edwards, but vail-gypsum works
Diana Mathias
Up valley if possible but flexible
Katie Berghauer
No preference
Kathy Maddox
Hayley Cross
Can deliver anywhere.
Amy Chato
No preference
Land Title (Katie Kuchler contact)
Sean Hunter
Alease & Friends Lemon
Gypsum thru Avon
Dustin Hatley
Avon, Edwards, Gypsum, Dotsero
Beaver Creek Lodge (Roseberry contact)
Avon to Eagle
Chris Aubel (2)
Rebecca Hunt
Edwards, Minturn, Vail
Jenny Stevenson
Eagle or Gypsum Preferred
Jane E Hall (2)
Avon Edwards
Heather McMahon
Samantha Hodgkins
Edwards to minturn preferred; eagle or gypsum possible
Alexis Komar
Anywhere from vail to gypsum
Jeri Powles
Prefer single mother one or two children Edwards Eagle Gypsum
Vail Health Whitney Maxwell (2)
Vail Health Hospitalists, Educators, and Respiratory Therapists - No preference, but a larger family OR 2 smaller families
Gina and Matthew Parrish
1-2 children. Any age, any gender. Edwards or Avon preferred.
Johnny Weddle
Vail to Edwards / 2 smaller children
Lee Ann Freeman
Edwards, Avon, Minturn or Vail
Kristin Williams
Vail - Edwards
Shari Frye
Vail, Eagle-Vail, Avon or Edwards preference. However, we will go to Eagle if needed
Tracy Larson
Eagle, Avon, edwards
Cecelia Brinkmann
Vail to Edwards
Nancy Goree
Edwards, Avon, Minturn, Wolcott
Kelly Leathers
No preference
Michael Glass
Vail to Gypsum. Open on gender.
Karla Torres
Avon, Edwards
Ali Murray
Avon, Edwards, Eagle, Gypsum
Sonnenalp Hotel Sonnenalp (5)
Eagle-Vail, Avon, Edwards
Melinda Easley
Avon, Edwards (pets also welcome!)
Allison Decent
East Vail down to Edwards
Maureen Lee-Knapp
Eagle - Gypsum
Sheree Fleming
Large family - Vail to Gypsum. Eagle River Presbyterian Church - Women's Bible Study group
Melinda Brandt
Anywhere in the valley. We have 3 young girls and a boy, but any family with four kids would be ideal!
kerry skidmore
edwards/avon ideally
Arrowhead Alpine Club
Gypsum to Vail
Sarah Cook (2)
Edwards or Avon but anywhere is fine
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