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Grace Bible Church - Conversations That Matter

Adirondack Men's Retreat with Dr. Russell Fuller October 28-30

Dr. Russell Fuller is presenting the life and ministry of Jeremiah for Christian men serious about walking with the Lord. Arrival will be Friday afternoon. The first session will be Friday evening. Remaining sessions will be on Saturday. A Church service will be provided for those who desire to stay Sunday morning. Participants will also enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, fishing, etc. and nightly fires. Food and sleeping arrangments are provided.

Camp Of the Woods
106 Downey Ave, Speculator NY

Schedule: TBD

Cost: $176

Deadline: October 1

To donate to offset costs, or to pay, send checks to: Grace Bible Church, 158 Myers Corners Rd, Wappingers Falls NY, 12590 (itemize: men's retreat)

There will be a way to coordinate airport transportation as well. The retreat is for all men. Those under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult. This is an opportunity to connect with the Lord in worship as well as likeminded Christian men from around the country. Dr. Russell Fuller's ministry can be found at russelltfuller.com. The conference is cohosted by Grace Bible Church (gracebibleny.org) and Conversations That Matter (worldviewconversation.com). 

Date: 10/28/2022 (Fri.)

Time: 5:00pm EDT

Created by:   Jonathan Harris

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 39     No: 1     Maybe: 11    

Adult Guests:    Confirmed: 40     Maybe: 15

Child Guests:    Confirmed: 2     Maybe: 2

YES (39) -  

Colin Priest (1 adult)

Steven Doulas (1 adult)

Joe Milette (1 adult)
Boston area. Noticed someone willing to car pool. I'm in Rowley. Might need ride back.

William Mitchell (1 adult)

Troy Skinner (1 adult)
I'm open to a car pooling arrangement. I live in Frederick, Maryland (north of DC, south of Gettysburg).

Art Hutchinson (1 adult)
looking forward to it! Lord willing, I'll be driving out from Boston; could potentially 'sweep' up others en route.

Ash Toumayants (1 adult)
Driving up from Central PA, happy to car pool

Philip Stockton (1 adult)

Eric Wolf (1 adult)

Jeffrey Carlson (1 adult)
Michigan resident here. I’m down with driving/carpooling with someone.

Josiah Proia (1 adult)

Anton Brown (1 adult)
Absolutely can’t wait

Jon Harris (1 adult)

Brandon Sparks (1 adult)
Coming from Indianapolis, IN. Will likely fly in to Albany and drive from there

William Fehringer (1 adult)

Adon Erwin (1 adult)
Travel will be hard, but I’m in.

George Silos (1 adult)

Scott Harris Harris (1 adult)

Clifford Powell (1 adult)
I'm committing

David Stiles (1 adult)
My conflict cleared up. I can go!

Jake Jaros (1 adult)
This sounds awesome! Thank you

Tyler Jornov (1 adult)

Rodney Buse (1 adult)

Peter Gertonson (1 adult)
May get 3 other guys depending on price.

Noah Rastetter (1 adult)
Possibly bringing more men from my church once I know the details and prices. Sounds like a great time.

Mike Pavesi (1 adult)

Adam Johns (1 adult, 2 children)
Would love to attend and plan to bring my boys, ages 16 and 11. Would drive up from NOVA and could bring one or 2 more with me!

AD Robles (1 adult)
Im in.

Don Snyder (2 adults)
Really want to attend and hoping venue won’t be too far from South Jersey.

Jason Browning (1 adult)

Evan Ross (1 adult)

Rob Rogers (1 adult)
Interested in carpooling from Albany Airport Friday morning and headed out Sunday

Louie Qin (1 adult)

David Dombrowsky (1 adult)
NY absolutely needs missionary efforts like this

Bernie Schrage (1 adult)
I am definitely interested, and Lord willing, I will be attending!

Samuel S. Alvarado (1 adult)
Going to talk with other brothers about attending.

Eric Roachford (1 adult)
So, NYC chiming in. For those brothers coming to Albany Airport what time will your arrive? Maybe we can coordinate times and carpool? Planning on coming with my son. Not sure yet.

Mark Horton (1 adult)
My attendance pretty much depends on the location, but I’ll do all I can to be there.

Allen Yoo (1 adult)

NO (1) +  

MAYBE (11) +  

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