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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Wish List

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Wish List 2021

Since 2006, the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program has been dedicated to supporting grandparent and relative caregiver headed families through services and resources to improve the physical and emotional well-being of intergenerational families.  Because of you, the families within our program will have a holiday season that is filled with love happiness, and exchanges of gratitude.  On behalf of the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren clients, we want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making this event a success and for assisting the families of the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program!

To assist with the wishes of our families, please select a child below to donate their 'wish list' items to the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program.

If you have any questions regarding the information below, please call or email Marlah Gaspard at [email protected] or (706) 549-4850.



Do I have to get everything on the child's wish list?

No, the wish list is a guideline of things the child would like.  It is not expected that everything is obtained.

Can I donate items to the family that are gently used?

The holiday items donated to the family should be new.  However, if there are items you'd like to donate to the family, please bring them to the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program in a separate box or bag. 

If we are unsure of what to get for the caregiver or child, is it okay to get a gift card?

Absolutely!  Since our families cover a six-county region, we suggest Visa or Master Card as these cards can be used at a store of the individual's choice. 

Where do we bring our packages and when are they due?

Please bring or ship to the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program, located at Athens Community Council on Aging during one of the following times: Monday- Friday, December 1st - 10th between 9AM and 4PM. The Athens Community Council on Aging is located at 135 Hoyt Street, Athens, GA 30601.  If you bring the gift in person, be sure to ask the receptionist to let Marlah know that you are dropping off an item for the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program. If we are unavailable, please leave your name and the child's name securely attached with each gift and ask the receptionist to hold the item for us.  If you are unable to come during this time, please contact Marlah Gaspard at (706) 549-4850 to schedule a time for an alternate drop-off time. 

Should the items be wrapped? 

In order for the program staff and caregiver to see what has been donated for each child, we ask that you do not wrap the item(s) donated.  If you'd like to include a roll of wrapping paper for the family to use, please do so. 

Can I get more information on the family (i.e. favorite superhero)?

Of course! If you have any questions about the gifts or would like to know more about the family you are assisting, please feel free to ask. 

Created by:   Melissa Demaray
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Available Slot

Family 1: Kavaris, Age 9

Kavaris would like a winter coat (sz. XL), socks/underwear (sz. XL), running clothes & shoes (sz. boys 18/20 & shoes sz. 7), Kid's Bible, or a Gaming System or Handheld Video Game. Fav colors are blue, black, & white & he loves Marvel super heroes!

Megan Williams
Strength and Strike Fitness

Family 2: Javarion, Age 12

Javarion would like a cologne, a watch, a bow and arrow set, and White Air Force Ones (sz. 9). His favorite colors are red, blue, & black. He enjoys rap music & watching action & scary movies. He likes to read about sharks & airplanes.

Brennen Lahn

Family 2: Kamia, Age 8

Kamia would like an electric scooter, jewelry, & a make-up kit. Her fav colors are purple, pink, & white and loves Belle. Her fav music is Kid Bop and she loves to watch Rainbow. She will read Babysitter's Club & Project MC books.

Kaitlyn Slump

Family 2: Kamaya, Age 8

Kamaya would like a Mannequin Braiding Head, a chalk board, & jewelry. Her fav colors are pink, purple, & white. She loves watching Rainbow Heights & Bella. She will read The Babysitter's Club (Level 2).

Kaitlyn Slump

Family 2: Asiya, Age 7

Asiya would like a tablet, jewelry, and a karaoke machine. Her fav colors are yellow, pink, & green. She loves listening to Kid Bop & watching My Perfect Landing. She will read Barbie books & Pink Allison (Level 1).

Jennifer Whitley

Family 3: Ariel, Age 10

Ariel would like a like-like baby doll, blue jeans (sz. 10/11), tights, shirts (sz. Medium), & a coat (sz. 10/11). Her fav color is pink. She loves to watch Cinderella & read books about Elsa. She listens to gospel music & enjoys eating hot fries.

Bethany Nanan

Family 3: Breanna, Age 17

Breanna would like clothes or to get her hair done at Beauty is Free Salon in Monroe. Her fav color is yellow. She enjoys rap & mystery books. Her sizes are juniors Large (shirts), juniors 15 (pants), 7.5 (shoes). She likes jeans, crocs, tshirts, & vests.

Donna Means

Family 3: JaZ'hinya, Age 9

JaZ'hinya would like a life-like baby doll, clothes (tights, jeans, skirts, shirts, winter coat) in sizes 9/10 or Medium, shoes sz.4.5. She loves watching Frozen & anything Elsa. Her fav color is pink. She likes rap music and hot fries.

April Robertson

Family 4: Joshua, Age 9

Joshua would like house shoes with hard bottoms (sz. 7), basketball goal, & PJs or a robe (sz. adult M). His fav color is red, enjoys Fortnite & Camp Kikiwaka & eating chocolate chip cookies. Likes to read about dogs & motorcycles.


Family 5: Evalyn, Age 7

Evalyn would like leggings & shirts with animals & Under Armor brand clothing. Her fav colors are neon green & blue. She enjoys reading animal books, watching Spongebob & Disney, & eating cheddar popcorn & chocolate chip Little Bites.

Carter Hill Christian Church
Carter Hill Christian Church

Family 6: Kaliah, Age 14

Kaliah would like a jewelry maker, white nail polish, anklet, curling/flat iron, & book "The Hate You Give." Her fav colors are blue & black. She wears juniors Medium in clothing & boys sz 6 shoes. She likes Sam Puckett & Cloudy w/ a Chance of Meatballs.

Franny's Farmacy

Family 6: Nevaeh, Age 11

Nevaeh would like a Naruto Sweatshirt & fleece blanket, Books by Olivia, & other books for 8th graders. Her fav color is pink, she likes gummy bears & loves Naruto. She likes to watch Spongebob. She wears a girls 14 or Large and a sz. 5 shoe.

Franny's Farmacy

Family 7: Matthew, Age 8

Matthew would like a tennis racket, "preppy" clothes (boys sz 7), tennis lessons & equipment. His fav color is blue & loves Sonic the Hedgehog. He enjoys watching Sonic, The Incredibles, & Roblox. He likes to read DogMan Books & listen to hip hop & gospel

Jenn Shaikun

Family 7: Alexa, Age 6

Alexa would like a tennis racket, unicorn dolls/toys, LOL toys, full size bed sheets & comforter (pink & girly)! She wears girls sz. 7. She like to watch Carmen San Diego & Pink Panther & read Ivy & Bean & The Box Car Chicken.

Susan Stephens

Family 8: Shazriya, Age 9

Shazriya would like clothing (juniors Medium & 6/8 & shoes sz 7), a watch, book "Dog Man Smile," photo session for her family, & a gift card. She loves pink & purple. Enjoys Takis & watching Henry Danger.


Family 9: Trenton, Age 14

Trenton would like headphones, a fishing pole, & sweatpants (mens Large or 34x32). His fav color is blue. He likes country music, watching Swamp People, & eating Reese Cups. He likes to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Kari Sapp

Family 9: Brianna, Age 13

Brianna would like a Dunkin Donuts giftcard, a hoodie (sz L), jewelry & rings, & socks. Her fav color is pink. She enjoys watching Outerbanks & Vampire Diaries, listening to country music & eating cheetos & takis. She enjoys reading teen related books.

Kari Sapp

Family 10: Cheyanne, Age 15

Cheyanne would love a baby doll with a carrier, an mp3 player, sweatshirts with fun graphics (sz Juniors M), boots (sz 9), sports bras & underwear (sz M), & coloring books (easy ones). Her fav color is purple. She enjoys movies like Cinderella.

Jenny Fidler

Family 10: Chase, Age 14

Chase would like a magic trick books, drawing books, jeans (sz 12R), & athletic-type shirts & joggers (boys L). He likes all colors, action movies, country music, & eating Funions.

Rita Kelly

Family 11: Abigail, Age 14

Abigail would like a heart locket on a chain (necklace), White Vans (sz 9.5), clothes (Juniors M or 14), & anime books. Her fav colors are purple & green. She likes Persephone & Kakeeuarui (Anime).

Abbie Vogt
Abbie Vogt

Family 11: Ava, Age 11

Ava would like My Hero Academia plushies & sweatshirt, socks, & ripped jeans (sz 7). Her fav color is red. She likes Inosulee Hashibra (Anime), pop music, & the TV show Muzars Train. She likes to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid and eat Takis.

Sarah Kruse

Family 11: Amelia, Age 9

Amelia would like things to fidget with, a winter coat (sz 10/12) & a jacket (sz 10/12). Her fav color is blue. She loves Olaf from Frozen & Frozen 2. She likes to read Judy Moody & eat popcorn.

MaryLane Todd

Family 12: Anthony, Age 5

Anthony would like cowboy boots (sz kids 12), remote control car, Tshirts (boys 10), jeans (boys 10), socks, & shoes. His fav color is blue. He loves Spiderman, Marvel movies, gummy bears, & country music.

Safelite Autoglass

Family 13: Myshayla, Age 16

Myshayla would like PJ pants & magazines. Her fav color is pink. She loves The Flash, listening to Tupac, and eating sunflower seeds.

Apryl Thomas

Family 13: Daphinni, Age 3

Daphinni would like a doctor dress-up & play set, hoodies that zip-up (sz 5), PJs (sz 5), books with bright colors & sounds, sticker books, socks & underwear (sz 6). She likes pink, Baby Shark, kid music, and PJ Masks.

Jan Hagedorn

Family 13: Harrison, Age 1

Harrison would like toys that make noise (like a drum), clothes (sz 3T/4T), picture books with sounds, & anything Mickey Mouse. He loves bright colors, anything that makes noise, & baby puffs.

Jan Hagedorn

Family 14: Caden, Age 13

Caden would like Monopoly Super Electronic Banking, crocs (sz 8), white & blue Adidas hoodie (sz 14/16), Dogman series book, & Minecraft PlayStation 3 game. His fav color is blue. He enjoys The Walking Dead & eating trail mix.

Franny's Farmacy

Family 14: Jaxon, Age 10

Jaxon would like the PS3 GTA 5 game, Pokeman cards, Champion brand outfits (sz 10/12), & shoes (sz 4.5). His fav color is neon green. He likes to watch Real Steel, listen to country music, & watch Adam Sandler & eat Oreos. He will read Dr. Seuss books.

Franny's Farmacy

Family 15: A'princess, Age 15

A'princess would like a laptop, airpods, skinny jeans (sz 11), joggers & hoodies (juniors L), & crocs (sz 7.5). Her fav color is purple. She enjoys rap & hiphop music, popular novels for high schoolers, & eating Takis, gummies, & cheeze-its.

Donna Garrison

Family 15: Tur'maria, Age 13

Tur'maria would like bluetooth/wireless headphones, joggers (Juniors L), skinny jeans (Juniors 12), shirts & hoodies (Juniors L), & crocs (sz 7.5/8). Her fav color is pink. She enjoys Disney shows, rap music, reading popular novels & eating hot snacks.

Donna Garrison

Family 15: Tur'kessa, Age 4

Tur'kessa would like something with unicorns & rainbows, something to help with learning (tablet), & socks, panties (sz 5T), jeans (5T), shirts (5T), & matching sweatsuits (5T). Her fav color is pink. She likes to listen to Baby Shark & bubbles.

Donna Garrison

Family 15: Madison, Age 3

Madison would like something to help with learning & reading (tablet), socks & panties (5T), jeans (5T), shirts (5T), & sweatsuits (5T). Her fav color is pink & she loves unicorns & rainbows. She likes to listen to Baby Shark & Bubbles & eat Cheez-itz.

Donna Garrison

Family 16: Dominic, Age 4

Dominic would like a Paw Patrol air plane/helicopter or mission cruiser, a denim jacket (3T), anything Blues Clues or Paw Patrol. His fav color is red. He likes Blippi & Blues Clues & eating goldfish & apple juice.

Safelite Autoglass

Family 17: David, Age 5

David would like Mario Bros Legos, PJs (sz 6), tshirts with characters (sz 5/6), cowboy boots (kids 12), hoodies & sweat pants (sz 5/6), & story books for PreK. His fav color is blue. He loves Spiderman, Batman, & Spongebob.

Megan Williams
Strength and Strike Fitness

Family 18: Jattryon, Age 15

Jattryon would like Adidas and Nike shirts (sz 16/18) and socks. His fav color is red. He loves Sonic & Pikachu and watching Peter Rabbit.


Family 19: Elijah, Age 14

Elijah would like bluetooth headphones (Samsung), clothing (Adult L or XL, pants 36L), jeans & shirts, & a winter jacket. His fav color is blue. He enjoys scary movies, Spott from Teen Wolf, Rodwaber's music, & any kind of snacks.


Family 20: Zy-kiah, Age 5

Zy-kiah would like dress-up clothes to play with, a See & Spell Matching letter book, books about Ballet or dance, a 20" bike & helmet (M), & a silver/shiny coat (sz 6/7). She loves bright colors, unicorns, rainbows, & JoJo Siwa. She enjoys watching Moana

Brittney Minor

Family 21: Juliani, Age 16

Juliani would like puzzles, cologne, and/or Nike or Adidas hoodies (Mens Small). His fav colors are black & gray. He likes basketball & dirt bikes, listening to rap & R&B, & eating muddy buddies.


Family 21: Kysen, Age 7

Kysen would like a basketball goal for the driveway, monster trucks or trucks with trailers, remote control car/truck, and/or fidget things. His fav color is blue. He likes to wear joggers (kids 8/10). He likes easy reading books & Spongebob.

Liz Schulze
Liz Schulze

Family 22: Jaden, Age 12

Jaden would like a UGA Football jersey (mens XL) & video games for his PS4. He really needs clothes in size mens XL or 36x30 & shoe sz 10. His fav color is red. He enjoys rap music & anime & reading books about football.

Brennen Lahn

Family 22: Jalen, Age 9

Jalen would like a UGA Football jersey (boys L) or video games for his PS4. He really needs clothes (sz boys L, 12 reg, shoes sz 5). His fav color is green. He enjoys rap music, watching Naruto, & reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

Brennen Lahn

Family 23: Troy, Age 10

Troy would like a tablet, anything with Nike on it (sz 10/12), shoes (sz boys 3), and dragon books. His fav color is blue. He enjoys listening to rap & heavy metal & playing Roblox. His fav snack is chips.


Family 24: Alaya, Age 9

Alaya would like a Frozen comforter set (twin), Frozen jewelry (no earrings), simply anything from Frozen! Her fav color is green. She wears size 7/8 in clothes & sz 3 shoes. Her fav movie is Frozen. She needs underwear & socks.

Christy McFaden

Family 24: Alayon, Age 7

Alayon would like a Fortnite Comforter set (twin) & toy, clothes (sz 7/8), shoes (boys 3),The Avenger books, & a small TV. His fav color is blue. He loves Midas from Fortnite & watching King Kong vs. Godzilla.

Christy McFaden

Family 24: Alaysia, Age 2

Alaysia would like Cocomelon toys, a kitchen set, clothes (esp. with Cocomelon on them)(sz 3T & shoes kids 7), a bike, ABC123 books. She loves bright colors & Cocomelon.

Christy McFaden

Family 24: Alandon, Age 1

Alandon would like a ride-on toy, toys that make noise &/or light up, Cocomelon clothes (needs clothes)(sz 2T & shoes kids 5.5). He loves bright colors & Cocomelon.

Christy McFaden

Family 25: Jicaleb, Age 14

Jicaleb would like Nike jogging shoes (size 11), a sweatsuit (size 2X), plain Tshirts in black, gray, or blue (size 3X).


Family 26: Maliah, Age 11

Maliah would like Victoria Secret underwear (sz 7) & bras (sz M), dressy pants (junior 7/8), nice tops (junior M), girly stuff! Her fav color is blue. She loves Scooby Doo, rap music, & Dork Diaries books. She wears shoes sz 9.


Family 26: Avery, Age 4

Avery would like dolls, underwear sz 4, anything Mickey/Minnie Mouse, & storybooks (no sounds). She is tall & skinny so pants (sz 5) NEED to have pull tabs, shirts & dresses are sz 4T & shoes kids 11.

Emma Schell

Family 26: Aidan, Age 4

Aidan would like a rechargeable remote control car, anything Mickey Mouse, storybooks (no sounds), underwear sz 4T, clothes sz 4T, & shoes kids 10. He loves cars, anything sweet, & Mickey Mouse.

Katie Bemisderfer

Family 27: Kenneth, Age 7

Kenneth would like blocks or Legos, a Rechargeable Remote Control Car, and board games. He wear size 7/8 in shirts, size 8 in pants, & size 2 in boys.


Family 27: Keith, Age 7

Keith would like blocks or Legos, a Rechargeable Remote Control Car, and board games. He wear size 7/8 in shirts, size 8 in pants, & size 2 in boys.


Family 28: Armani, Age 6

Armani would like the Inflatable Minnie Mouse Play House with balls in it. She needs clothes (sz 5/6), anything with Ariel would be wonderful! Her fav colors are yellow & pink. She loves Ariel & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Sabrina Hart-Patterson

Family 28: Jeffrey, Age 3

Jeffrey would like the Paw Patrol Motorcycle Ride-on. He needs clothes & underwear (sz 3T). His fav color is blue. He loves Chase from Paw Patrol & watching Paw Patrol.

Sabrina Hart-Patterson

Family 28: Sariyah, Age 2

Sariyah would like a Baby Shark doll or a large Minnie Mouse in the red dress. She needs clothing (sz 2T) & underwear (sz 2T/trainer). She loves bright colors, Spongebob, & Baby Shark. She likes to wear jeans (sz 2T). She enjoys anything sweet!

Megan Williams
ACGA Family

Family 29: Keyon, Age 3

Keyon would like something to ride-on (a bike or motorized toy), clothes (sz 5T), coat (sz 5T), sweatsuit (sz 5T), & story books. His fav color is blue. He loves Paw Patrol, Little Rascals, PJ Masks, & Jurassic Park. He wears shoes, kids sz 1.

Safelite Autoglass

Family 30: Cheyanne, Age 17

Cheyanne would like art supplies for drawing & painting, how-to drawing books, clothing (sz 3X, bras 46G, shoes 10.5/11). She loves hoodies & boots. Her fav colors are beige, blue, & brown. She would enjoy an easel & canvasses with the art supplies.

Heidi Davison
Heidi and Al Davison

Family 30: Winston, Age 11

Winston would like a scooter, toys that make noise when he shakes them, & clothing (sz boys 12 & shoes mens 8 or 9). His fav colors are blue & green. He loves Garfield. He enjoys watching Spongebob, but does not enjoy books.

Bethany & Palmer Nanan

Family 31: De'Angelo, Age 15

De'Angelo would like a PS5, gray Nike pants (sz Mens Medium) & clothing from StockX (sz Mens Medium). His fav color is blue. He enjoys rap by King Von & watching Home Alone & Friday.

Kim Ness

Family 31: Jordan, Age 13

Jordan would really like an NBA jersey (sz Mens Small)! He would also like clothing (Mens Small or 34 pants) & shoes (sz mens 10.5). He also enjoys comic books of all kinds.

Kim Ness

Family 32: Alanna, Age 13

Alanna would like black Air Force Ones (Womens 6), makeup, curling iron, leggings & hoodies (juniors Small), Keds white sneakers (womens 6), color by numbers, & easy readers. Her fav color is pink. She enjoys watching Chrisley Knows Best.


Family 32: Payton, Age 12

Payton would like black Air Force Ones (womens 5), rechargeable remote control car, leggings & hoodies (kids 14/16), white Keds sneakers (sz 5), & color by numbers. Her fav colors are black & gray. She love JoJo Siwa & watching Chrisley Knows Best.


Family 32: Ava, Age 8

Ava would like black Air Force Ones (girls 2), leggings & hoodies (kids 7/8), white Keds sneakers (kids 2), Dr. Seuss books, & color by numbers. She loves Barbies & watching Chrisley Knows Best.

Safelite Autoglass

Family 33: Jaden, Age 3

Jaden would like a bike, clothing (sz 4T/5T), underwear & socks, & Spiderman books. His fav color is red. He enjoys hip hop music & watching Ryan Toy Review, Ryan World, & Spiderman!

Amanda Boswell
Amanda Boswell

Family 34: Ta'Kiah, Age 5

Ta'Kiah would like a bicycle, winter coat (sz 5), Dr. Seuss books, Spiderman Lego Set & board book, boys jeans (sz 5). His fav color is blue. His fav music is Lil Nas. He likes to watch Ninja Kids & Spiderman. He wears sz 5 clothes & kids 11.5 shoes.

Amy Cascella
Sharing with my mom Robyn Reardon

Family 34: Kimora, Age 1

Kimora would like a V-Tech Toy, a Big Wheel, board books, a winter coat (sz 4T), and a sweat suit (sz 4T). She likes bright colors. She wears size 4T in clothing.

Melodie Tanner

Family 35: Aiden, Age 11

Aiden would like an Amazon drawing tablet, a reading lamp that clips onto his bed, PJs with no buttons (sz 14/16 or L/XL), & long sleeve shirts (ONLY solid colors). His fav colors are red & bright green. He likes anime & Johnny Joestar.

Paige Powell
Paige Powell

Family 36: Alona, Age 6

Alona would like a handheld game console, but will appreciate ANY gift she receives. Her fav color is red. She enjoys wearing dresses (kids 10/12) and reading books. She likes to watch Spongebob and eat cookies. She wears size 10/12 & kids size 13.5/1.


Family 36: Josiah, Age 1

Josiah would like musical books, clothing (24mo - 2T), shoes (toddler sz 5), & pull-ups (sz 5). He will appreciate any gift purchased for him.

Stephanie Tiller

Family 37: Avisha, Age 3

Avisha would like cowboy boots (kids 9.5), a ride-on tractor, tractor play set, Spiderman clothes (sz 5), & books with numbers & colors. He loves Spiderman & Donald Duck. He likes to watch Ryan's Mystery & Spiderman.

Paige Powell
Paige Powell

Family 38: Tristan, Age 10

Tristan would like a 24" Mountain bike, art supplies, math flashcards, Marvel comic books, sweatshirts/pants (kids 14/16), shoes (mens 6), & boxer brief underwear. His fav colors are red & silver. He loves Marvel characters & enjoys R&B & country music/

Michele Henn

Family 39: Nikita, Age 18

Nikita would like a tablet. Her fav color is gray. She likes to wear leggings (juniors Medium). She enjoys listening to music on MTV & watching YouTube. She wears juniors Medium in clothing & sz 8.5 in women's shoes.


Family 39: Tlaiyah, Age 8

Tlaiyah would like a MP3 player, PJs (sz 8), & Princess books, especially Princess Tiana. Her fav color is pink. She loves Disney & Princess Tiana. She wears kids sz 8 in shirts & pants & sz kids 2.5 in shoes.

Liz Schulze
Liz Schulze

Family 40: Damion, Age 9

Damion would like a Lego Volcano, Space Ship, or other large Lego set. He would also enjoy comic books, especially with Thor. He likes to wear joggers (boys 10/12) & shirts (boys 12/14). His fav color is red. He enjoys R&B music & Sour Patch Kids.

Pat Peterson

Family 40: Josiah, Age 8

Josiah would like a digital camera, clothing (jeans & joggers - sz (10/12 Youth), & shirts (sz 12/14). His fav colors are blue & gold. He likes easy reading books, Pokemon, R&B, & YouTube how-to videos. He wears sz 5 shoes.


Family 40: Jeremiah, Age 3

Jeremiah would like anything Spiderman! He would like Spiderman clothing too (sz 4T)! He enjoys small lollipops while watching Spiderman or listening to R&B. He wears kids sz 10 shoes.

Ellen Everitt

Family 41: Addyson, Age 4

Addyson would like Barbie dolls, clothing, & accessories (age appropriate). Her fav colors are pink & purple. She enjoys watching Mickey Mouse & Blues Clues. She wears kids M shirts, sz 5 pants, & kids 12 shoes.

Paige Powell
Paige Powell

Family 41: Malik, Age 2

Malik would like anything Paw Patrol, interactive learning books & games, balls, fire trucks, and clothing (sz 2T). He loves Paw Patrol & bright colors.

Paige Powell
Paige Powell

Family 42: Destiny, Age 16

Destiny would like blue jeans (juniors 1 or 3), shirts (juniors M), sweaters (juniors M), & shoes (womens 9/9.5). Her fav color is yellow. She enjoys listening to country and R&B music. She likes to snack on Welches Gummies.

Michele Henn

Family 43: Ja'Darian, Age 17

Ja'Darian would like Iphone headphones lightning connector, jacket (sz L), mechanical pencils and/or jeans (38L), shirts (sz L), shoes (11.5), socks/PJs (sz L) & house shoes (11.5). He likes red, black, & white. He enjoys graphic novels & The Flash.


Family 43: Trinity, Age 15

Trinity would like Nike Hoodie (Juniors XL), long sleeve shirts (Juniors XL), leggings/jeans/skirts (Juniors XL), anklets, oversized graphic shirts & fuzzy socks. Her fav colors are yellow, lilac & red. She likes Vampire Diaries


Family 43: Dream, Age 13

Dream would like any Trae Young (basketball player) apparel, camera, basketball and/or a Naruto headband. His fav color is purple. He wears sz mens L & sz 36x38 & sz mens 11 shoes. He likes to read Naruto Magma & listen to Drake, PopSmoke & Ka$hdami etc.


Family 44: Ava, Age 6

Ava would like a bike with training wheels, winter coat (sz 7/8), blue jeans (sz 7/8) & anything LOL dolls, JoJo Siwa, or Minnie Mouse. Her fav color is pink. She like pop-up books. She likes the movie Beethoven & anything chocolate.

Safelite Autoglass

Family 45: Trevor, Age 15

Trevor would like a UGA comforter (full size), soccer or basketball, Tom Sawyer books, UGA socks/hoodies (sz 14/16). His fav colors are red & black. His fav character is the GA Bulldawg. He enjoys Fortnite & pop & rap music. He wears kids sz 10/12 pants.

Jan Hagedorn

Family 45: Marianna, Age 12

Marianna would like a JoJo Siwa microphone, joggers (kids 10/12), anything JoJo or Frozen, & underwear/bras (sz 10/12). Her fav colors are pink & purple. She enjoys watching Chuckie & listening to pop & rap music. She wears shoes sz 5.

Megan Williams
ACGA Family
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