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Overflow Thanksgiving Potluck

9th Annual WPTTP&BP

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Date: 11/22/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 10:00pm CST

Location: 1100 Malone St Denton, TX 76209

Created by:   Blake Long

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2 Dozen Rolls (8) - Please get at least 2 dozen rolls
  All slots filled
Alex Albro
Hawaiian Rolls
Justin Livesay
Natalie WIlkinson
Jessica Hausmann
Isaac Montoya
Gabe Mauricio
Abigail Flippin
Charley Lane
Hawaiian Rolls!
Casserole - Please specify which type- EX: Green bean, potato, other
  10 slots filled - more available
Han and Liz Mayes and Lewis
Soriah Hassanizadeh
Savannah Davis
Chicken Enchilada
McKenna Altman
Abbey Manning
Jessica Hausmann
Green Bean
Delancy Walker
Mac & cheese
Kennedy Tullos
Green Bean
Jamie & Gary Reiman (2)
I’ll bring 2 pans of dressing!
Desserts (20) - Please bring a dessert!
  All slots filled
Leila Gibson
Bria Brown
Jason Chia
Madison Haydel
Jenna Lightsey
Kayla Green
Samantha Haydel
Apple Pie
Sal Gonzalez
Luke Sparkman
Courteney Musia
Jamye Richmond
Jericka Graves
Cassandra Cornier
Ben Moody (2)
Jesus cookies
Madalyn Roehrig
Logan Mize
Pumpkin bread
Taylor Phillips
Savannah Stockenberg
Darren Churn
Sides - Please specify - EX: Mashed Potato, Mac & Cheese
  21 slots filled - more available
Allison Ellis
Payden Barrick
Spaghetti Salad
La'Jasha Champion
Savannah Rymer
Han and Liz Mayes and Lewis
mac n CHZ
Caleb Crockett
Mashed Potatoes
McKenzie Griffith
Sweet Potatoes
Alyssa Molina
Rebecca Vazquez
Green Beans
Tara Coleman
Autumn Abraham
Bacon Wrapped Green Beans
Zachary Schubert
Mac & cheese
Autumn Abraham
Jacob Sparks
Mac and cheese
Emory Lemaster
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Hunter Mullennix
Olivia Johnson
Jocelynn McCaleb
Deviled Eggs
Brentney Smith
Cullen Kampine
Sweet Potatoes
Caleb Turner
Salad (5) - Please bring salad and dressing for it.
  All slots filled
Grace Wainscott
Hannah Tyus
Fruit Salad
Maddy Pasdernick
Frozen Cranberry
Jamye Richmond (2)
Broccoli & Tossed salad
Other - Please specify
  3 slots filled - more available
Ty Dolgener
Avian Calidonio
Katelyn McMullen
Bringing Dutch Apple Pie
Responses:     Yes: 68     No: 0     Maybe: 1     No Response: 2

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 80     Maybe: 1

YES (68) -  

Michael Reyes (1 guest)

Katelyn McMullen (1 guest)

Michaela McCord (1 guest)

Marshall Mordecai (1 guest)

Cedric Henry (1 guest)

Morgan Bartlett (2 guests)

Darren Churn (1 guest)

Christina Contoveros (1 guest)

Caleb Turner (1 guest)

Cullen Kampine (1 guest)

Taylor Phillips (1 guest)

Logan Mize (1 guest)

Brentney Smith (2 guests)

Madalyn Roehrig (1 guest)

Charley Lane (1 guest)

Ben Moody (1 guest)

Jocelynn McCaleb (1 guest)

Cassandra Cornier (1 guest)

Jericka Graves (1 guest)

Abigail Flippin (1 guest)

Jamye Richmond (1 guest)

Olivia Johnson (1 guest)

Gabe Mauricio (1 guest)

Jamie & Gary Reiman (2 guests)

Isaac Montoya (1 guest)

Hunter Mullennix (1 guest)

Emory Lemaster (2 guests)

Jacob Sparks (1 guest)

Jared Gregory (5 guests)

Courteney Musia (1 guest)

Autumn Abraham (1 guest)

Zachary Schubert (1 guest)

Luke Sparkman (1 guest)

Kennedy Tullos (1 guest)

Sal Gonzalez (1 guest)

Maddy Pasdernick (1 guest)

Hannah Tyus (1 guest)

Samantha Haydel (1 guest)

Kayla Green (1 guest)

Jenna Lightsey (1 guest)

Madison Haydel (1 guest)

Autumn Abraham (1 guest)

Natalie WIlkinson (1 guest)

Avian Calidonio (1 guest)

Tara Coleman (1 guest)

Rebecca Vazquez (1 guest)

Delancy Walker (1 guest)

Jessica Hausmann (1 guest)

Abbey Manning (1 guest)

McKenna Altman (1 guest)

Savannah Davis (1 guest)

Soriah Hassanizadeh (1 guest)

Alyssa Molina (1 guest)

McKenzie Griffith (1 guest)

Caleb Crockett (1 guest)

Ty Dolgener (1 guest)

Han and Liz Mayes and Lewis (2 guests)

Justin Livesay (3 guests)

Savannah Rymer (1 guest)

La'Jasha Champion (1 guest)

Grace Alejos (1 guest)

Grace Wainscott (1 guest)

Jason Chia (1 guest)

Payden Barrick (1 guest)

Allison Ellis (1 guest)

Bria Brown (2 guests)

Leila Gibson (1 guest)

Alex Albro (1 guest)

MAYBE (1) +  


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